Simple Tips on How to Pop a Pimple

Doctors usually do not advise people to pop a pimple. However, some people cannot control the urge to do so, especially if there is a special function and they do not want to go about with a huge zit that has a bulging, unsightly white head. 

Pimples are sometimes popped to quicken clearing of unsightly bumps. However, this procedure must be done properly for otherwise instead of clearing the lump, it can turn into a hard spot that is inflamed and can last for weeks. So, follow some clear cut steps that can help you pop a pimple safely. This procedure can even be performed at a dermatology clinic.

Only pimples that are swollen and have a prominent tip that is white and looks ready to burst can be popped. 

How to pop a pimple

First pop a pimple after you have showered, for the skin will be soft and supple.   Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water and dry. 

Sometimes, before you start pricking the pimple, you can gently exfoliate over the pimple to loosen it and remove dead skin cells. This can not only make the pimple softer and easier to pop but also eliminate all dirt and debris that can increase the risk of infection once it is popped. Just use a cloth dabbed in some acne medication that contains salicylic acid and rub gently over the pimple for a couple of minutes and then wash with warm water to open pores. 

Pass a sewing needle over the tip of a lighted flame, lighter or match. This is the hottest part of the flame. Wait for a minute for the needle to cool completely.

Next disinfect the sewing needle with rubbing alcohol dipped in cotton.   Wipe the surrounding area with more alcohol soaked in a cotton swab. Prick the surface gently (near the swollen tip), keeping the needle almost parallel to the skin and not pointing towards the skin. The needle must pass through from one side of the pimple to the other. Gently pull the needle up. This will open up the pimple, if it is ready to burst. 

Take two clean tissues and wrap them around your index fingers. Wrap the fingers around the zit and squeeze gently on all sides with a ‘down-and-in’ motion. Do not force the pimple open. Leave it if it resists your popping attempts. Stop as soon as you notice pop a pimpleblood or clear liquid oozing from the zit. 

Now, wipe the popped pimple with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. You can apply witch-hazel if it is available. Keep the pressure on for a couple of minutes to completely flatten the zit. 

Cleaning the popped pimple is a must to prevent bacteria from infecting open skin. Benzoyl peroxide ointment can be applied on the popped pimple this can remove all bacteria still dwelling inside the pimple. If you wish to apply makeup at once, then use acne spot treatments that can create a safe barrier between the popped pimple and makeup.

Precautions while popping a pimple

If you continue to squeeze or prick zits that are not ready to pop, it can cause unnecessary irritation, spread the infection to surrounding areas and increase the chances of scarring. Do not touch deep-seated, painful nodules, lesions and cysts. These kind of severe acne lesions are better treated by the dermatologist who will inject a steroid injection directly into the cyst that will cure the infection, reduce inflammation and scarring.   Popping a pimple that is not ready can cause the pus to retreat further into the skin and cause worse inflammation.