How to Prepare for Your Mesothelioma Case

If you are diagnosed with mesothelioma the first and most important thing you should be doing is to discuss your case with a lawyer. It is very important to choose the right lawyer for your case and a lot depends upon the lawyer's experience and abilities to get a settlement. There are some simple guidelines which can really help you hiring a good lawyer they include:

  • Looking for relevant experience of individual attorney fighting the case
  • Collective relevant experience of law firm
  • Win -loss ratio
  • Reference of past clients

These are just a few of the many important aspects. You can find detailed list here. Choosing a good lawyer will for sure take away a major burden from your but to ensure the outcome of the case is positive you will also have to contribute in the case. This is because there will be so much of information and facts that only you would know. In many cases these facts will be so old, they will be hard to recall also.

How you can help your mesothelioma lawyer?


Medical information : To file and fight your case your mesothelioma lawyer will require your detailed medical records. This important is useful throughout the case. As a patient you must furnish the date you were diagnosed with mesothelioma, medical practitioners name along with their contact details who diagnosed you with the disease. You should also keep collecting every bit of information related to your tests, medicines, special procedures, surgery, chemotherapy, etc. The easiest way to track is to prepare a medical file for all these details and keep it updated with new ones.  In case you filing this case on behalf of your loved one who is no more you will also be required to submit:


  • Death certificate
  • Autopsy reports

Work information: Work information is very important part of a mesothelioma case. It is used to identify where and how you were exposed to asbestos. You should furnish names of all the companies you worked with, their addressed, date of joining and leaving, job titles and details of your work profile – what did you do, to the extent of which machines you worked on etc. It is also helpful if you can provide names of friends who were together with you in the same company and preferable working together. This may provide great help in recollecting facts which you might have forgotten. If you have work any work related records with you, please include keep handy too.mesothelioma case

Military records: In case you were with Navy, record of which ship you were working on can be of great help.

Medical expenses record : maintain proper record of each and every medical expense done by you. This helps in arriving at a right compensation for you. The medical expenses will include everything, tests, treatments, medicines, hospital visits, procedures, etc. You should also keep track and recode of any out of pocket expenses done during the treatment which might include money spend on alternate therapies, personal care, etc.

Any other information of communication which can be useful : In many cases there may be communication letter / email or memo which might turn the case in your favour. Thus open and present all documents etc. you have in front of your mesothelioma lawyer.
Precautions to take with your records and communication:

Make duplicates of everything :  Make sure that you have duplicate copies made of every record and placed at a safe place. This can prove useful in case of any losses

Make sure you keep record of communication with the lawyer including documents submitted and correspondence, if any. Fighting a mesothelioma case successfully requires both you and your mesothelioma lawyer working together as a team. One of the most important requirement is of honesty and transparency, thus make sure your information and records and correct and genuine.
Also you should never be afraid to ask an queries and questions when in doubt to your mesothelioma lawyer and never hesitate to provide information which you might think be useful for the case.