Health Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oils are extracted from the rind of a lime fruit, scientifically known as citrus limonum.  The fruit belongs with the Rutaceae family. The oil can also be extracted from the leaves of the citrus plant. The other name for lemon essential oil is cedro oil. The most common way of extracting the oil is through cold compression. The tree is grown for commercial purposes in Portugal, America, Italy, Spain and Israel.

Why is lemon essential oil beneficial?

Lemon essential oil is rich in vitamins A, B, E and C. The oil contains high antiseptic properties, anti-microbial properties, anti-fungal and anti-allergic properties. Limonene is an active ingredient present in the oil and adds to the health benefits of lemon essential oil.

Health Benefits of Lemon essential oil

Lemon essential oil is extremely beneficial for the health. It provides comprehensive goodness for the mind and body. Mentioned below are the multifarious health benefits of lemon essential oil.

Benefits against stress : Lemon essential oil is used as an agent in aromatherapy as a relaxing agent. It soothes stress and is completely relaxing on the mind. The oil is known to reduce exhaustion, nervous tension, nervousness, mental fatigue and dizziness. It helps in creating a positive mindset in people and hence, it is very therapeutic. Negativity in the mind and body is reduced. It is also known to boost concentration level. Using it as a room freshener is very good for soothing benefits

Benefits against stomach disorders : Lemon oil is carminative in nature. This means that it reduces gas and flatulence in the stomach and provides relief from gas related problems. The oil also helps in combating acidity, indigestion, cramps and stomach upsets, to name a few. Stomach problems are controlled due to the antimicrobial agent present in lemon oils. This agent acts against bacteria responsible for causing problems related to stomach and duodenum.  The biggest benefit of using the oil is that the bacteria do not develop resistance against it, while bacteria develop immunity against allopathic medications if used regularly.

Benefits for the mind : Health benefits of lemon essential oil include protection against dementia. Regular inhalation of the oil helps in improving concentration and retention power. Mental accuracy is also known to increase. The essential oil is a strong shield against depression since the sweet, tangy and citrusy flavor enhances mood and relieves the mind. Neuroendocrine hormones, which are responsible for depression and moodiness, are normalized by lemon essential oil. The effects of this oil have been found to be more profound when compared to anti-depressant medication.

Benefits for the immune system : The antimicrobial properties and high level of vitamins present in lemon essential oils provide a boost to the immune system, thereby making the body better capable of fighting diseases. The white blood cells, which form the lemon essential oildefense mechanism of the body, are stimulated by the oil. Fevers and more serious diseases like typhoid and malaria can be controlled with lemon essential oil.

Benefits against sleep disorders : Inhaling lemon essential oil can reduce sleep disorders and curb insomnia to a large extent. The soothing effect on the mind helps a person sleep better.

Benefits for the skin : Lemon essential oil massage removes dullness and makes the skin glow by providing sheen to it. The oil is very good for people with oily skin because of the astringent properties present in it. It controls oil secretion and prevent the skin from becoming greasy. Added benefits include skin detoxification and freshness. Antibiotic properties of the oil are considered to be an excellent remedy for acne, pimples and other kind of skin disorders such as scabies.  It is also a good anti-aging product. This essential oil is used in several skin care cosmetics and herbal skin care products.

Benefits for the hair : Use of lemon essential oil in hair products or regular hair massages with the oil makes tresses lustrous and shiny. They also promote hair growth. Common scalp infections such as dandruff can be effectively remedied.

Benefits for the respiratory system : When lemon essential oil is inhaled in the form of vapor, clogged lungs and nose are cleared. It provides respite from cold, cough and infection of the throat and lungs.

Benefits for oral health : Gargling with diluted lemon essential oil is very helpful to remove problems such as bad breath and tooth ache. The antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of lemon help in killing bacteria in the mouth and in keeping the mouth fresh. Mouth ulcers can be controlled with lemon essential oil. It has also been found that lemon essential oil is beneficial for natural whitening of teeth.

Benefits for fingernails : High levels of vitamins present in lemon essential oils are beneficial for strengthening nails and resolving the problems of brittle nails. Regular massage with the oil makes nails healthy. It is also very useful for various fungal infections that develop around the nails.

Benefits against tumors : One major ingredient of lemon essential oil is limonene. When the oil is used at a concentration of 59% to 73%, tumor growth is subdued.

Benefits for PMS : Women suffering pre-menstruation symptoms can use the oil to control mood swings and for relaxation. It also helps reduce abdominal cramps.

Besides these health benefits, lemon essential oils help in weight reduction, improving circulation of blood and oxygen, reduction of joint pains, controlling anemia and reduction of scars. 

How else you can use lemon essential oil?

Apart from health benefits, here are some interesting usage of lemon essential oil :

  • As a room freshener
  • Soaps and cosmetics
  • Flavor your tea
  • Flavor your water
  • Remove gum, tree sap or any other heavy glue
  • Fight stains and use for cleansing
  • Wooden floor polishing

Precautions while using lemon essential oil

Aromatherapy blends

Lemon essential oils blends well with Bergamot, the Chamomiles, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Frankincense, Ginger, Juniper, Neroli, Rose, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang

Lemon essential oils should not be used in excess while using on the skin since it can lead to severe dryness and flakiness. People with extremely sensitive skin should use the oil in very dilute form. The oil should not be applied before going out in the sun because of its photosensitive nature. Lemon essential oil should not be used with spearmint, camphor, wintergreen, atlas, cedar, anise seeds, allspice, lime, clove, patchouli, nutmeg, chamomile and pennyroyal. It should not be used for children less than two years of age.

This oil remains fresh for three years. However, it needs to be stored in a well ventilated dry place. The oil should not come in contact with direct sunlight and heat. Clean sealed bottles should be used for storage.


The health benefits of lemon essential oil are immense. Regular usage can lead to wholesome good health. Lemon essential oil also has other uses such as room freshener, in soaps and cosmetics, flavor agent, etc.