Popular Aromatherapy Products

Aromatherapy has a positive effect on every part of our mind, body and spirit. Essential oils are volatile plant oils that provide physical and psychological benefits through a variety of aromatherapy products. Essential oils cannot be used in their pure form but blended with complementary natural ingredients like hydrosols, cold-pressed vegetable oils, sea salts, jojoba that is a liquid wax, mud, clay, sugar, milk powder and herbs.  

The unique properties that each essential oil possesses means that there are many ways of enjoy them – by using them for a rejuvenating bath, as a perfume, lotion or cream, an invigorating massage, inhaling the aroma using burners or candles.


Popular Aromatherapy Products : Aromatherapy candles

Holistic aromatherapy candles can bring an atmosphere of relaxation and calmness when you are meditating.

Benefits of Aromatherapy Candels:

  • They can provide an ambience for a romantic candlelit dinner.
  • They can be used in religious ceremonies during meditation. 
  • These candles are non-toxic and hence are environmentally friendly and bio-degradable
  • They balance our moods and alleviate stress, anxiety and depression
  • Aromatherapy candles with ginger oil relieves nausea
  • Citronella candles reduce headaches and repel insects
  • Eucalyptus infused candles heal respiratory problems like colds, flu and cough
  • These candles provide a warm and inviting ambience at home or the office

We must be careful when purchasing aromatherapy candles for there are many sold under the ‘aromatherapy’ banner but they are not made from natural essential oils. Inhaling these does not provide any benefit. While there are many stores where you can find aromatherapy candles, they are expensive and often not authentic. These candles are not made from paraffin, as are traditional candles but from soy, beeswax, bayberry or other vegetable-based waxes.

These are all natural ingredients, do not emit toxins as paraffin candles do and are ideal for those who want to enjoy therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. Soy is softer and beeswax firmer for candle-making but the latter is more expensive. A lot of essential oils are needed to make aromatic candles. Many of those available in the market are made using synthetic fragrances. Hence, look for some of the following labels when shopping for aromatherapy candles:

aromatherapy candles

  • No synthetic ingredients used
  • Made using 100% natural products
  • Fragrance from only essential oils
  • Made exclusively using soy wax or beeswax
  • Contains no Perfume/fragrance oils
  • Paraffin-free

Try not to buy brightly colored candles. Pay attention to all the details mentioned on the label. If a label states ‘made from beeswax’ it can imply that a small percentage is made from this ingredient and a larger portion from paraffin wax.

Since aromatherapy candles are expensive, an alternative is to use a burner with a soy candle at the base. The top of the burner contains water with a few drops of essential oils and the soy candle provides the warmth that diffuses the aroma of the oils into the room.

Popular Aromatherapy Products : Aromatherapy bath salts

Aromatherapy bath salts are great additions to our baths. These bath salts offer great healing properties and there are many popular products available from top manufacturers. Now, you can enjoy a luxurious shower with effervescent pure organic essential oil bath salts; add fine-textured mineral salts that have the right blend of essential oils such as geranium, eucalyptus, tea tree, cedar wood, lavender, orange, rosemary etc. to benefit body, mind and spirit. There are cheering, clearing and calming foam bath salts that kids will love. No more protest at bath time from your little ones! If you have a skin irritation, then try a milk and oat bath with pure lavender oil blend that provides instant relief. 

Benefits of aromatherapy bath salts

  • Relief from sore, aching muscles and joints, sports or work-related injuries
  • Reduce muscle spasms, arthritic pain, improve blood circulation
  • Soak your feet in aromatherapy bath salts and work out all soreness from corns and calluses
  • Aromatherapy bath salts also help to exfoliate the skin
  • Excess toxins and oils are removed from the skin. Bath salts protect the skin from dryness, cracking and itching
  • Reduce discomfort from psoriasis
  • Using bath salts made from a blend of relaxing essential oils like lavender to reduce stress levels, rejuvenate the body, release tension and cure insomnia.

Consult your doctor if you suffer from skin ailments so that you use the right aromatherapy bath salts. 

Popular Aromatherapy Products : Aromatherapy lotions

Aromatherapy lotions and creams are skin products made using essential and carrier oils. If used as a massage lotion, they benefit the body by being absorbed directly through the skin. Massages using aromatherapy lotions can be enjoyed at a spa or at home. Many aromatherapy clinics use unscented lotions and add specific essential oils before a session. The oils added will depend on the requirements of the client. The client can want a massage session just to relax and unwind, they can want the session to reduce stress, provide therapeutic benefits etc.

If you want to feel calm and relaxed, then lavender will be added to the lotion. Peppermint oil increases energy and rejuvenates. Sandalwood oil makes you more peaceful. Apart from essential oils and carrier oils, aromatherapy lotions are also combined with emollient ingredients like shea butter, coconut butter, lanolin and mineral oil. These ensure the lotion is absorbed into the skin easily resulting in soft and supple skin after the massage session.

Benefits of aromatherapy lotions

  • Moisturize skin and heal dry skin
  • Calming lavender lotions can give us peace of mind and alleviate stress and depression
  • Pulse point lotions when applied on the neck and wrist provide great therapeutic benefits
  • Smoother skin


The rise in popularity of aromatherapy means that many new products have entered the market. Aromatherapy candles, lotions and bath salts are not only used for their therapeutic benefits and aroma but also make great gifts. Apart from these popular products, others use essential oils in their composition like potpourris, air fresheners, perfumes, mouth wash, and herbs to use in foods.