How to Identify a Good Mesothelioma Lawyer

Mesothelioma cases are very different  as compared to other work related injury cases where the impact of a wrongdoing or negligence is visible rather quickly. In case of asbestos exposure cases, this time period of showing up of symptoms can be as long as 50 years! With such a long duration, the case requires special handling  and thus a specialist lawyer. This is why a good lawyer plays a very important part in ensuring you receive your Mesothelioma  claim.

How mesothelioma lawyers work?

There are many experienced mesothelioma lawyers available to provide services to patients suffering from asbestos exposure. Most mesothelioma lawyers work on a contingency fee model. In a contingency fee model there is nothing charged until the claimant wins and receives compensation. In case of a win, lawyer's predefined percentage of compensation received is given by the claimant to him. In case of unsuccessful case,  mesothelioma lawyers gets nothing. The percentage fee charged by the lawyers can vary a lot based on various factors such as experience, past wins, etc.

Mesothelioma lawyers are always eager to serve patients

In last few years, billions of dollars have been provided in compensation and settlement in asbestos exposure related cases in America. As this is a lucrative business for lawyers, they are willing to put lot of effort to fight mesothelioma cases. And as most of the mesothelioma lawyers fight these cases on contingency basis, a mesothelioma patient should always try to choose best lawyer for himself (he has nothing to lose here).

How to identify a good mesothelioma lawyer

Identifying a good mesothelioma lawyer is tricky as there are no set rules to do it. Also as almost every case is different, lawyers have to strategize accordingly. Here we provide a few points on how you can identify a good mesothelioma lawyer:

  • Experience in years: Experience does play a vital role in identification of a good mesothelioma lawyer.  A lawyer with more years of experience in fighting such cases is likely to be better.
  • Experience of the law firm : In case the lawyer is part of a law firm, they collective experience of that law firm in handling mesothelioma cases is also of great value.mesothelioma lawyer
  • Experience in terms of number of cases : Experience in years might not be sufficient, another factor is number of relevant cases handled in past.
  • Who will be fighting the case : If you approach a law firm, the lawyer you meet might not the one who will fight your case. Be very sure on who will fight your case and all your further research should be for that lawyer.
  • Types of mesothelioma cases handled : While most mesothelioma cases are different but still there is inherent similarity in which claims towards manufacturers and handled and how claims towards miners are handled. Thus a lawyer with relevant experience (of your type of exposure) is likely to be better.
  • Win – loss ratio : This is an important point. As your primary aim is to claim money, it is vital to know lawyer's track record in past for such cases. You should ask how many cases were settled and how many went for trial and what were their results.  Try to confirm this information from web / news sources if possible. 
  • Transparency : A good mesothelioma lawyer is likely to be open towards his past work, cases fought, lost and won.
  • Lawyers promising sure shot success should be avoided : No one can guarantee success while filing a claim. If a mesothelioma lawyer does that, they you should get attentive. A genuine will never promise anything like that.
  • How will be lawyer's fee structured : It is important to ask how will mesothelioma lawyer's fee and expenses will be taken care of. Go for lawyers who work on contingency fee basis. As this will keep them motivated and result oriented
  • Ask for references : You can also ask for references from lawyers of their previous clients and meet them if possible.

Social media to find a good mesothelioma lawyer

Social media platforms have decreased distances between us to almost nothing. There are various mesothelioma patient groups / forums / blogs where patients not only discuss treatment related things but also claim, compensation. lawyers, etc. Getting references of a good mesothelioma lawyer from such groups / group members can prove to be very valuable for your mesothelioma lawyer search.

What not to consider while choosing a mesothelioma lawyer

While there are some points you should consider while hiring a mesothelioma lawyer, there are also a few points you should not. Here they are:

  • Fee percentage : We believe fee should not be the basis of choosing a lawyer. Many patients go for lawyers which charge low percentage of the compensation as their fee – but these might not be the best lawyers. If that is the case then they might have lower chances of winning the case and even if they win they might not be able to negotiate higher compensation. But on the other hand, higher fee also does not guarantee a good mesothelioma lawyer. Thus this should not be a criteria at all.
  • Location : In many cases a good lawyer is available but is not located nearby, then patients go for lawyers which are available nearby. This might not be the best choice as the patient's aim to get compensation, should drive all decisions.  Many good mesothelioma lawyers travel long distances to develop and fight their cases, try to find someone like that. Of course in some cases if it is not possible to travel too much because of worsening condition, one can go ahead.

The next step

After you know what all you need to ask the lawyer to decide, make sure to meet and discuss your case with multiple lawyers without giving commitment to any. Based on your interactions and information collected you can decide whom to choose as your mesothelioma case lawyer.