Benefits of Rosehip Oil

Rose hip oil is obtained from the seeds of a special kind of rose – Rosa moschata or rubiginosa. This is extracted facilitating a cold-press extraction mechanism and the oil is separated from the hips seeds and the hips. This delicate oil is then refrigerated or kept in a cool and dark location to ward off any type of rancidity. The major components of this oil include essential fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin E, and B-carotene.

Benefits of Rosehip Oil

This oil can be applied directly without diluting it with any type of carrier oil and it is quite easy to be absorbed by the skin without leading any greasy effect. This oil is highly beneficial and is widely used in multiple areas due to its health benefits, which include:

Benefits to Skin : It can be used as moisturizer and administered directly on the skin. It can also be mixed with your creams, lotions or sunscreens to enhance its effectiveness. This is often recommended for getting rid of chickenpox scars. The benefits of this oil are mostly for dry skin and also in treating dermatitis. Because of its high antioxidants content, and rapid absorbing property, it is useful and suggested to drain out toxins from the skin.

Rosehip oil's Anti-Aging properties : This oils exhibits anti-aging benefit if used on face as it has the potential to get absorbed easily by skin and gets penetrated deep into the skin. The vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant, triggers the collagen production as per Cleveland Clinic. It is also useful in cutting down the wrinkle and fine lines. Vitamin A catapults moisture content of the skin and thus helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Benefits to Radiation Sores : Any sores or burns caused due to radiation therapy can also be treated using rosehip oil for some time. It should be applied on the affected areas two times a day till the oil is completely absorbed.

Used on Burn : This oil is rich in vitamin A content and this works for skin healing. When this oil is applied on skin due to burns or sunburns, it helps in fading away the scars.

Rosehip oil benefits to Hair : This oil is also used to nourish hair and provide it volume and density. It is used mostly to provide radiant and remove dryness from the scalp and it is also used to treat the damaged hair.  The vitamin A content does this wonderful job of recuperating damaged hair and pampering itchy and dry scalp. Rosehip oil also feeds every single hair strand and provides nourishment.

Rosehip Oil for Nail : The strong vitamin A content of rosehip oil consolidates the cells of nail and thus makes it solid and strong. When fed with vitamin A, nails grow rapidly and thicker making it more stable and sustainable.rose hip oil

Good for Oily Skin : Rosehip oil is an amazing nourishing and rejuvenating agent when used on oily skin. More often than not, oily skin is often suggested to stay away from oiling it manually. But there is no restriction on applying rosehip oil on oily skin as it gets gel with skin so smoothly that it leaves no even the slightest trace of oil on the skin base. This oil feeds the skin with nutrition and the excess oil settles down deep into the skin pores.

Aromatherapy and Essential oil Benefits : Although rosehip oil does not manifest any strict label of volatile or essential oil, it is often considered as less concentrated essential oil, due to its properties. It exhibits great rejuvenating characteristics and is quite useful in combating tanning of skin due to sun exposure.  It is rich in GLA and reduces the indications of ageing particularly the fine lines around eyes and mouth. It also helps in fading away scars developed due to either accident or surgical reasons.


Dermatitis Benefits : Rosehip oil is also instrumental in curing the damaged skin due to dermatitis. It is quite useful and often recommended to be used in case of dermatitis condition.



Edible Oil Benefits  : This oil is also ingested in the form of a nutritional substitute of food like a supplementary nutrition. It is extensively used as specially recommended edible oil.

Rosehip Oil During Pregnancy : Regular massage of rosehip oil withers away the stretch mark and stops it from spreading. It also recuperates the stretch marks. The fatty acid and vitamin content of rosehip oil assists in producing new cells rapidly and the stretch marks are diminished faster. During pregnancy several changes take place which include hormonal changes also and the person experiences several strange changes. This oil manifests a fishy smell which may lead to some kind of nausea and vomiting tendency.

Precautions Using Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is believed to be quite safe and it is mostly facilitated for topical use and seldom reported to have any side effects or any type of allergic reactions. This oil can also be used quite safely in aromatherapy and skin care purposes. When this oil is applied in high concentrations, it can trigger acne. This oil is a sweet and delicate vegetable oil it is rarely associated with any allergy.

Still there are a very few cases where this oil has lead to some side effects. If your skin is sensitive to acne, it is suggested not to use rosehip oil, particularly when there is a break out of acne.  Application of this oil during the breakout may deteriorate the condition and can also trigger pain. You can start using this oil once the breakout is recuperated. This oil enables the healing process speed up and fades away the mark.


Rosehip oil is beneficial and mostly used for topical purposes. Having enriched is most of the nutritional advantages, it is also suggested to use any oil in limited quantity and in prescribed manner to gain maximum benefit and ward off any kind of side effects. Have a mild punch of this oil into your food and see the difference.