Health Benefits of Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is produced from the seed of the jojoba plant. The oil makes up 50% of the weight of jojoba seed by weight. This plant was initially a native of Mexico. But today it is grown in Arizona and California states of the USA also. Pure jojoba oil is a colourless and odourless waxy fluid at room temperature.

Health Benefits of Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is not a recent discovery. It has been around since the Native Americans. They have been known to use jojoba oil to help heal sores and wounds. The health benefits of jojoba oil are varied and many. Let us rediscover some of its uses:

Benefits on Skin

Jojoba oil helps regulate the oil production in the skin. It is more of an ester than oil. It acts on the sebaceous glands under the skin which secrete oils and control the texture of the skin.

Dry Skin : On dry skin, the oil acts as a moisturizer by keeping the skin well oiled. One school of thought says that jojoba oil can mimic human oil. That is, it tricks  the skin into thinking that it has already produced oil and thus helps balance oil production. It can also be used to treat dry skin conditions. Jojoba oil is not like other moisturisers i.e., it does not evaporate  like other water based moisturisers. It can be applied on the hands and feet, especially during the cold, to prevent dry skin. It can also be used to prevent chapped lips.

For Oily Skin : Jojoba oil also helps in cleaning acne by its dual function. It prevents the pores from getting clogged and possesses anti-microbial effects which prevents acne further

Sun Screen : Jojoba oil forms a sun protection layer on skin keeping to well moistened at the same time. Best part about using this oil is its non greasy and non sticky texture which helps use it on regular basis.

Ageing of Skin : One of the recently discovered properties of jojoba is its anti-oxidant property. Oxidants are free radicals produced by the body in its various activities that are harmful for the body in the long run. They are the primary causes for ageing and withering of skin. Jojoba oil can reduce the free radicals in the body to a certain extent thus delaying the process of ageing and helps the skin look healthy for longer

Beneficial for Hair

Texture of Hair: One of the health benefits of jojoba oil is that it adds great lustre to hair . It can be used on frizzy and dry hair to restore its health.

Dandruff : By end of day, the scalp and hair tend to get dry and flakes start to form. These flakes may cause itchiness and further lead to dandruff. This dryness can be avoided by applying jojoba oil to hair and scalp at the beginning of the day. It does not evaporate easily and provides lubrication to the skin on the scalp thus keeping it well-oiled and itch free.

Hair breakage : Jojoba oil has also been found to have a potential to generate growth of new hair cells. This is highly beneficial to people predisposed towards hair loss. When mixed with honey in equal quantities it can give marvellous results.

Precaution : Do not apply jojoba oil directly to hair before going out as this may attract dirt. Try mixing the oil with a conditioner or shampoo for best results.

Benefits as Makeup Remover

Because of jojoba oil’s consistency, it can be effectively used to remove foundations, blushes and other build-ups on the face. It is also non allergic and non-irritable , thus it can be used to remove makeup on the sensitive areas of the skin like eyelids and eyelashes.

Beneficial when Shaving
Razor burn is a common and unwanted outcome of shaving. This can be avoided by using jojoba oil. Jojoba oil can be applied as a layer on the skin below your shaving cream. This helps prevent razor burn and also gives a smooth and clean feel after the shave.

Other benefits of Jojoba oil

Beneficial because of its anti-microbial properties : Several health benefits of jojoba oil is because of its anti-microbial property. Many bacteria like Staphylococcus Aureus  cannot survive in the presence of jojoba oil. Thus jojoba oil can also be used to treat any diseases involving these bacteria. It is used to treat infections like psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis etc.

Benefits because of Antifungal Properties : It is also commonly used as an anti-fungicide in the treatment of the fungal infection of mildew and fungi like Candida Albicans

Beneficial as Massage Oil : Jojoba is also used as popular massage oil. It has a natural tendency to spread which makes it ideal for a massage. It is also naturally non comedogenic  that is, it does not block pores. Thus one can have an invigorating massage with jojoba oil and not worry about blocked pores and other side effects. Moreover, it reduces anxiety, induces relaxation  and helps unwind thus ideal for massaging.

Benefits for Dried Cuticle Parts : Jojoba oil can be used to treat dried cuticle areas around the finger tips. A little application of jojoba oil to the affected area for a few days can work as a miracle cure for dried cuticles.

Benefits when consumed : Jojoba oil is completely edible. It is also non caloric, meaning that even if consumed, it will not produce any energy in the body. It will simply pass through the digestive system unmodified and is eliminated from the body in stools. Even though it is edible, it does not provide any benefit to the body if taken orally. It has been traditionally used to relieve constipation or irregular bowel movements.

Precaution while taking Jojoba oil

Sometimes, excess consumption of jojoba oil can give rise to a condition called as steatorrhea. In this condition, stools have a very oily appearance and may even cause diarrhoea. This can be eliminated by eliminating much intake of jojoba oil.