Benefits of Parsley Oil

Parsley is a green biannual herb, hailing from the species Petroselinum crispum. It is extensively cultivated in countries like France, Belgium, Germany, and Hungary and widely accepted and known for its medical properties. This herb is, more often than not, used to garnish different dishes by incorporating extra fresh flavor to number of salads and other servings. In addition, parsley leaves, seeds and roots are used for years in regional medicines and today also the oil of parsley is used to cure different medical conditions.

Benefits of Parsley Oil

The health benefits of parsley oil owe to its properties i.e. anti microbial, anti arthritic, anti septic, febrifuge, anti rheumatic, astringent, circulatory, detoxifier, diuretic, depurative, digestive, emenagogue, laxative, and many other properties.

Anti Microbial : Microbes are closely related to disease and infection and parsley oil protects against any such situation as it is rich in anti microbial ingredients. This oil is equipped with certain substances which can eliminate microbes and cease their growth.

Treats Arthritic : Arthritis and rheumatism are ailments which are resultant of assimilation of uric acid in the joints and muscles thus obstructing blood circulation. Oil of parsley is coupled with some ingredients which can protect against both the above conditions. This oil works as a detoxifier and purgative, which is due to the stimulant characteristics it possesses. A detoxifier triggers drainage of toxins from the body and a depurative cleans and purifies blood. Being a stimulant, it also accelerates the flow of blood and its circulation.

Anti Septic : Wounds and a few of the sensitive organs are prone to septic when get infected by microbes. The threat gets worse when the wound is caused due to rusty iron substance of dirt. Septic is followed by painful cramp, hydrophobia and convulsions. Parsley oil inhibits the growth of microbes in the injured area and helps treat it faster. It also ceases microbes from multiplying.

Astringent : Astringent is used to induce contraction in muscles and tissues. The influence of this astringent may be local and limited to a specific area or on the entire body.  Some astringents, like fluorides found in toothpastes, trigger local contraction within gums. Others most are herbal, like guava leaves and some kinds of essential oils, are consumed to provide contractions in internal parts and the entire body, because astringent travels through the entire body via blood. Oil of parsley is also one of the astringents. It is used to contract the gums muscles and skin, hair roots and also the blood vessels. So, it is a good astringent!parsley oil

Carminative : Gases in stomach can often be very embarrassing. This type of stomach related disorders can be treated applying parsley oil. It does not allow the gases to stay in intestine for long and help them escape out of the system offering you relief from pain and embarrassment.

Detoxifier : This oil of parsley herb is helpful in getting rid of toxins and other unwanted components from the body through urine passage. This is the unique properties of a detoxifier. It stops many ailments from entering into the system, like arthritis, boils, rheumatism, skin ailments and many more.


Hypotensive : Medicine based on sorbitol and opium is popular for their hypotensive functions. These can immediately lower the blood pressure and cuts down the possibility of any cardiac arrest. But these drugs are not free from any side effects. Just to avoid any side effect you can count on parsley oil. It may not effect so fast but it is deprive of any kind of side effect. It is an ideal choice and can be regularly applied in the condition of chronic hypertension and will not be accompanied by any kind of side effects. If administered religiously, it maintains the blood pressure also.


Improves Appetite : Spicy aroma of parsley oil coupled with high chlorophyll properties triggers appetite by stimulating the secretion of digestive fluids and enzymes in our digestive system. It can also trigger expulsion of gases from the intestine, thus inhibiting flatulence.

Fights Cancer : Parsley is equipped with volatile oils, which are instrumental in inhibiting formation of tumor as per animal studies, especially in the lungs. This oil not only combats cancer, it also neutralizes carcinogens which are found in cigarette smoke. Parsley is rich in folic acid, which inhibits and cervical and colon cancers.

Boost Immune System : Parsley consolidates body’s immune system and is good for healthy functioning of spleen, endocrine and digestive organs. Parsley works as a great tonic and by ingesting this oil your breath becomes easy when you know it is going to positively contribute to your health.

Boosts Cardiovascular Health : Parsley oil is beneficial for your heart too. It could modulate the blood pressure also. As per the claim of, this oil can reduce the pressure of blood. Further studies are required to establish this promising benefit of parsley oil but some scientific evidence are still available to establish the positive effect of parsley oil on cardiovascular health.

Other Health Benefits : This essential oil of parsley also stimulates the secretion of female hormones progesterone and estrogen. These hormones maintains the proper functioning of uterus by regulating the menstruation cycle and keeping it away from any ailments like dryness of uterus and ulcer and many more.

Precautions Using Parsley Oil

This oil manifests moderate toxicity especially for liver and also provides with a non sensitizing effects. It is rich in abortifacient and emenagogue ingredients and it is advisable that this oil should not be used during pregnancy.  Pregnant women must not ingest large quantity of parsley oil as it may result in uterine contractions which may be harmful for pregnancy. It is advisable to use this helpful oil after delivery for strengthening and toning the uterus.


Parsley oil is rich in number of properties which are highly recommended and widely used worldwide to treat several illnesses. You should include this magical oil in your regular diet but before that don’t forget to take advice of your physician as it may react if not used properly or as advised.