Health Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oil is extracted from petals of different kind of roses, the most commonly rose being Rosa Damascus. Its botanical name is Rosa damascene. The oil is extracted by steam distillation or through solvent extraction technique. There are two kinds of rose essential oils – Rose Otto and Rose Absolute. Rose otto comes in a light yellow colored liquid while rose absolute is in a deep red tinge. Rose absolute is slightly thick in consistency while rosa otto is thin. The aroma is strongly sweet and floral.

Why is rose essential oil beneficial for health?

Rose essential oil contains all medicinal properties that are present in rose petals. The oil is rich in carotene and vitamins C, B group and K. minerals present in the oil are calcium, potassium, copper and iodine. All these ingredients contribute to the numerous health benefits of rose essential oil.

Health benefits of rose essential oil

Rose essential oil lends numerous benefits for physical and mental wellbeing of a person. Given below are important benefits of the same.

Benefits against depression : The sweet aroma of rose essential oil is excellent for elevating moods and relieving the feeling of depression. People who use the oil, experience a boost in self confidence and self esteem, feel more hopeful and are more cheerful. The oil is also a good anxiety reliever. It generates positive thoughts and infuses joy. For people who are undergoing rehabilitation treatments for depression and anxiety, rose essential oil lends highly positive effects.

Benefits against stress : The smell of rose essential oil is a stress reliever. Few drops of the oil in bath water can lend immediate invigorating and soothing effects after a stressful day. Rose essential oil also relieves headaches.

Benefits against pains and aches : Taking cold compress with a cloth dipped in water containing few drops of rose essential oils is very beneficial for obtaining relief from pains and aches. Cramps are also relieved by this treatment.

Benefits for women : Taking cold compress or inhaling the fragrance of rose essential oil during pre menstrual syndrome can be very relieving. Mood swings are controlled, muscle cramps in the abdomen, hips and thighs are relieved and irritability is largely reduced. For women who suffer obstructed or irregular menstruation, rose oil is very effective as it helps in secretion of hormones responsible for menstruation. It is also very helpful to ease problems during post-menopause. In pregnant women, they relieve nausea and morning sickness.

Benefits against viral and bacterial attacks : Rose essential oils have strong anti-viral properties that can help in fighting viral infections. Since essential oils are easily absorbed by the body, the effects are immediate. Research has also found that when rose essential oil is absorbed by the cells in the body, they acquire a special resistance against penetration of virus. There is some kind of a shield that prevents infection of the cells by the virus. Rose essential oil is also a very effective bactericide. It protects the body against bacterial attacks as well.

Rose Essential Oil

Benefits for the immune system : The immune system of the body is largely benefited due to the antiviral properties of rose essential oil. As mentioned above, cells become more resistant against bacteria. Also, white blood cells are stimulated. The oil is very effective in influenza virus as well.

Aphrodisiacal benefits : The benefits of rose essential oil as an aphrodisiac are age old knowledge. The oil stimulates senses and hormones responsible for sexual feelings, which in turn results in an increased sex drive.

Benefits for the skin : Rose essential oil has the astringent properties that help in curbing secretion of excessive sebum from the oil producing sebaceous glands in the skin. As a result, people with oily skin experience relief from having a greasy face. Diluted oil can be dabbed into a piece of cotton and rubbed on the face. It also acts as a cleanser and refreshes skin. Rose essential oil is also considered to be a very good toner. It helps in fighting signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. It is a god hydrator and moisturizer. Few drops added to facial massage creams can be very beneficial in making the skin firm and lustrous. Regular use of rose essential oil on the skin helps in reducing acne, pimples, eczema and lightens scars.

Benefits for blood circulation and detoxification : When rose essential oil is used for body massages, it improves blood circulation and offers a very therapeutic feel. It also aids drainage of lymphatic fluids. The nervous system, glands and muscles are stimulated, which in turn enhances blood circulation. As a result, the body undergoes deep detoxification.

Benefits for the respiratory system : Inhaling rose essential oil vapors can relieve respiratory troubles such as chest congestion, bronchitis, cough and asthma. Few drops of rose oil can be mixed with boiling water and fumes should be inhaled for immediate relief.

Benefits for the heart : Rose essential oil keeps the heart healthy and maintains blood pressure. People suffering from hypertension can experience relief by using this essential oil.

Benefits for blood purification : Rose essential oil is a known depurative. It removes toxins from the body and purifies blood. When the body is clean from within, general health improves and problems such as skin infections, rashes, boild and ulcers can be curbed up to a great extent.

Benefits against hemorrhage : Rose oil is a very efficient anti-hemorrhaging agent. For people who suffer hemorrhage, use of rose essential oils can be used for clotting of the blood and prevent further deterioration of heath. It is useful for people who have just undergone surgeries or are injured and suffer hemorrhage.

Besides these health benefits of rose essential oil, other advantages include is good for liver health, laxative, soothes acidity, regularizing uterine function, balancing hormone production, anti-spasmodic and controlling fever. It is also good for inflammation of the gums.

Precautions while using Rose Essential Oil

Aromatherapy Blends

Rose essential oils blends well with Bergamot, Chamomiles, Clary Sage, Cypress, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, Mandarin, Neroli, Orange, Palmarosa, Patchouli, Sandalwood.

There are no known side effects of rose essential oil as long as it is used in diluted form. If used in high concentration, the oil can cause irritation on the skin.


Health benefits of rose essential oil helping in stress, depression to strengthening immune system and many more. It is a great essential oil for mental and physical well being of a person. The health benefits of rose essential oil make it a very desirable ingredient in the cuisine of some places. It is also the favorite ingredient used in spa treatments.