Skin Needling can Benefit Those with Deep Pitted Acne Scars

Acne scarring can be permanent and this causes people to suffer from emotional stress and lack of self-confidence. Many dermatological procedures available can treat various degrees of scarring. The skin needling technique employs a needle-rolling equipment to puncture scars. This trauma caused to the skin results in extra collagen production. It is very effective for pitted scars. Skin needling is also called intradermabrasion, needle abrasion, or percutaneous collagen induction. Apart from smoothing acne scars, it can improve skin discoloration. It is a long lasting and effective treatment for acne scars.

Instruments for skin needling include a 30-gauge needle, needle-studded roller or a tattoo gun minus the pigment. Excess collagen production promotes healing of scars. Collagen remodeling is a slow process and although a person requires only 1-2 sessions, it can take 8-12 months for results to show.

When and how is skin needling used

Skin needling is used when collagen levels in the body decrease causing a loss of elastin on the skin. This combined loss of elastin and collagen can cause fine wrinkles and other scars and blemishes to form. A device with micro-needles is rolled on the affected areas. This causes tiny puncture wounds to form, that penetrate deep into the dermis. The wounds thus caused actually help the healing process. New blood vessels are formed that promote better blood flow to the affected areas. This results in improved migration of fibroblasts – the cells that manufacture collagen protein. The treated areas will slowly receive more collagen. The skin gets firmer and scars are plumped up. Increased elastin production improves elasticity of the skin. 

Individual results vary depending on the ability of the skin to regenerate. This is why some experience an immediate improvement, while others have to wait a few weeks or months. Multiple sessions are often required. 


The recovery period is of skin needling treatment is mild and results can be observed within 2 sessions, as the epidermis does not experience too much damage.  

An experienced professional will ensure that there are no side effects and allergic reactions. Rapid healing, simple aftercare and low downtime make skin needling a very attractive procedure for treatment of pitted acne scars and other signs of skin aging in people. Skin needling can improve melanocyte production that restores natural skin tone. This is useful for scars, which are lighter than the surrounding areas. Most skin textures can tolerate skin needling. It produces similar effects as laser treatment and does not damage the skin as much.

Other Details about skin needling for acne

Possible Side effects of skin needling

These include redness, swelling for a couple of days, oozing and minor bleeding after the procedure and temporary fluid retention below the skin’s surface. 

Costsacne treatments
The cost of skin needling is around $150-$500 for each session. 

Since remodeling of the skin’s collagen is a slow process, results will take time to appear – usually 8-12 months.   Many clients may require multiple sessions to get the desired results. Skin needling may not completely remove lines and scars. If not done properly, it can cause infection to spread. 

What customers are saying about skin needling

These points have been gathered after reading many comments on skin needling on reliable forums. We have consolidated those comments on some key heads and provided a summary:

Patients who have enjoyed success with skin needling say that depressed acne scars get plumped up. This smoothes the skin and makes it younger. The patient gains in self-confidence. They recommend that you seek help from a professional and experienced technician. Such a person will know how deep the needle has to penetrate based on the depth of the scar. 

Some patients who have purchased the skin needling roller for home use have reported improvement in acne scars and their rosacea is under control with large pores shrinking and fine lines disappearing. Those with mild scarring can use this equipment at home. Start with the smallest roller for larger needles can produce more side effects.

Those who found an improvement in their acne scars stated that the only limitation was the redness and mild pain experienced during the session. This disappeared after a few days.

Based on user reviews, it is recommended that those who are acne prone wait for their acne outbreaks to completely heal before attempting skin needling for otherwise the infection can spread. As a precaution, you can see how the treatment has worked on a person with a similar skin type before attempting it. 

Since home-use skin needling equipment is not very expensive, some users suggest using it with other acne treatments. The skin needling roller helps absorption of topical creams more effectively. It is beneficial for areas where deep peels and laser treatment cannot be performed. The epidermis does not suffer much damage. 

Some patient reviews of skin needling technique have observed that there are not much visible improvements to acne scars and the procedure maybe quite painful for some patients and not worth the cost. While initially the skin shows a marked improvement, this can be short lived.

Precautions with skin needling

It is best to undergo skin needling therapy by a trained professional. A dermatologist can also recommend other treatments for acne to combine with skin needling. While home kits are available, if it is not done properly, it can cause further scarring, infection and damage to the skin.

Ensure you use a sunscreen after the treatment to prevent UV damage. This procedure for acne scars and other signs of aging is beneficial as long as it is done properly as it is minimally invasive, heals rapidly and requires minimal aftercare.