How Using Wrong Color and Dye Cause Hair Loss?

Coloring hair is the trend of the day. Several people are doing so to enhance their looks, keep pace with the fashion quotient or often to exhibit a change in their personality without paying any heed on the effects it could make on hair.

Women More Inclined Towards Hair Dye

Women are more inclined towards coloring their hair compare to male. Nonetheless, men are also not far behind from women in this regards. Hair coloring offers a dynamic and smart look only when applied with ample precautions. Many people are not acquainted with the fact that hair coloring may lead to unforeseen harm causing to their hair, and often resulting in baldness.

How Wrong Hair Color Makes Damage

What goes wrong that turns hair coloring damaging? To start with, hair coloring is performed facilitating dyes, which are made with chemicals and other harsh and strong ingredients. The most prominent ingredients present in hair dyes weakens the hair follicles which in the long run lead to balding of falling off of hair.

Factors Liable for Balding : Majority of hair dyes consists of ammonia and peroxide, which are considered to be abrasive chemicals on the face of our hair which is highly delicate in nature. The fusion of these two factors can make unexpected damage which may eventually result in baldness, if correct precautions are not taken.

hair loss due to dye

Other Factors : The other major reason of falling of hair or balding post hair coloring is the facilitating wrong hair color. Misusing or excessive use of hair dye therapies, leaves the color on the scalp for too long than it actually should be, or combining the chemicals wrongly can also result in hair loss and often balding. Hence, it is usually advisable to take advice of an experienced and qualified hair expert. Your beautician would be in a position to examine and instruct you of the right hair dye that you should opt for evaluating your hair type.

Some Other Side Effects : In addition, some other side effects of hair dye may include scalp irritation, hair breakage, and allergic reactions like swelling of the face, sensitivity in different body parts, and difficulty in breathing.

Precautions During Hair Coloring

To eliminate the chances of hair loss and balding after coloring, some preventive measures may be recommended that includes:

  • Always seek experienced and professional assistance when opting to color your hair.
  • Make sure your hair expert follows all the guidelines recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Don’t leave the color agent on your scalp more than suggested time.
  • Cut down the frequency of coloring your hair. This will allow your hair to rejuvenate, making it stronger in the process.
  • Ensure to maintain a balanced diet to counter the adverse effects that the harsh chemicals could leave on your head.

Nothing Beats Natural Hair Color

It is ideally recommended to be happy with the natural color of your hair than trying new colors. Although the hair will bounce back to normalcy once the right precautions are taken but there is nothing better than flaunting your natural hair which will be stronger, dense and long lasting if untouched by chemicals. It has been observed that seldom anyone has experienced any balding phase after using the right practice of hair coloring, unless and otherwise there are some other underlying situations that stimulate hair fall or balding.


It is recommended and considered to be the basic thumb rule of dyeing that you should always strict to your own color group, and must not dye your hair more than three shades lighter or darker from your natural hair.