Health Benefits of Argan Oil

The health benefits of Argan essential oil have been studied thoroughly because this rare Moroccan oil has a significant role in healing ailments. Argan oil is an oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree. Health benefits of Argan essential oil have been considered the medium of diagnoses under different turfs of medicine which has led to the rapid expansion of its industrious fabrication. Argan oil is often called " liquid gold".

Health Benefits of Argan Oil

High level of unsaturated fatty acids, sterols, carotenoids, polyphenoles, and Vitamin E  in Argan oil contribute to various health benefits in human.  It’s convenient assistance in treating major diseases and afflictions, and usage in cosmetics has made it exceedingly popular.

Benefits for Skin Afflictions :

Skin Diseases: Skin diseases are common now for many individuals due to the changing climate and unhealthy habits. However in case your skin is fed with essential oils, Vitamin E and antioxidants then afflictions like Psoriasis and Eczema can be easily treated. The health benefits of Argan essential oil include its neutralizing effect of free radicals which treats Acne, another skin infliction. Using this oil can reduce blemishes resulted from chicken pox and treat black marks and pimples effectively.

Argan Oil has Anti-Aging Properties : It is considered an anti-aging product which basically strengthens the skin muscles and prevents sagging. The oil provides certain acids like ‘linoleic acid’ which sufficiently increases the lipid tenacity hence reduces folds. It thus keeps the skin rich and radiant treating decreased nutritional levels.

Benefits in Stretch Marks : The oil maintains chemical properties used for the purpose of fading away disfigurement or scars which are left behind after delivery. It has been found to be chiefly effective at reducing the intensity of the stretch marks simply because Vitamin E or anti oxidants strengthen collagen fibers. Thus not only does it eliminate the creases, it lightens the marks left behind.
Skin Quality: Even if you don’t suffer from inflictions, the usage of the oil will open the pores, rid them of excessive oil and give the skin nourishments. The treatment it performs for the case of damaged tissues regenerates the texture hence adding the touch of nourishment.

Beneficial for Hair :

A Hydrating Agent: The oil restores the water retaining property in hair follicles, percolates into the hair follicle pores hence allowing easy management of hair. Also nourishing them such that the fuzzy, dry damage in the hair can be resolved which pertains to any kind of hair.

Tenacity: The nutrients this oil supplies to damaged and unhealthy strands mainly keratin, hair protein helps to sufficiently improve the quality and volume, also reducing hair fall. It provides fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 9 which treats brittle hair hence strengthening protein bonding within the follicles.

Texture: Individuals color their hair hence spoil the natural texture by using styling gels, creams or therapies like straightening, heating etc which reduces the original consistency of the hair. To regain the rich volume and shine, the oil which contains Vitamin E that reduces thinning of hair strands.

Beneficial in Split Ends Therapy: Vitamin E as mentioned earlier is efficient when it comes to treating split ends which are normally a result of less nutrition or unhealthy environment. This essential oil is necessary for ensuring that hair growth is a continuum and length is maintained.

Beneficial for Cardiac Afflictions:

Heart Attacks : Argan Oil used as anti-atherogenic oil is famous for its ministrations with respect to heart diseases due to the large amount of lipids or fatty acids which are present that contribute to lowering the cholesterol levels. The two main acids , Linoleic and Oleic acid are said to be responsible for the instant cholesterol drop in the blood which maintains the blood pressure hence relieves the individual from cardiovascular stress. The doses of those chemical components which prevent heart attacks in individuals measure around 5-6g.

argan oil benefits

Clots: Also reduces clot formations as well as depositions of any cholesterol in the arteries which further reduces the risk for strokes. The oil is exceptionally useful for the case of diabetics and cardiovascular patients because it provides such nutrients that our diet generally requires on a daily basis. Owing to its antithrombotic activity it inhibits platelet aggregation with no delay in the bleeding time .

Myocardial Infarction: A major disease of the heart muscles; it can be prevented by using the oil and consuming it as a part of our daily feed. Having large amounts of unsaturated fatty essentials, the oil is exceptionally useful at treating cardiac ailments.

Treating Stress Plights: This oil is majorly used as a stress buster in Aromatherapy and helps lower blood pressure . An important component in the treatment, it soothes muscles which are stiff and hence facilitates to undo knots due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

Other Benefits

Beneficial in Treating Customary Wounds: It contains anti-bacterial components as well as anti-infection properties which have established the oil to being not only an antiseptic that treats wounds but also infections hence its curative assets have made it rich in demand.

Beneficial for the Digestive System: The typical gastronomic afflictions can be treated using Argan oil which contains properties of plant steroids prominently known as Phytosterols that manages the digestive tracts, and assists proper bowel movements. Also the chemical substances are essential for the case of increasing pepsin within the intestines hence again facilitating protein digestion.

Beneficial in Cancer Prevention : Rich in phenols and high level of linoleic and oleic acid makes argan oil great preventive aid for cancer and other cardio vascular diseases. High content of gamma -tocopherol in Argan oil also contributes to the anti-inflammatory and chemopreventive properties. High concentrate of Squalene in this Moroccon oil is also said to have cancer preventive properties – more so skin cancer.

Beneficial for Diabetics : Argan oil is said to be highly beneficial in type 2 Diabetes as it contains oxidative properties which further lowers LDL susceptibility to be oxidized while promoting lipid because of its antiatherogenic properties. It helps manage nutrition in Diabetes Type2 patients. The anti diabetic properties can be contributed to presence of high levels of tocopherols, unsaturated fatty acids and phenolic compounds in Argan oil which helps regulate insulin levels.

Benefits to nails : Argan oil is found to be useful in strengthening nails. It is often used with lemon on brittle and weak nails to provide strength and radiance.


Argan oil, the "liquid gold" from Morocco finds numerous use in cosmetic industry today because of its amazing skin, hair and other nourishing properties.