Health Benefits of Anise Oil

Anise oil is an essential oil that is used for a number of purposes. The botanical name of the oil is Pimpinella anisum. The oil is distilled from anise seeds through steam distillation method. The oil is clear in color and has a thin consistency. The aroma strength is of medium strength. The plant is native to Greece, Asia Minor, Egypt and Crete.

Why is anise oil unique?

The major component of anise oil is Anethol.  It is this compound that gives the oil its aroma. Acetoanisol, alpha pinene, beta pinene, safrol, anisaldehyde, cis & trans-anethol, and linalool are the other components present in the oil. The health benefits of anise oil are due its antiseptic, antispasmodic, digestive, sedative and stimulant properties.

Health Benefits of Anise Oil

Anise oil has a number of health benefits. However, it is very important to use the oil in little quantities because using the oil in higher concentrations can lead to more disadvantages than benefits. Health benefits of anise seeds are given below.

Benefits for the stomach : The digestive properties of anise oil have been documented through centuries. The oil helps in easy digestion  of heavy meals, especially oily and sugary foods. The oil can be added to warm water and drunk after meals, especially if you had a heavy one. It helps in reducing flatulence and gastric trouble as well. The oil is an excellent laxative and clears constipation problem. People having gas problems also can benefit a lot from the oil. As it helps in digestion it stops building up of gas in the system. Anise oil has been found useful in treating abdominal discomforts such as abdominal cramps, bloating, etc.

Benefits for the hair and skin : Owing to its detoxifying qualities, anise oil keeps skin hair healthy and shining. The oil can be used for head massages. It soothes the scalp and promotes hair growth. The antiseptic and antimicrobial properties help in removing scalp infections. The oil can be mixed with coconut oil for head treatments. For skin treatments, the oil can be mixed with shea butter. The oil is a good remedy for oily skin and also helpful in treating acne.

Benefits on the mind and nerves : Anise seed oil acts as a narcotic without the side effects associated with artificial narcotics. The oil slows down circulation and calms hysteria attacks. People who suffer panic attacks and anxiety can use the oil for reinstating calmness in the mind. The oil is a sedative and can be used as a remedy for sleeping disorders . 

Benefits for pain relief : Anise oil is a natural analgesic. It helps in relieving pain in people suffering from rheumatism, arthritis and joints pain. This is possible because anise oil helps in detoxification of the body and subsequently, it improving blood circulation. The antispasmodic properties of anise oil helps in relieving pain in the muscles and pains caused due to spasms .

anise essential oil benefits

Benefits for the respiratory system : Anise oil clears congested lungs by melting mucus or phlegm and helps relieve problems related to the respiratory tract. People suffering from breathing problems, bronchitis and asthma can obtain relief by drinking hot water with added anise seeds. The remedy provides immediate relief .

Benefits against infections : The antiseptic properties of anise oil are very effective in preventing infections in the body. It can be applied on the wound to prevent it from getting infected by bacteria. Application of the oil heals wounds faster. The analgesic properties help in reducing pain. However, the oil should not be used for deep cuts and puncture wounds. For superficial abrasions, the oil is perfect for use .

Benefits for women : The analgesic and antispasmodic properties of anise seeds help in reducing cramps during menstruation1. Gentle massage with the oil on the abdominal region relieves stomach cramps. When used in small concentrations, the oil is known to promote milk promotion in lactating mothers as it has diantheole and photoantheole. The oil is known to have estrogen like properties .

Benefits against cold and flu : Anise oil has a warming effect in the body. It helps in combating cold. Add a few drops of anise oil to hot water and drink hot. Since the oil is antimicrobial and has antiseptic properties, it helps in getting rid of flu caused due to microbes .

Benefits for heart : Anise oil keeps blood pressure under control. It reduces the pressure on the heart. Also, since the oil is detoxifying, it improves blood circulation and keeps the heart healthy. The oil stimulates the heart and keeps it active. However, people who have low blood pressure should not use the oil because it can lead to a further drop in blood pressure .

Benefits against sleeping disorders : The natural sedative properties of anise oil help in reducing sleeping disorders. However, the oil should be used in very mild form since it causes side effects such as drowsiness when used in higher concentrations. The narcotic effects of the anise oil are undesirable. When used in small concentrations, the oil lends relaxation to the brain. It is an effective tranquilizer 

Benefits for metabolism : Metabolism of the body can be kept optimum by the use of anise oil. The oil stimulates hormones in the body. Stimulation of enzymes in the body keeps the metabolic rate healthy. As a result, the overall health of the body is improved. The detoxifying effects of anise seeds also promotes metabolism by getting rid of toxins in the body.

Other benefits of Anise essential oil

Anise oil rejuvenates the body by promoting the flow of energy in the body. It is a powerful insect repellant and can be used as a protection against bites. The oil kills germs in the intestines and stomach and keeps the digestive system healthy. It is said to be good for eyesight as well.

Precautions while using Anise essential oil

Anise oil should not be used by pregnant women and people who have low blood pressure. The oil should be used only in small quantities. Higher concentration can lead to excessive sedation and narcotic effect, which is undesirable. Administering the oil for small children is not recommended. Women who are on estrogen medication should not use the oil. The oil is not suitable for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, ovarian cancer and certain other kinds of hormones because of the oil’s estrogen like properties.


The health benefits of anise seeds can help a person lead a healthy life mentally and physically. Adding 2 to 3 drops of the oil to hot water and drinking after meals is one of the best ways of keeping the internal organs healthy. For cramps and aches, the oil can be blended with carrier oils and massaged on the aching area.