External Hemorrhoid Treatment

Swollen veins around the anus region just below the skin are termed as external hemorrhoids. These are painful than internal hemorrhoids that are located in the rectum and can also be felt with a finger. Sensitive skin covering the external hemorrhoids increases the risk for rupture of the veins and thus, bleeding while passing the stools. Other symptoms include burning and itching.

Thrombosed external hemorrhoids

Very rarely, a vein within the hemorrhoid tissue ruptures forming blood clots. Such hemorrhoid tissue with clots is termed as thrombosed external hemorrhoid. Tissue gradually turns purplish blue due to cut off of blood supply and the degree of inflammation also increases. These are painful than hemorrhoid tissue without clots. The pain often becomes intense within 48-72 hours of forming the clot and has to be treated immediately to relieve the symptoms.

External hemorrhoids treatment

It is essential to distinguish between internal and external hemorrhoids before initiating external hemorrhoid treatment. Presence of rectal bleeding is often a sign for internal hemorrhoids. Use of drugs to relieve pain and following home remedies often gives relief and may even shrink the swollen tissue.

external hemorrhoid treatment

  • Sclerotherapy: This is an efficient external hemorrhoid treatment for small sized bumps. A chemical that causes the swollen tissue to wither and fall off is injected in to the hemorrhoid tissue. 
  • Rubber band ligation: External hemorrhoids that have not prolapsed i.e. those that are in stage I, II and III can be treated with this medical procedure. In this a rubber band is placed at the base of the hemorrhoid tissue so as to cut off the blood supply. As a result, the tissue will shrink and fall off gradually.
  • Coagulation: In this method, infrared rays or laser rays are used to shrink the tissue by cutting the blood supply.
  • Hemorrhoidectomy: Topical creams and other pain medications offer only temporary relief in case of stage IV prolapsed hemorrhoids. To obtain permanent relief it is essential to remove the swollen tissue surgically. Surgery is done either in a conventional manner or by stapled hemorrhoidectomy. The risk of recurrence of hemorrhoids is very less after performing the surgery but you will have to bear severe post operative pain and other complications such as infections until the wound heals completely.
  • Doppler guided hemorrhoid artery ligation: This is an efficient medical procedure to treat external hemorrhoids at any stage. This is mainly used in treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids.

Home remedies to treat external hemorrhoids

Simple home remedies support external hemorrhoids treatment and enable the patient to obtain faster relief. Lifestyle changes such as sitting in right posture, avoiding sitting for long hours and leading an active lifestyle aid in relieving the symptoms of hemorrhoids. If the job demands you to sit for long hours consider using hemorrhoid pillows that help to reduce pressure on the anus region.

Dietary changes such as intake of high fiber diet and fluids aid in formation of soft stools that can be passed easily without any effort. Use of cold packs and taking sitz bath regularly also helps to reduce inflammation and soothe the area.

External hemorrhoid treatment with herbs

Certain natural herbs such as Pilewort, Butcher’s broom, Witch Hazel and grape seed extract treat hemorrhoids efficiently by strengthening the blood vessels and by soothing the irritating area. Components present in these herbs are of great use in treating bleeding external hemorrhoids. However, consult your physician before using any of these herbs. Butcher’s broom should not be used by pregnant woman and by those suffering with high blood pressure.

Faster you pay attention to the hemorrhoids easier would be the external hemorrhoid treatment process and recovery.