Symptoms of Anal Fissure

Cut in the anoderm, tissue lining the anal canal and the anus that causes severe pain while emptying the bowels is known as fissure. Fissures do not result in complications but untreated fissures may become problematic and chronic. In majority of the cases, home remedies heal the fissures. Chronic fissures can be treated with medications or by performing surgery depending on the requirement. Understanding the symptoms of fissure eases the treatment process.

Symptoms of anal fissure

symptoms of anal fissure

  • Recurring fissures: People who do not follow necessary precautions to avoid constipation and maintain healthy bowel habits after healing of the fissures are at high risk of developing fissures again and again. Repeated tearing of the sensitive skin causes chronic fissures that can be treated only by surgery.
  • Formation of skin tag: Extensive tearing of anoderm causes formation of skin tag, sentinel pile. This skin tag develops close to the anus just below the fissure. The hanging skin worsens the pain during bowel movements. Maintenance of anal hygiene becomes problematic increasing risk for infections. The sentinel pile should not be confused with protruded hemorrhoids.

Complications in Anal fissures

If essential care is not taken after the onset of symptoms of fissure then they may develop in to chronic fissures that fail to heal. The tear may extend in to internal sphincter tissue. As a result the sphincter tissue goes in to spasm that makes passing of bowels further tough. Increased straining to pass the stools causes further tearing that prevents the fissure from healing.

Symptoms of fissure subside gradually with the healing of the cut. Simple home remedies such as taking fiber rich diet, plenty of fluids, sitz baths and practicing exercises aid in relieving constipation. Passing of soft stools prevents formation of new cuts. Practice of exercises helps improve blood flow and also brings the anal pressure to normal resting level promoting healing of fissures. If home remedies do not seem to work consult physician and take necessary medications or undergo a surgery if required.