Essential Oils for Hair

Essential oils for hair are counted as necessary ingredient for hair to grow faster, reduce dandruff, cut down hair loss, reduce signs of alopecia areata and also maintain good health of hair. Hair is influenced by number of factors, i.e. what we use on it (shampoos, gel, conditioners, oils etc), food and liquid we consume, what we do (use hair dryer, swimming in pools having chlorinated water), type of shower water, genetic history, sleeping quantity and quality, stress level and some other medical conditions like thyroid, blood circulation and hormone levels etc.

Importance of Essential Oils for Hair

Essential oils can soothe the scalp and it gives a lustrous and shiny look to hair. The ideal essential oils for hair are recommended to be applied frequently. They are easily available and quite cheaper compared to other chemical hair products for treatment of hair related disorders. These essential oils can treat several hair troubles, like dry scalp skin on the head, dry and dull hair, split hair ends, and thin hair.

Essential Oils for Hair

There are several essential oils for hair which are nutritious and necessary for right growth of our hair and can maintain healthy strands. The most important and popular essential oils for hair include: 

Lavender essential oil : Lavender is a soothing essential oil for hair and is great for soothing the scalp along with the hair. It can be essential oil for hairused for all types of hair including, normal, dry and fragile hair.

Basil essential oil  : It is considered to be most useful oil for stimulation growth and circulation of blood and is quite comfortable working with fenugreek along with ivy burdock herbs. It is also incorporated in conditioners and shampoos meant for scalp health.

Birch essential oil : Birch oil is considered great in case of hair loss. It helps in cleaning the scalp and keeping hair clean.

Cypress essential oil : Cypress oil is great for greasy hair. It helps in cleaning scalp but does not leaves it dry after washing.

Chamomile essential oil  : It is believed to be one of the great soothing essential oils for hair along with scalp. It assists in retracting skin cells, being damaged due to chemical procedures, exposure to the sun and it is also good for scaly scalps and psoriasis and white flakes.

Lemon essential oil  : Lemon hair oil works against dandruff, dry scalp, lice and white flakes as well. Curly hair is more prone to dryness and it can be benefited from lemon oil. It is advisable to take extra care in using lemon oil if you have dry hair as it can dry out your hair in just one wash. You can use some other oil also to compensate this property of lemon oil.

Geranium essential oil : Geranium is great for dry hair. It has also been found helpful in repairing damaged hair. Geranium oil is also used to treat burnt hair (excessive use of hair iron).

Rosemary essential oil : Rosemary oil is great for healthy scalp. It improves circulation in scalp and strengthen hair roots. Rosemary essential oil can be used with normal hair and greasy hair. It helps in removal of dandruff.

Sage essential oil  : A concentrated concoction of sage can be used to rinse hair. It will darken your hair color and will also ward off any hair loss. It also drains out impurities from your scalp and can be used with other herbs to treat scalp troubles like dandruff and psoriasis etc.

Eucalyptus essential oil : eucalyptus oil is considered great for normal hair care purposes. It is also used to treat dandruff. Using a shampoo containing eucalyptus essential oil removed dandruff and also keeps the scalp healthy.

Myrrh essential oil  : It is most often than not used on greasy hair who wants to cleanse and purify their scalp. It is suggested to use this essential oil for hair in limited quantity.

Sandalwood essential oil : Sandalwood oil is can be is considered for dry hair. One can mix a few drops of sandalwood oil in water and wash hair with it to get its benefits.

Yarrow essential oil : Yarrow oil is found to be great while taking care of virtually any kind of hair may it be dry, greasy or normal.

Peppermint essential oil : This oil is used to trigger blood flow within the hair roots so that hair could receive proper nourishments and grow properly. Peppermint oil may cause a tingling effect while stimulating the blood flow, so be prepared for it.

Amla oil : Amla oil is effective on roots and shafts of the hair when massaged on hair roots. It normalizes blood supply and rejuvenates the hair. It also makes your hair darker, shiny and thicker. It combats premature hair graying as it is coupled with the property to enhance the pigmentation of hair thus manifests darker hair. It is also quite cool oil and provides a rejuvenating effect on your hair and scalp day long.

Some other Essential Oils for Hair

Arnica is useful hair oil which can be used during rinsing coupled with arnica extract and this mixture can improve alopecia neurotic condition.

Bay oil is also helpful for hair growth and it adds shine to your hair. It is useful if you have dull hair and facing problems in proper growth of hair. It also protects hair against dandruff. For proper hair growth, stimulate your hair using three drops of bay and rinse it applying your daily shampoo. 

Jojoba oils are considered to be the best carrier and healing oil which protects against damage and breaking of hair.
Just remember you should not use any of these essential oils for hair on your hair directly. You should always mix these oils with carrier oil and then you can use it on your hair.

How to Use Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Oil Treatment Blend : You can formulate a tailor made recipe by taking one or multiple essential oils and mix it with carrier oils, your essential oil for hairnutritious and healthy essential oil for hair is ready to use.

Essential Oils and Shampoo/Conditioner : You can also mix essential hair oil with your regular shampoo or conditioner to make a blend of it, which you can use before washing your hair. During this process the oil is soaked by the scalp and it leaves your hair smelling great.

Precautions while using Essential Oils for Hair

If this is the first time you are trying out any essential oil, make sure that you do skin test for allergy or else you may develop some allergy from certain hair.


Your hair play a great role in transforming your personality hence its health and longevity needs to be maintained and nurtured. There are myriads of essential oils for hair available in the market, which you can use as per your hair type and lifestyle. Just ensure that you are using the right concoction of essential oils and carrier oil to get the optimum benefits. You can take advice of your dermatologist in this regard.