Health benefits of Camomile Oil

Camomile Oil is extracted from the popular flowering plant of Camomile which is scientifically named as Matricaria Chamomilla. Its flowers have been used to treat health ailments since ages now. Camomile oil vastly used for medicinal purpose is extracted fromtwo kinds of plants- Roman Camomile and German Camomile, though the medicinal properties of the two are similar but differ in constituents.

Why is Camomile Oil unique?

Health benefits of Camomile oil is due to Azulene and Bisabol constituent present in the oil which lends it its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-irritant nature.

Health benefits of Camomile Oil

As a skin calmer and body relaxer : As a skin calmer, Camomile Oil protects you against the harmful rays of the sun, as well as the wind burn. A few drops of Camomile Oil into boiling water made to stand for a minimum of one hour, can be your home made skin friendly mixture. By using this mixture on your skin, either with a spray bottle or with a cotton pad can be soothing on your skin, rendering you comfort and calmness. Adding few drops of essential Camomile Oil in your warm bath water can help your body muscles relax better.

As a healer for your skin : As a skin healer, Camomile Oil can be used to treat irritated or dry, and flaky skin. The healing attribute in Camomile Oil is derived from bisabolol, which is also found to be useful in regeneration of tissues. Camomile Oil has excellent antiseptic and antibiotic properties inherent in it, which keeps infections at bay. It has also application in curing wounds and burns.

In blend with other oils : Camomile Oil has ability to mix well with other carrier oils, which makes its application and uses far more versatile. With almond oil, Camomile Oil can treat skin disorders like hemorrhoids, skin ulcers, and cracked nipples. Moreover, mixing Camomile Oil with Calendula has shown to be effective for treating dermatitis and eczema. Camomile Oil is anti-allergenic and can thus help in cure of acne's and pimples. By flushing out the toxins from one's sebaceous and eccrine glands, most of the skin disorders can be corrected by using Camomile Oil, as directed or prescribed by your physician, or even by mixing it with another carrier oil. 

Beneficial as your skin lightening agent : Camomile Oil has skin lightening properties, so as to give you a brighter, and a lighter skin complexion. All you have to do is put a few drops of Camomile Oil in boiling water. Use this mixture for facial steaming and you will see visible results in weeks to follow.

Benficial for hair : The Antibiotic and antiseptic attribute in Camomile Oil makes it useful as a bactericidal and vermifuge. As such, Camomile Oil can be effective in killing mites and lice from the hair.  When applied on hair as per the prescriptions rendered, Camomile Oil can also keep your scalp healthy, and free from infections and disorders.

Beneficial as an Anti-Depressant : As an Anti-depressant, Camomile Oil can stimulate your mood,  by inducing a feeling of happiness. Smelling Camomile Oil can relieve your feeling of depression, it is also known to cure generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) . Camomile Oil can be your effective mood booster, in combating depressive thoughts and transforming your mood for a better living.

Benefits as a Sedative : Camomile Oil has a calming effect on one's system, which helps in eliminating rigid emotions such as irritability, annoyance, anguish, and anger. As a sedative, it can be used to treat Insomnia  or any other forms of sleeping disorders. Being a sedative, Camomile Oil also finds use in treating headaches and migraines.

Benefits as Anti-Inflammatory : Camomile Oil has anti-inflammatory properties, and can be used as antispasmodic remedy to combat pain. Also, Camomile Oil can reduce blood pressure and correct swellings of the blood vessels. As an anti-inflammatory, Camomile Oil has been used to treat inflammation in the bowels, heartburns and menstrual cramps .

Beneficial in promoting digestion : Camomile Oil has inherent stomachic properties which can help in proper functioning of the stomach, restoring it to function optimally. By promoting secretion of digestive juices, biles and enzymes in the stomach, Camomile Oil can facilitate effective digestion. Camomile Oil can also ensure good liver health.

Camomile Oil

Has Anti Rheumatic properties : Oil is used to cure Arthritis, Rheumatism, and such other ailments which are caused due to improper blood circulation. As an Anti-Rheumatic, Camomile Oil corrects imbalance in one's circulatory system, and also helps in detoxifying the blood so as to stimulate the blood circulation.

Anti Spasmodic properties : Camomile Oil has Anti Spasmodic properties which can ensure proper functioning of one's nervous system. In this context, Camomile Oil is Nervine, so as to keep the nerves in good condition and proper health. Moreover, nervous hyper reactions resulting in spasms, loss of limb control, convulsions, and such others, can all be corrected and treated by the use of Camomile Oil. Research studies have suggested that Camomile Oil when rubbed on skin, can be used to treat 'Generalized Anxiety Disorder' or GAD, The details of the study can be found in 2010 publishing of the "Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology.

Beneficial as a Carminative : Camomile Oil eliminates the trapping of gas in the wind pipes , and also relieves the person from the risk of gas formation. As such, Camomile Oil controls the gas flow in one's body, by correcting the formation of gas as well as in expelling the gas from the stomach and the intestines.

Apart from the aforementioned health benefits of Camomile Oil, it can be used as a mouthwash to keep bad breath at bay, as well as in eradicating any formation of oral infections.

Precautions while using Camomile oil

Though the health benefits of Camomile oil are plenty and it is said to exhibit no toxic effect, but its best to perform a test patch before using the oil, such that any posiblity of allergies from the products of Ragweed family are ruled out. Apart from this, avoid using the oil in pregnancy or when nursing.

Oil may also cause vomiting and uneasiness if consumed in excess. It may also lead to drowsiness so avoid using when you have to drive. Asthma patients should consult their physician before using the Camomile oil as it is known to worsen asthma condition.