Banana Health Benefits

Sweet with creamy flesh, bananas are available for the whole of the year. The banana plants stretch up to 10 to 25 feet tall and hail from Musaceae family. It grows in a bunch which may range from 50 to 150. The scientific name of banana is Musa acuminata Colla.
Bananas were first found in Malaysia nearly 4,000 years ago and are great source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, dietary fiber, potassium, and manganese.

Banana Health Benefits

Creamy, concentrated pulp and sweet bananas have become a favorite fruit for all irrespective of age and country. Sports freaks are more inclined towards the potassium-driven banana health benefits.

Cardiovascular Protection from Fiber and Potassium
Bananas health benefits lies in its richness of fiber and potassium, which is a necessary component for regulating blood pressure along with heart function. One banana everyday can maintain the right blood pressure and also inhibit atherosclerosis.

Protects from Ulcers

Bananas health benefits are well known for its antacid effects, which can protect against abdomen ulcers and its damages. According to an animal research, bananas can inhibit any kind of wounds in animals' stomachs.

Bananas can work in two different ways: elements in bananas assists in activating the cells that create the lining of stomach, hence they generate a better protective mucus lining against acids of stomach. Second, protease inhibitors found in banana help discarding bacteria from the stomach which has been considered one of the major causes of ulcers in stomach.

Improves Elimination
Bananas health benefits offer a soothing effect you are suffering from elimination troubles. Diarrhea can wash away all necessary electrolytes from your body. Bananas can reinforce the repository of potassium, which is also most necessary electrolytes that helps regulating heart functioning along with maintaining the fluid balance.
Pectin is a part of banana health benefit, which normalizes the bowel movement and inhibits constipation situation.

Great for Vision
If you eat a banana in your morning food, either into your milk shake, smoothie or by slicing it on your cereal coupled with half cup berries you can protect your eye sight from longer period of time. Banana health benefits include the contents natural minerals that protect eye sight.

Reduces Depression
Bananas are equipped with tryptophan – which is an amino acid that transforms to serotonin, which is instrumental in improving the deteriorating mood.

Protects from Anemia
Bananas are highly rich in iron content which assists in improving the hemoglobin activities of your body. So, to avail banana health benefits, eat it regularly and increase hemoglobin quantity in your body.

Improves Health of Kidney
Research published by the ‘International Journal of Cancer’ indicated that daily intake of whole fruits along with vegetables, particularly bananas, appears to be extremely protective for   kidney. The research concluded that regular consumption of bananas, root vegetable and cabbage cuts down any chances of kidney cancer. Because bananas and other root vegetables are rich in antioxidant phenolic elements instrumental in detoxification of carcinogens.

Alleviates Heartburn
Bananas are pregnant with natural antacid which can diminish the heartburn conditions and provide you with a soothing relief if you can try banana regularly.

Reliefs from Morning Sickness
Eating bananas in the form of snacks between meals can retain the level of blood-sugar and protects from any risk of morning sickness.

Helps Giving up Smoking
Bananas have also been found to be helpful for those people who are trying to get rid of smoking habit. Bananas are equipped with vitamins B6 and B12, magnesium and potassium which can assist body recuperating from the influence of nicotine withdrawal.

Catapults Nerves Functioning
High content of B vitamin is also banana health benefits, which have been instrumental in improving the nerves functioning.

Helps with mosquito bites
It has been reported by several people that rubbing the inner side of the peel of banana on the site of mosquito bite provides with a soothing effect and it also curtails the burning, swelling and itching effects. This is specially useful in high mosquito infested areas.

Great Stress Buster
Bananas are great source of potassium, which assists in bringing back the heart beat to normal condition and also maintains the water balance of the body. During stressful time the potassium level of body drops to a considerable level which can be reinforced by consumption of banana which is rich source of potassium. 

Reduces Stroke Risk
If the study of The New England Journal of Medicine is to be believed, consumption of bananas as regular diet plan can cut down the probability of strokes by nearly 40%.

Did you know?

Eating a single banana will make up to 17% of body's Vitamin C requirement and 16% of manganese requirement.

When you eat a banana you also take close to 12% of fiber and potassium required by body daily.

Banana peels Can Be Used to Treat Warts
The outside potion or banana peels are rich in healing properties useful for human being. It can treat foot wart. If you wrap a banana skin around the effected foot keeping the inner part of the peel facing away from the wart can allow the exterior part of the banana peel to rub against wart and produce the results within some days. You can tie the peel with a tape of bandage to keep the peel firm on place.

Helpful in menstrual cramps
You can avoid taking pills meant to cut down your menstrual cramps and can rely upon bananas health benefits which is a great soother for your monthly visitor. The high level of B6 vitamin contents in banana enable retain the level of blood glucose that catapults your mood for the whole day.

Build Strong Bones with Bananas

Making Delicious Banana Pudding 

Bananas are great bone builders. If you are in a habit of enjoying bananas in your regular diet, it can enable your body absorb calcium using different mechanisms. Bananas health benefits includes extremely high level of fructooligosaccharide, an element which pampers probiotic (friendly bacteria) found in the colon. This bacterium plays an important role in generating digestive enzymes and vitamins required to improve the ability to intake nutrients which work against unfriendly microorganisms.

How to Select and Store Bananas

It should be firm but not hard, without any bruises and bright in color. Purchase it with tips and stems intact. The size does not matter in terms of quality and benefits. Keep unripe banana out of refrigerator and ripped ones in the refrigerator if you want to get banana health benefits. 

Using Bananas: Things to take care

If you are allergic to latex you may be allergic to bananas too. It may also give headaches often to some people which may become migraine headaches. You should eat three bananas in a go instead of one to ward off this repercussion.   Take advice of physician if the effects are persistent.

Safe Banana Dosage Per Day
Safe dose of banana per day is not scientifically established and it depends upon the medical condition and side effects witnessed by the consumer to decide the right dosages of banana for regular intake.


Banana health benefits are numerous, this is a delicious fruit rich in vital vitamins and minerals required by the body.  Including banana in your diet is a great way to stay healthy naturally!