Health Benefits of Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress essential oil, with botanical name Cupressus Sempervirens, is extracted from the twigs and needles of cypress tree. Specific trees which are at least 75 feet in height and have a conical shape are chosen for collecting needles and twigs for oil extraction. The oil is extracted by steam distillation method. The oil is pale yellow in color and of thin consistency. It has a masculine fresh, woody herbaceous aroma. The tree is native to Italy and Southern Europe. However, it is cultivated for commercial purposes in Morocco, Spain and France.

Why is cypress essential oil unique?

Cypress essential oil contains astringent, antiseptic and anti-infectious properties that contribute to the health benefits of cypress essential oil. The aroma of the oil makes it extremely relaxing on the mind and offer comprehensive benefits for the body.

Health Benefits of Cypress Essential Oil

You can obtain a lot of advantages from the use of cypress oil. Health benefits of cypress oil are more enhanced when it is mixed with carrier oils such as clary sage oil, lavender oil and bergamot. Below given is a list of health benefits of cypress oil.

Benefits for blood circulation : Cypress essential oil is known to tone the veins and regulate blood flow. This benefit is because of the astringent and restorative properties of the oil. It promotes blood circulation . People who suffer varicose vein can be largely benefited by the use of this oil when it is used in combination with geranium oil, clary sage oil and lemon oil.

Benefits for the skin : Cypress essential oil has therapeutic properties on the skin. It is very powerful anti-marks agent. Scars and deep marks on the face can be reduced with the help of this oil. Astringent properties of the oil are excellent for reducing oiliness in the skin. So, spread of acne can be controlled. Skin infections caused due to excess oil secretion can also be controlled due to the astringent properties of the oil. the oil shrinks pores and tightens the skin .

Benefits for women : Women who suffer menstrual problems find the oil very beneficial. This oil harmonizes blood and helps in solving the problem of excessive bleeding during menstruation, a problem known as menorrhagia. By regulating and harmonizing the flow of blood, cypress oil helps in reducing menstrual pain as well. Cysts in the ovaries can be reduced with the use of cypress oil .

cypress essential oil benefits to skin

Benefits for body detoxification : Cypress essential oil brings energy balance in the body and promotes circulation of positive energy. This helps in body detoxification. Energy blocks in the body are removed and there is free flow of energy in the body, thereby promoting circulation of blood and oxygen supply as well . The oil also helps in drainage of lymphatic fluids.

Benefits for pain relief : Cypress oil can be used as a pain reliever. It is excellent for pains caused due to rheumatism and arthritis. The benefits of the oil are enhanced when it is blended with helichrysum . 

Benefits for weight reduction : Cypress oil has the ability to reduce cellulite in the body, thereby helping in weight loss . By acting as a diuretic and increasing urination, cypress oils helps in removing fats through the urine.

Benefits for the mind : Cypress essential oil soothes mind and has a very positive impact on the psychology of a person. This is because it promotes circulation of positive energy in the body. The oil also soothes nerves. The subtle smell of the oil is a powerful stress buster. It helps in bringing stability to the mind. It is also known to boost confidence in a person. It reduces nervous tension1. It reduces anger and irritability .

Cypress essential oil blends well with Benzoin, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Juniper, Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Pine, Rosemary, Sandalwood


Benefits for healing wounds : Cypress oil contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which help in preventing infection at wound sites. So, it helps in early healing of the wound. The oil can be used for healing internal wounds by massaging with the oil. Inhaling the fragrance is also helpful up to a certain extent. The oil can be applied on the wound in 10% dilution .

Benefits against spasms : The antispasmodic properties of cypress oil are very effective. Intestinal, respiratory, abdominal and muscular spasms can be relieved with the help of cypress oil. People suffering from cramps and mild convulsions can also obtain relief from the use of this oil. It relieves cramps effectively .

Benefits against hemorrhage : Excessive bleeding caused due to hemorrhages can be curtailed with the help of cypress oil. Excessive bleeding as a result of wounds and nosebleed can also be controlled by using the oil .

Benefits for respiratory system : Cypress essential oil is good against respiratory problems such as influenza, bronchitis, whopping cough, emphysema and asthma. It relieves chest congestion and the resulting cough .

Benefits against body odor : Cypress oil has a woody aroma that acts as an effective natural deodorant. Applying a few drops of the oil at 10% dilution leaves an enduring smell that lasts long. It is best used as a deodorant for men .

Benefits against lethargy : Cypress oil has a rejuvenating effect. Adding a few drops of the oil in bath water can remove fatigue and energize the body .

Hair care : Cypress oil is great for taking care of greasy hair. It helps in cleaning scalp but does not leaves it dry after washing.

Benefits for the renal system : Cypress oil acts as a diuretic and improves urination. It also prevents occurrence of urinary infections due to its antiseptic properties. Increased urination also ensures that there is no water retention in the body. Kidneys are kept clean and blood pressure is normalized .

Other benefits of cypress essential oil

Additional benefits of cypress essential oil include improvement of liver health, reducing hemorrhoids, inducing sleep and keeping oral cavity healthy.

Precautions while using cypress essential oil

Cypress essential oil should not be used by pregnant women. People suffering from inherent diseases, recovering from surgeries or on medication for other disease should use the oil only with doctor’s consent . A skin patch test is suggested before actual application although the oil is non-toxic and does not cause irritation on the skin.


Health benefits of cypress essential oil can be obtained by using it in a diffuser. Traditionally, the oil was used in oil lamps. It can also be used as bath oil and in massage blends. It mingles well with most of the other essential oils.