Health Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oils

Cedarwood essential oil was one of the ancient oils used by Greeks, Egyptians and other civilizations in prehistoric times due to various health benefits of Cedarwood essential oil. The scientific name of Cedarwood is Cedrus Atlantica. In today's time, many people confuse Cedarwood tree to the Texas Cedarwood tree or the Virginian Cedarwood Tree which are commonly sold in the US , but the aroma therapists prefer using the Cedarwood essential oil obtained from the Atlas Cedarwood tree to the others mentioned above.

Therapeutic properties of cedar wood oil are owing to its main chemical components- Thujopsene, a-cedrene, b-cedrene, cedrol, sesquiterpenes, and widdrol.

Health Benefits of Cedarwood oil

The health benefits of Cedarwood essential oils can be attributed to its properties like, astringent,  anti spasmodic, anti seborrhoeic, emenagogue, tonic, anti septic, diuretic, expectorant, sedative, insecticide and fungicide.

Benefits for Skin Afflictions

Skin Diseases: Antibacterial effects is regarded as one of the chief health benefits of Cedar wood essential oil, because of which major skin inflictions can be resolved. Diseases and melanin deficiencies like Acne, a major irritation and Psoriasis; common skin disorder can be cured using the oil.

Sebum Regulator: It prevents skin affliction known as Seborrhea which produces pale, yellow or scaly grey skin as its symptoms. The benefit of the oil regarding this malady is its property of maintaining the regular and adequate secretion of Sebaceous glands. It therefore ensures that the epidermis remains filtered and lubricated enough to prevent its disruption.

Diuretic Properties

Controlling Hypertension: Cedar wood essential oil is one such herbal oil consumed for decreasing the cholesterol levels by eliminating excess sugars through the urinary bladder. With blood sugar levels decreased, the risk of a high blood pressure is considerably less and hypertension is thus prevented.

Treating Arthritis, Rheumatism, Gout and Cystitis: Since detoxification occurs in the form of eliminating harmful substances from the blood through the urine; this oil generally initiates the process. It thus prevents the mentioned ailments from affecting the body due to the basic fact that it neutralizes free radicals.

Regular Re-Absorption: It maintains the urinary system by not only purifying the blood but inducing periodic urinal discharge hence making sure that the body neither dehydrates nor does it store water/toxic content but eliminates it right away.

Hair Related Issues

cedarwood oil

Preventing Baldness : It prevents premature hair loss resulting in balding. Hence Alopecia can be effectively cured using cedarwood essential oil, when blended with other oils like jojoba, thyme and rosemary essence.

Reducing Dandruff: Its composition regulates the oil secretions within the hair follicle hence prevents dryness or an itchy scalp. It therefore automatically ensures that the nutritional development of hair is taken care of and dandruff is prevented.

Other Health Benefits of Cedarwood essential oil

Menstrual Cycle : It is highly beneficial with respect to treating women’s monthly cycles of menstruation. The oil scores its dominancy in the prospect of regulating the menstrual flow in women hence ensuring that their hormonal activities are maintained.

Psychological System : The oil is proficient at treating headaches and migraines hence relieve the mind and body from stress. It is used as an essential component with respect to Aromatherapy. The oil because of its tranquillizing effects soothes the nerves greatly. In fact it is considered a sedative due to its sesquiterpene content the works on the limbic system. It is thus also a significant biological anti depressant. By many experts it is considered to be one most powerful essential oils for subtle energy work. It removes negative energy and help circulation positive energy in the body. It is known to promote clarity of mind and thought.

Insomnia: If there’s any sedative you’d prefer to use, it would certainly be Cedar wood essential oil which has been responsible for initiating the release of melatonin hence stimulating sleep and releasing stress.

Antiseptic Properties : The health benefits of Cedar wood essential oil include the curative effects of the product where it behaves as an antiseptic and can be immediately be applied onto the abrasions. This ensures that the wound doesn’t get infected i.e. tetanus shots are rendered unnecessary.

Antifungal Properties : This oil is considered either an insect repellent or a fungicide because it contains essential composites which initiate the destruction of external pathogens. Use it in any form; it is bound remove any fungal infections like Ringworm, from the blood internally as well as externally.

Beneficial in supporting Adrenal function : When massaged at the lower back or spleen it helps soothe the overworked adrenal gland

Regulates growth hormone : By stimulating the pineal gland, cedarwood oil helps regulate the growth hormone.  Apart from regulating growth hormones, this sedative reduces inflammations hence also displaying analgesic properties.

Regarding Astringent Properties : To Cure Diarrhea: Due to the simple fact that the oil maintains the muscular contractions within the intestines, it thus relieves the body from the effects of Diarrhea, a gastronomic affliction where bowel movements become irregular.

Dental Afflictions : This astringent property ensures that the gum muscles remain taut and not loosen, hence preventing pain within our dentine system. Toothaches can thus be treated easily since it strengthens their placement and prevents them from falling off or getting infected.

Regarding Spasm Attacks:  One of the most distinguishable health benefits of Cedar wood essential oil is its ability to control spasm attacks. This includes treating almost every spasmodic affliction with respect to muscular, cardiac, intestinal, respiratory and nervous.

Regarding Expectorant Properties: In case you’re suffering from cough and cold, certain congestions within the body then you can easily relieve yourselves from the inflictions by using Cedar wood essential oil which should treat your ailments and decrease the proximity of fever and cold. It also removes phlegm from the respiratory tracts hence decreasing headaches and treating red eye irritations. You can use it in steam inhalations to cure bronchitis,

Regarding Tonic Effects: Metabolism is initiated or rather increased in its process due to application of Cedar wood oil. Hence the health benefits of the Cedar wood essential oil include the tonic effect of the oil upon the organ systems  which is basic strengthening of the muscles and maintenance of calcium content for the bones.

Beneficial in Meditation blend : The oil is known to have calming effect on the mind by offering relaxation. It has been long used for cleansing the spirit  and wiping out negative energy. It is also known to be used as incense on ‘temples’ by Tibetian Buddhists owing to its soothing effect and meditative properties. The oil is also known to evoke centeredness and inner strength in times of self helplessness.

Beneficial for allergic patients : Cedarwood oil is being brought in use for long for its effective results in preventing and killing housedust-mites. It has traditionally used as insect repellent. Thus people who are allergic to dustmites and other allergies can experience beneficial effects of the oil by using in a vaporizer or as a room freshener.

Precautions while using Cedarwood Essential oil

While there are so many health benefits of Cedarwood essential oil, it should be taken with precautions. In high concentration, Cedarwood oil may irritate the skin. Further, it should be avoided during pregnancy.