Health Benefits of Tamanu Oil

Native to East Africa and South East Asia, the botanical name of the Tamanu oil bearing plant is Calophyllum tacamahaca. The yellowish green nuts of the plant yield this inedible oil. Health benefits of Tamanu oil make it eminent as it is widely used for various ailments. Natives of South Eastern region believed It to be their answer to skin protection from harmful rays of sun, oceanic blustery weather and high humidity.

Why is Tamanu oil unique?

Health Benefits of Tamanu Oil is owing to the essential fatty acids it contains such as Linoleic, Oleic, Stearic and Palmitic. It possesses high antibacterial and antifungal properties to fight various inflictions and in certain cases is referred to as being more powerful than antibiotics.

Benefits regarding Skin Afflictions

To Treat Acne : One of the chief health benefits of Tamanu oil is its credibility at neutralizing free radicals due to antioxidants present within its composition. Hence any oil depositions are unlikely to plague your complexion, thereby eliminating the possibility of black marks, cysts etc.

To Treat Psoriasis :  Person suffering from the disease experiences reddening of the skin due to itchy rashes.  In psoriasis, skin regeneration fails due to the T lymphatic system breakdown. However, the antibacterial components present within the Tamanu oil, has allowed it to be used as a remedy for curing this disorder. Being highly penetrable, it acts upon the tissue cells where it regulates the treatment of the defect.

To Treat Scabies: Tamanu oil contains anti-inflammatory components, which is necessary for treating the parasitic inflammations caused during Scabies. The presence of ‘Calophyllollide inophyllum Linn’, the antimicrobial compound eases the throbbing for the case of this severe skin infliction.

To Treat Eczema: Another skin affliction which can be treated using the oil of the Tamanu seeds is eczema. This is possible owing to the lipids and antioxidants, as well as antimicrobial composites present in the oil. The therapeutic assets of the oil have allowed it to treat some of the most excruciatingly painful skin maladies.

To Treat Skin Wounds : With the persistent tissue regenerative property of fatty acids like Oleic, Linoleic, Stearic etc, it helps maintain the cellular composition and is used to treat burns. It also used to prevent instant scarring, by lightening the prospect of scar formation. Since it treats abrasives, scratches, blisters since retards water and pus formation by penetrating into the wound, it is therefore treated as an antiseptic.

To Treat Fungal Infections: The antibiotic component, preferably known as ‘lactone’ as well as the antimicrobial compounds which are persistent in this oil, are used for treating this fungal ailments like ‘Athlete’s Foot, Ringworm’ etc.

To Treat Stretch Marks : The health benefits of Tamanu oil tags it as an astringent which is highly beneficial for curing scars. Its property to regenerate tissues, possibly the presence of Vitamin A in its composition gives it the ability to repair and reduce scarring. In fact it has been witnessed that the length, width of the stretch marks decreases efficiently by application of simple dab of the oil.

To Treat Wrinkles: Ensuring that the skin decreases its creases with age, this anti-aging property of the Tamanu oil has allowed it to be used for the basic purpose of improving skin tissue regeneration. Being highly penetrable, it enters the skin, foliates the surface such that it remains nourished.

To Treat Insect Bites: Wounds which consist of pest attacks, insect stings etc can be prevented or healed at a faster pace by using a spray that contains Tamanu oil. It maintains insect repellent properties which dissuade the reactions that an insect bite can set off on the skin. Hence it’s anti-inflammatory ‘coumarins’ and antimicrobial properties prevent tetanus.

For Leprosy: It was found that the most surprising of all health benefits of Tamanu oil has been its lucky affect on lepers who suffer from this skin disorder where the tissues begin to self mutilate. The antibiotic, as well as regenerative properties of the oil give it the benefit to soak below the dermis and produce new skin cells.

To Prevent Rashes : Baby skin is considered to be most soft and sensitive and is often prone to rashes and blisters due to long hours in diapers. Tamanu oil works perfectly fine to take care of skin as sensitive as that of a baby and apart from nourishing it helps treat the rashes and blisters.

Health Benefits of Tamanu Oil

Benefits regarding Analgesic

The health benefits of Tamanu oil have made it prominent in the market as an analgesic which treats wounds, and reduces pain. The oil is packed with various types of chemical such as friedelin, caloxanthone E, courmarins and calophyllolide, which are responsible for anti-inflammatory action of Tamanu oil .

For arthritis: Owing to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, massage from tamanu oil helps in reducing pain and swelling when suffering from arthritis. It benefits the joint pain and reduces the redness in the area of suffering.

For sore throat: Pain reliving properties of Tamanu oil helps relieve sore throat when applied directly to the neck.

Antibiotic Properties

A bacterium named ‘methicillin-resistant staph aureus’ which is the microorganism responsible for infections is prevented from intrusion upon application of the oil.

For infections: The antibiotic properties depend upon the presence of ‘lactone’ which fights infections and kills bacterial invasion within the blood from completely ruining your inner systems. It thus also prevents fever, sores, headaches, bladder infections etc.

For Eye Inflictions:  It is antibacterial, and this has given it the competency to fight off pathogens that can affect the most sensitive organs, being the eye. It helps to reduce Conjunctivitis, and with regular application, it completely eliminates the infection that the microorganisms produce.

Other Benefits of Tamanu Oil

Antiseptic properties : The presence of chemical lipids and fatty acids in its composition, blend within the wound, and neutralize the effects of free radicals thereby preventing the wound from getting septic.

Beneficial for Nervous System : Tamanu oil has been known to treat neuralgia which is related to diseases where the nervous system is at stake. Basically it is analgesic against the pain which is felt with respect to neural afflictions and sudden spasms hence relieving stress, migraines and paralytic strokes.

Beneficial for Hair Loss : Apart from preventing loss of hair follicles, the oil is also essential for the case of efficiently providing nutrition to the scalp. It has antimicrobial effects, which instantly destroys parasites like lice, mites etc. And to the existing list you can also add in- reduced dandruff, simply because the itchy dryness decreases and the hair follicles remain nourished under the application of a product which contains globules of fatty acids.

Benefits as antiperspirant : Tamanu oil as mentioned before is a natural skin care products and benefits skin in more ways than one. Its long lasting fragrance helps in using it as a deodorant as well. Moreover, unlike cosmetic alcohol based deodorants it has no side effects, thus can be applied directly on skin. When applied to foot- apart from preventing fungal infections it always lends a pleasant smell thus helping in reducing foot odor.