How to Reduce Acne Irritation?

Acne is a very common skin disorder. Acne generally occurs during teenage but can continue till late 30s and 40s. Acne manifests itself as pimples, zits, pustules, papules or cysts.  Acne outbreaks are also accompanied by irritation which sometimes become unbearable. At such situations it is best to remain calm and gentle to the skin as scratching worsens the situation.

While irritation is common with acne and one cannot avoid it, with some simple tips we can make sure that the irritation is reduced to minimum.

Tips to Reduce Acne irritation on Face

Acne outbreaks are most common on the face. This is also the part of body which is most exposed to harsh environment.  Do not worry, some simple tips can ensure acne irritation:

Makeup : This one is important for females. In case of acne outbreak make sure you do not wear heavy makeup. Wear light, natural and oil free makeup. Another important point is regarding application – it should be done very gently, especially where pimples are. This rule needs to be followed even while wearing sunscreens, make sure the sunscreens you use are oil free and " non-comedogenic". Use the ones which have zinc or titanium oxides as ingredients.  These are helpful in acne outbreak.

Precautions while sleeping : Many of us sleep head buried inside the pillow. What happens then is the pimples get squashed and acne spreads. This also leads to more irritation on the skin. It is advised that either you sleep heads up or keeping it over the edge of the pillow to avoid spreading and irritation. Also make sure that the pillow you use is clean, dirty pillows increases irritation

Avoid picking at the skin : This tip is not only for face but for complete body. It can lead to some serious scarring. This also leads to more irritation and spread of acne. Thus, avoid picking the skin at all costs!

Hair styles : People who have long hair face a strange problem. Hair when rub against the skin they cause irritation and itching. It is advised to either keep your hair short or tied up nicely so that they do not come at your face.

Accessories : Using accessories such as hats / headbands etc. should be best avoided if they rub against the acne prone skin. They can not only aggravate the acne but also spread acne. Try to avoid glasses if you can if they rest on acne prone areas of nose or otherwise.

Shaving : For guys, shaving is a big problem if the skin is acne prone. Most razors in the market are not suitable for acne prone skin because they drag the skin too much causing irritation. Based on experience of lot of people a two blade razor is known to be best suited for shaving. Try to find best razor which causes least irritation and use that only.

reducing acne irritation Sweat : Sweat can lead to considerable irritation in acne if it persists for long duration like during summers or while exercising. Our common response to sweat is wiping with a towel or by hand. But one should be gentle. Splashing lots of water is also a good way to get rid of irritation by sweat. If you plan to use any cleansers make sure to use mild ones only. While wiping the face use soft good quality face napkins.

Tips to Reduce Acne irritation on Body

Wear comfortable clothes : wear comfortable clothes at acne prone areas (e.g. back, etc.). Cotton clothes should be preferred. Doing so will keep the area free from sweat and thus irritation.

Using towel after bath : Do not rigorously rub the towel on your body after bath. This will worsen the outbreak. Gently use the towel on your body and leave some moisture to evaporate on its own. This also gives cool feeling to the area.

Today there are medicated towels available which can be used to apply acne medications such as salicylic acid. make sure your towel is not rough. It is recommended to use organic towels (towels produced without use of any chemicals)

While washing clothes : Make sure you do not use fabric softener for clothes you wear on acne areas. These cause irritation.

Bags / backpacks : If you are suffering from back acne, be careful while using backpacks / bags. Rubbing of the strap can increase the irritation and also spread acne. It is best to use hands to carry bags in such situation.

Keeping the area dry : try to keep the acne are dry by wearing comfortable clothes or by being in cool environment.

Shirt collars / neckties : If you have acne on neck then avid wearing tight collars / neckties / turtle necks. Round neck t-shirts without collar are best suited in such cases.

Avoid scratching : One big issue especially with back acne is that it is not directly visible and thus while scratching, however gently, one might burst a pimple etc.  Thus be extra careful here.

Follow these simple tips and you will see a sure reduction in acne irritation.