How to Prevent Hemorrhoids?

A medical condition characterized by swelling of veins in the anorectal region is termed as hemorrhoids. The swollen veins cause severe pain and the patient often finds hard to pass the stools. In more complicated cases, hemorrhoids may result in severe bleeding and other complications. Hence, it is very important for people who are at high risk of developing hemorrhoids to follow certain measures to prevent hemorrhoids

How to prevent hemorrhoids?

People who sit or stand for long hours at work, have constipation and pregnant woman are at high risk of developing hemorrhoids. They can efficiently manage to prevent hemorrhoids by following certain dietary and lifestyle changes.

Keeping constipation under control

Constipation is the major contributing factor for development of hemorrhoids. It is possible to prevent hemorrhoids by preventing constipation.

hemorrhoids prevention

  • Lead an active lifestyle by practicing regular exercises. At least ten minutes of workout a day would be helpful. Simple workouts such as walking, swimming, yoga and jogging aid in relieving discomfort associated with hemorrhoids. Pregnant woman should practice kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles and also to promote faster healing after delivering the baby.
  • If constipation does not relieve by taking fiber rich diet and increased fluids then consider taking fiber supplements. If you are suffering with hemorrhoids then use laxatives or fiber supplements only under the guidance of physician.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks and other foods that promote dehydration of the body. These foods act as diuretics and eliminate more amount of water from body and prevent formation of soft stools.

Listen to what your body says

Majority of health problems can be avoided by working according to the body signals.

  • Defecate whenever you feel the urge to pass the stools. Neglecting the urge to defecate causes drying of stools and you will have to strain to pass the stools.
  • If you feel tired at work after standing or sitting for long hours relax yourself. If you are suffering with hemorrhoids and have to sit for long time then use hemorrhoids pillow.
  • According to some, one should also avoid sitting for long time on toilet seat, this is anyways indirect indication of constipation. Prolonged straining during stools can also cause hemorrhoids
  • Avoid lifting heavy weight objects frequently. Lifting weights causes stretching of anus lining increasing the risk for hemorrhoids.

Keep your weight under control : Obesity is one reason for development of hemorrhoids. Excess body weight exerts pressure on muscles of anus region increasing the risk for hemorrhoids. Obesity also prevents you from staying physically active that in turn increases risk for hemorrhoids.

Take care of dressing and hygiene : Use cotton breathable under garments. Avoid tight fitting abrasive clothing that cause breaking of sensitive anus skin. It is also very important to maintain anal hygiene. Poor hygiene increases risk for infections and skin irritation. Consider using moist wipes to clean the anus region after bowel movement. Rubbing hard can increase the risk for hemorrhoids.

Take care of dietary habits

  • Diet poor in fiber and nutrients contribute to development of hemorrhoids. It is possible to prevent hemorrhoids by taking well balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. If you are already suffering with hemorrhoids then take vitamin K rich diet to prevent bleeding.
  • Eat at regular intervals. Do not skip meals or eat excessively as it results in indigestion that promotes hemorrhoids.
  • Eat only at specific timings every day. Do not change the eating routine regularly.

People do develop hemorrhoids even after taking all measures to prevent hemorrhoids. In such cases, consult the physician immediately to prevent them from becoming worse.