Foundation for Acne

Foundations for acne are crucial for cosmetic purposes. They are used to hide acne scars. Yet, if you do not choose the right foundation, it can be one cause of acne. It is best to use non-comedogenic moisturizers below your foundation to prevent dryness of the skin. Make sure the foundation you purchase is also non-greasy and non-comedogenic.

Women with acne look for ways to cover up their blemishes. With the number of acne sufferers increasing worldwide, cosmetic manufacturers are outdoing themselves in providing the right products to conceal blemishes. These products are used not just for cosmetic purposes but many contain active ingredients that can clear old acne and fight new outbreaks.

How do foundations help?

Foundations for acne are not meant for as a cure for acne. They can provide a camouflage for acne scars. When you have uneven pigmentation on the skin, some parts will be darker and others lighter. You can match your foundation to the predominant color or choose to go with an in between shade. Experiment with a few samples before purchasing one. 

Foundation for acne contains ingredients like salicylic acid that is an excellent OTC product to treat acne. Acne is cause mainly due to pores being blocked due to excess oil and dirt. Salicylic acid clears acne blockages by peeling off top layers and exposing new skin. 

Pigmented foundations for acne help to camouflage hyper pigmentation by making the skin take the surrounding shade of the unaffected skin. There are custom-blend foundations, which can be made to match the actual skin tone. These are used to cover various skin imperfections like acne scars, burns, birthmarks, surgical scars etc. They can be purchased online or at department stores but are very expensive.

Foundations provide strategic techniques to camouflage acne blemishes. Since most acne blemishes are red in color, going with a green-tinted foundation helps to hide the red marks. Red gets neutralized by green shades. Some companies like Clinique, Este Lauder and Prescriptives make green tinted foundation creams. 

What to look for in Foundations for Acne

Many manufacturers have developed specific foundations for acne. There are products in different shades to match your particular skin tone. You can also find foundation powders and concealer sticks that all contain salicylic acid. Concealer sticks are used on specific blemishes to make them less prominent. 

Foundation for acne must be non-greasy and non-comedogenic. Go for a foundation that has a powder base. This is better than liquid-based foundations. Mineral powder foundations are said to be light and provide the right degree of coverage for acne blemishes. Look at labels carefully before purchasing a foundation. Water-based foundations are also good for those with acne. Avoid foundations that contain dyes, fragrances, bismuth oxy-chloride and preservatives. These ingredients irritate the skin and can increase the acne outbreak.

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Foundation for Acne : Problems and Precautions

When blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and other types of acne form due to foundation or other types of makeup it is called acne cosmetica. Acne cosmetica is different from other types of acne. It does not get infected by bacteria and hence is not pus-filled. Acne cosmetica appears mainly on the forehead and cheeks – places where foundations are used. If you are using a new foundation cream and find such eruptions occurring, you must stop using this foundation. Check what the ingredients in it are and shift over to a non-greasy, non-comedogenic product that does not promote acne.

Oil based foundations are one of the most acne-causing cosmetics. Foundation for acne that contains salicylic acid can cause skin irritation.

Make sure you do not apply very thick layers of foundation. Even if they are non-comedogenic, they will prevent the skin from breathing. Whatever the type of foundation for acne you use, make sure at the end of the day you follow a proper cleansing routine and wash off all the makeup. If you do not, this will clog pores and cause further acne outbreaks.   Practice caution when choosing foundation for acne and other types of makeup. They should not act against the acne medications you are using and cause a worse flare ups.