Vitamin B5 for Acne

Acne affects 80% of teenagers and millions of adults too. Hence, companies are investing a lot in researching various treatments that can control and cure acne outbreaks although there are no 100% preventive measures available. A major study has found that one cause of acne is a deficiency in coenzyme-A. This is a vital co-enzyme required by the body to metabolize skin oil. Coenzyme-A consists of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), cysteine and adenosine triphosphate. Of these three elements, vitamin B5 is the only one that can be got from our food. This has led to the conclusion that vitamin B5 deficiency can cause acne.

Vitamin B5 and Acne

If there is a deficiency of vitamin B5, the body may try to compensate by producing more oil and therefore lead to acne. A proper intake of vitamin B5 can decrease this excess oil content in the body. When vitamin B5-rich foods are added to the diet or a supplement taken, it can cause old acne to disappear. Vitamin B5 clears acne in adults and teens – from all over the body and face. Apart from reducing oil production, pore size is also reduced. 

Vitamin B5 medications

Doctors usually prescribe 5-10mg vitamin B5 to their patients if it is given as a separate drug. An excess can result in stomach problems, in which case the dosage will be reduced. These side effects can be reduced by combining vitamin B5 with L-carnitine. Since vitamin B5 decreases oil production, it can cause dry skin.   Vitamin B5 must not be taken if you suffer from hemophilia for the time taken for bleeding to stop can increase. 

Pro vitamin B5 is an alcohol version of the actual vitamin B5. It is available as creams, formulations, lotions and ointments and is applied on the skin. It is said to moisturize, heal, soothe and regenerate skin. When pro vitamin B5 is massaged on to the skin, it penetrates easily and offers maximum absorption. This provides relieve from itchiness, pain and redness caused by acne. It can also hydrate the skin. 

Vitamin B5 Supplements

Vitamin B5 and zinc supplements can combat acne-causing bacteria and help’s you maintain a healthy immune system.   Vitamin B5 supplements are available as calcium D-pantothenate, dexpanthenol and D-pantothenic acid. Excess of D-pantothenate (10-20mg per day can cause diarrhea).

vitamin b5 for acne

If you are confused about the right vitamin B5 supplement to take, the best solution is to buy a good multivitamin supplement that contains a minimum of 50mg of vitamin B5.

There are 2 reasons why taking a multivitamin is better than taking vitamin B5 individually. The intake of only vitamin B5 can cause a deficiency or imbalance of other B vitamins. A good multivitamin contains other minerals and nutrients required for overall good health.

The advantages of taking a vitamin B5 supplements are:

  • Checks facial acne outbreaks
  • Prevents body acne outbreaks
  • Controls production of sebum
  • Does not have many side effects

Although a good diet is the best way to get vitamin B5, supplements available as pills or powders can also help. 

Foods rich in Vitamin B5

The important food sources of vitamin B5 are broccoli, mushrooms, legumes, cabbage, collard greens and salmon. This water soluble vitamin is also found in foods such as fish, eggs, nuts, milk, cheese and other milk products and brewer’s yeast. Lesser sources of vitamin B5 are peanuts, soybeans, wheat and molasses. Consume a good variety of these foods to receive the full benefits of vitamin B5 and fight acne.

Other good food sources of vitamin B5 are avocado, kidney, chicken, liver, egg yolk, yoghurt, sweet potatoes and whole greens. Do not eat frozen or canned foods that state they are rich in vitamin B5. Canning and freezing can both result in loss of vitamin B5. 


Deficiency in any vitamin causes various health problems. Similarly, a deficiency in vitamin B5 can result in acne outbreaks. To combat this, take a good multivitamin supplement regularly along with diet comprising of foods rich in this vital vitamin. Once you regularly take vitamin B5, you will soon note the reduction of pimples.