Health Benefits of Helichrysum Oil

Everlasting oil of Helichrysum is extracted from Helichrysum italicum, of the Asteraceae family. Best oil can be rendered by distillation of the fresh flowers within a time frame of 24hrs. It has been used and studied in Europe since Medieval times owing to the therapeutic properties it possesses.

Why is the Helichrysum oil unique?

Chemical components contributing to the various health benefits of helichrysum oil are terpinen-4-ol, a-pinene, b-pinene, neryl acetate myrcene, camphene, italidone limonene, 1, 8-cineole, linalool,  geraniol, eugenol, nerol,and b-diketones.

Health Benefits of Helichrysum Oil

Owing to its analgesic, anti-allergenic, antispasmodic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, cholagogue, cytophylactic, expectorant and nervine properties it is widely used to treat various ailments.

Regarding Skin Afflictions :

  • Eczema: The skin, being the most sensitive part of our body can be treated from maladies like Eczema where the skin ceases to burn within three days of its application.
  • Psoriasis: Considering that this skin infliction is hereditary, or caused due to stress hence using Helichrysum essential oil will immediately cool the inflamed regions once you apply it as a blend between almond and rose essence.
  • Acne: The effective remedy for treating blackheads would be by using this oil which due to its anti-inflammatory constituents decreases the affliction that mostly is either a result of heat within or dirt outside.
  • Scar Remover:  The chief role of the oil is its ability to heal scars and such a faculty lies within its cicatrizing property. Hence normally boils, pox marks, acne scars etc easily lighten using this herbal oil on the skin.
  • Hydrating Agent: It prevents the skin from getting dehydrated hence its moisturizing effect upon flaky skin prevents dryness and initiates retention of water.
  • Aging: The oil is widely used in cosmetics, creams and lotions. It helps prevent sagging of skin and its active ingredients help tighten up loose hanging skin .

Beneficial for Respiratory System

For harvesting benefits of the oil for respiratory system you can use it in bath, blend it with massage oil or inhale vapors of the same for an effective healing.

  • Mucous Deposition: It decreases the excessive mucilaginous accretions which in sustainable amounts keep certain parts of the internal system like the esophagus, larynx, and intestines etc moist hence using hydrolysis it breaks down the solidified concentration and hence releases the body from whooping cough.
  • Asthma: Since the oil vapors degrade the mucous deposition within the respiratory system, it accelerates breathing efficiency for such patients.
  • Bronchitis: Due to its expectorant properties, it relieves the respiratory tracts from phlegm depositions, that lead to cough and infections.

Regarding Blood Circulatory System

  • Cardiac Arrests Are Prevented : Strokes can easily be disabled using this oil due to the anti-inflammatory effects of the oil simply because high cholesterol can coagulate your blood with expansive sugar content however the rapid thinning of the blood hence its dilution instantly relieves the body from heart attacks.
  • Aversion of Brain Hemorrhage : There are unexpected blood clots which can lead to internal bleeding within the brain. However these can be prevented using this oil since it dissolves the clots before they can affect the blood flow.
  • Treatment of Anemia : Spleen is the basement of RBC formation and salvage, hence because the herbal oil generates the development of the spleen and maintains its functioning; the body remains healthy and anemia free.

Benefits Regarding Dental Therapy

Using hazel and Helichrysum oil, you can treat dentine inflictions, where sometimes individuals suffer from swollen gums. Instant soothing effect is witnessed within the inflammation. This is due to the fact that the herbal oil contains anti-inflammatory properties which diminish inflammations of any sort in the body.

Regarding Psychological Therapy

Helichrysum oil is used in Aromatic studies where due to its calming effects, it tranquilizes migraines and headaches. Fabricated out of constituents like esters and alcohols, there is an immediate reaction after application of the substance which releases the body from stress.

Benefits with Basic Wounds, Infections, injuries and others

  • Antiseptic : The oil is miraculous when it comes to healing cuts and abrasions which are deep enough to suffer septic attacks. Dilute the oil with some other substituent like lavender or citrus essence; it quickly heals the wound without hence preventing bacterial infections.
  • Microbial Effect : Just a dab of the oil is enough to destroy pathogens like bacteria, fungi, virus etc from inflicting the skin. Diseases like ringworm which is a fungal infection, can be treated using the Helichrysum oil.
  • Dark Eye Removal: Sleep deprived or too much of stress? Those dark circles can instantly be cleared by using this oil which as a whole consists of scar removal properties.
  • For burns: It is advocated to apply 2-3 drops od neat Helichrysum Essential Oil on the burns immediately to experience instantaneous relief.
  • Impact related injury– If you have been hurt owing to some harsh impact on surface it is advised to apply a thin layer Helichrysum Essential Oil directly on the area of injury. It will help aid the healing process; also prevent further swelling of the area.
  • Sprain: If you have suffered an unexpected twist or have sprained your leg or hand immediately apply a thin coat of the essential oil to curb initial swelling and aid the process of healing faster. You may repeat the process if inflammation persists. You can also mix the oil, sage and almond essence together and apply onto the stinging area, you’ll feel instant relief from the throbbing.

Regarding Fever and Allergies

  • Anti-allergic Property: Due to the simple fact that it contains anti-inflammatory constituents, the oil is essential for the Helichrysum Oiltreatment of allergies where allergens significantly affect internal as well as external organs.
  • Analgesic Property: Apart from the antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial and anti allergic properties which contribute to quick recovery from fever it is a feribuge as well. It holds another feature of maintaining the temperature in the body, and relieving the body from the pain caused by inflammations. Hence by stabilizing the inflammations it prevents the body from suffering from fever.

Beneficial for Muscles and Bones

  • Arthritis : Simply because it contains anti-inflammatory constituents like aromatic esters, it eases the joints from swelling and decreases the soreness within them.
  • Stiff Muscles: Neryl acetate is another major constituent of the oil. It contributes to relaxing effect and releases tension in tissues. Also the oils analgesic properties and anti inflammatory action work to cure muscle stiffness with ease.
  • Regeneration of cells : Development of tissues is preserved by the regular activities of cell formation and regeneration etc hence its cytophylactic assets allow it to regulates body growth and bone tenacity.

Benefits to Digestive and Urinary System

Cholagogue properties of oil aid in the process of digestion. Also abdominal pain can be resolved using this oil, as well as acidity in the stomach be treated with this oil since it neutralizes the acids by facilitating the secretion of bile into the stomach. This way it initiates successive digestion and periodic bowel movements.

The oil is beneficial owing to its diuretic properties. It helps easily cleanses the body from toxic substances, by promoting the quantity and frequency of urination. Thus, it also helps lowering the blood pressure since it regulates the discharge of excessive sugar in the form of urinary expulsion from the body.

Other benefits of Helichrysum oil

Beneficial in detoxification process: Helichrysum essential oil is also well known for its detoxification properties and is believed to draw heavy metals and other toxins out of our body. To get detoxification benefits, massage a strongly diluted oil (1:1 ratio with coconut oil, for example) into the feet. To get best results, while massaging one should target the liver points present in the feet.

Unlocking Chi : It is believed to unblock and help releasing Chi, the life energy. It is known to help people who have suffer emotional blocks.

Benefits to nervous system :  Helichrysum essential oil is good for body's nervous system. This helps in keeping ones nerves cool in case of anxiety and distress. It also helps in combating with nervous disorders due to age or otherwise.