Benefits of Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is obtained from its fruit and is equipped with some very uncommon and unique health benefits. This oil is rich in unsaturated fats, E vitamin and consists of rich protein compared to several other fruits and it is also pregnant with enhanced quantity of potassium compared to a banana. It is equipped with a range of nutritional and health advantages, a few of which carries scientific confirmation backing as well. This fruit oil dons Persea Americana as scientific name. Avocado oil is used as carrier oil in aromatherapy.

Benefits of Avocado Oil

Avocados are considered to be great fruit to enjoy and at the same time they are coupled with great health values. Some of the most popular and widely used benefits of this oil include:

Triggers Nutrient Absorption : Oil of avocado stimulates the process of carotenoids ingestion in the food we eat, as per a study that was published in the year 2005 of a journal based on nutrition. This oil is rich in fatty acids (unsaturated) and contains a good quantity of carotenoids. As per the study, either high or low both quantity of avocado oil catapulted beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, along with lutein ingestion from the food rich in oil of avocado 15 times more compared to that salad which was devoid of it.

Controls Blood Pressure : It reduces high blood pressure if a study came to light in the “Journal of Ethnopharmocology” in April 2005 is to be referred. This study indicated that avocado oil containing food changes the quantity of fatty acids present in kidneys, leading to the alteration in the response of kidney to hormones which is liable to regulate the pressure of blood. It is also instrumental in influencing composition of fatty acid of our heart.

Periodontal Disease : As per the report published in 2006 in a journal of July issue, it has been indicated that oils of soybean and avocado can be applied in the medication of periodontal ailment. These oils cut down the inflammation by eliminating cytokine molecules, which is responsible for pro-inflammation in the study of tissue culture of bone cells and human periodontal ligament.avocado oil

Improves Psoriasis : Psoriasis has been witnessed responding well to this oil along with B12 vitamin, as per a study went online in the year 2001 in a journal called "Dermatology." It was indicated by the researchers that avocado oil if combined with B12 vitamin is helpful in the treatment of psoriasis.

Benefits in Cardiovascular Disease : Avocado oil consists of high level of monounsaturated fatty acids. This can reduce any risk of cardiovascular disorder, if processed and saturated polyunsaturated fats can be replaced with monounsaturated fats in our regular diet from sources like avocado oil. It has also been observed that diet rich in monounsaturated fats impacts positively in improving skin complexion and tone.

Improves Integrity of Blood Vessel : This oil consists of balanced quantity of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. In combination with vitamin E the essential fatty acids becomes a powerful antioxidant and work to protect blood vessels from clasping and eliminating free radicals and cholesterol collections thus cutting down the probability of damage of blood vessels. It has been indicated as per studies that daily consumption of avocado oil can prominently reduce the possibility of coronary heart disorder and arterial thrombosis.

Prevents Cancer : Alpha linolenic acid (ALA), which is an omega-3 fatty acid found in avocados, can ward off the growth of breast and colon tumors. Vitamin E is yet another anti-cancerous component, which is quite effective in both preventing and treating cancer of skin along with prostate cancer. Studies also indicated that fusion of beta-carotene and vitamin E can prominently reduce the lung and other type of cancers developed on smoking.

Expedites Healing and Improves Skin Quality : Vitamin A, D and E works for the development of skin cell and its regeneration. Vitamin E and A manifests impressive anti-inflammatory and antibacterial and activities promoting healing process of wounds and injuries and protects against scarring, dermatitis and acne developments. They are also natural sun protection. These are also instrumental in slowing done the ageing mechanism.

Moisturizes Hair and Skin : Avocado oil is also considered to be a great lecithin content. The yellowing fatty component works as a great emulsifier and lubricant. It creates a protective layer on hair follicles and surface of skin and prevents loss of moisture because of climate and wind. It is also rich in sterolin and can work as a great hair and skin moisturizer and softener.

Other Benefits of Avocado Oil
Avocado oil, if used once or twice in a month, can retain the natural glow and proper nourishment of your hair. It is highly recommended for those who are sufferers of highly damaged hair or are attempting to recuperate from chemical damages.
Incorporation of a few drops of this oil to your regular shampoo will catapult the moisturizing impact of shampoo.  Massaging this oil on the scalp will trigger the growth of hair by offering nutrition to the follicles of your hair. It also relieves from itchy and dry scalp.  The fats found in this oil are easily absorbed into the scalp and provides a calming effect.

Precautions While Using Avocado Oil

There are certain precautions that need to be followed while using this avocado oil in your regular schedule. If you are suffering from any type of known allergy, it is suggested to avoid using this oil orally or externally. These allergies could be hives, vomiting, anaphylaxis, itching, reddening of the skin, eczema, bronchial asthma or intestinal spasms etc.

Patients having weak liver or improper functioning of lever are recommended to take advice of their physician prior to using avocado oil. Pregnant and nursing women are not advisable to consume this oil to be in safe side.


Avocado oil is one of the edible oil enriched with multiple benefits and are widely used in various forms. With a high smoke point, this oil is great carrier oil and often compared with olive oil as culinary oil. Just ensure you take advice of your physician prior to using it to get optimum benefits.