Six Amazing Essential Oils for Acne Treatment

Acne is a skin disorder effecting millions of people some day or the other in their lifetimes. It mostly targets teenagers and often adults as well. Teenagers are mostly hit by persistent acne. Acne is result of seborrhea – overproduction of fat from sebaceous glands. In most cases it is because of hormonal imbalance. It is also because when skin does not get appropriate nutrients and due to toxic waste in lymphatic system.

The skin care sector helps the acne sufferers by offering them most expensive lotions, creams, medicines and other types of treatments claiming to eliminate acne for good. Essential oils for acne offers a calming natural cures and provides a soothing, natural remedy, which is considered to be quite a cheap solution for eliminating acne.

How Essential Oil Works for Acne

Aromatherapy on acne does work! Essential oils for acne have the potential of cleansing skin and are also considered to be great healers. Let’s have a closer elucidation:

  • Essential oils increase the lymphatic flow which enable the toxic wastes to be taken away. This ensures oxygen and nutrients reach to skin in appropriate manner leading to healthy acne free skin.
  • They are anti-bacterial agents with potential to kill acne-spreading germs.
  • They offer soothing effect against redness and irritation, which is the resultant of acne.
  • They are equipped with the potential to control skin's oil production process thus reducing excess oil production.
  • They accelerate skin's healing process during and after any outbreak.
  • Stress is considered precursor of acne as stress often causes extra sebum production. Essential oil and aromatherapy can play a positive role in controlling stress and thus avoiding acne outbreaks.

How Essential Oil is Used for Acne Treatment

Creating a gel for treating acne is the ideal way to get rid of acne. Mix ¼ part of water in a cup of Aloe Vera gel and add ten drops of geranium oil and lavender oil and six drops of tea tree oil or even lemon grass oil. Mix this together well and now it is ready to be administered on blemish and acne two times regularly after washing the skin. It is advisable to avoid using this mixture around eyes circles.

How to Select Right Essential Oils for Acne

Therapeutic grade oils are often administered to treat acne, which is also known as rosacea. It is diluted by mixing it with extra virgin olive, jojoba, almond, avocado, or some other fatty oils.

It is important to ensure the high quality of the oil, only then its optimum benefit can be yielded. Rosacea will be adversely affected if it is treated with oil mixed with other components that are not pure and haven’t undergone the right process of extracting standards of therapeutic grade oils.

Some Prominent Essential Oils for Acne

Rosewood oil : In case of excessively oily skin, rosewood essential oil is the ideal choice to get rid of acne. This essential oil for acne drains out unwanted sebum and eliminates further growth of sebum which stops acne breakouts. The soothing fragrance of rosewood oil is also considered to be offering ‘revitalizing effect’ on tanned, damaged and dull texture of your skin. Just be cautious, it you don’t have oily skin, don’t bother to apply rosewood oil, it will not help you.

Tea Tree Oil : Tea tree oil is believed to be one of the most popular and widely used essential oils for acne. This essential oil comes with extremely effective skin disorder curing components and healing characteristics, which is why it has become a part and parcel of any beauty product specially meant for treating acne condition. The most prominent aspect that makes it the most wanted essential oil for acne is its fabulous antibacterial characteristics. It not only eliminates acne but also limits the growth of such bacteria from recurring. In addition, it also helps in relaxing from itchiness and inflammatory feeling associated with acne.  

Lavender oil  : Lavender essential oil is also accepted as one of the ideal essential oil for treating acne as it assists in restoring damaged skin. Its anti-bacterial characteristics make it the right choice for those out to find effective acne remedy. It has a soothing effect on skin, eases the inflammation and neutralizes the ‘redness’ in acne.

essential oils for acne

Bergamot oil  : Bergamot oil manifests an invigorating influence that helps in offering new life and freshness to the dull skin of face. Coupled with fabulous drying characteristics, it absorbs unwanted sebum offering a clean and healthy skin. This oil also acts as anti-bacterial agent. Apart from getting used to treat acne, it is also used to blend with multiple essential oils to treat blemishes and spots. It is often suggested to use this bergamot oil in diluted form to ward off peeling and excessive drying of the skin. It is suggested not to use this essential oil for acne in day time because it may catapult the sensitivity if exposed to sun.

Clove oil : Clove essential oil is a part of those essential oils which are helpful in curing acne. Clove oil is quite effective and eliminates acne germs entirely. It is also used to treat blemishes, scars of acne. Just ensure that you apply this essential oil after diluting it and fused with grape-seed oil, to alleviate its strength.

Niouli : Niaouli is armed with similar bactericidal and antiseptic and properties. It is non-irritant and hence it is quite suitable to be used to sooth sensitive skin. This essential oil is recommended for curing boils and acne.

Some Other Essential Oils for Treatment of Acne
In addition to above state essential oils there are certain other essential oils like Palmarosa, lemon, petitgrain and geranium to help control the sebum growth. Juniper and lime are also quite effective. Studies conducted by researchers in Thailand manifested that as P. acnes is the major reason for inflammation of acne which leads to scar, citronella can assist to get relieve from acne blemishes.

Precautions using Essential Oils for Acne

Not identical to perfume, essential oils are extremely concentrated components which are required to be diluted before applying on skin. If you are planning to buy essential oil for acne, ensure whether they are concentrated or pre-diluted. It is advisable to buy undiluted, pure, and organic essential oils and just don’t get lured away by cheap oils as they are not that effective and often lead to side effects. Don’t forget to clean, wash and dry the skin before applying essential oils.


There are various essential oils for acne which are highly effective and worthwhile to be used to get rid of acne. Just ensure that they are aptly diluted and fused with right carrier oil to get the optimum benefits and eliminating any kind of side effects. Let your acne rest!