Cinnamon Weight Loss Benefits

Cinnamon hails from the family of spices. It manifests great promises like cinnamon weight loss and it is also considered to be beneficial in some medical conditions. Cinnamonum verum is the name that is scientifically accepted. Cinnamon can be taken with tea and various fruits on regular basis.

Cinnamon for Weight Loss

Cinnamon can cut down the excess weight gain as it is said to have several welcoming effects on our body. The major reason of weight loss are usually many for instance some medical condition like blood sugar or diabetes.

Reduces Blood Sugar Level : Cinnamon can reduce the sugar level in blood thus leading to increase in the level of insulin in the body. It is also instrumental in cutting down the blood cholesterol level. Thus by cutting the base of excess weight cinnamon cuts the fat that pile up in the stomach region. As excess cholesterol is one of the reasons of weight gain which reduces when cinnamon is eaten hence it works to reduce weight. 

Cinnamon Tea with Honey : There are evidences, which establish that cinnamon weight loss adage is a fact when coupled with tea. It is considered to be one of the ideal ways to work on weight loss regime. 
Boil this magical spice with honey along with some water and now sip it like tea enjoying the tea with a confidence that you are leveraging the cinnamon weight loss benefits. It is suggested to have this drink in empty stomach during morning hours and one cup at night to get optimum cinnamon weight loss benefit. It will not only work well with your metabolism to fight fat but it will satiate your palate as well.

The cinnamon weight loss happens due to the activity of "thermogenic burns". That means, it eliminates the bad cholesterol available in the body and catapults good cholesterol levels.cinnamon for weight loss

Cinnamon Leads to Chemical Reaction : It has been established that on consumption of cinnamon, the body undergoes a chemically reaction in the process of digesting the cinnamon. In fact this chemical reaction accelerates the process of metabolism just to reduce the excess heat that is generated because of cinnamon. We are aware that speeding up of metabolism leads to burning of calories and thus we witness cinnamon weight loss.

Using Cinnamon for Weight Loss : You can sprinkle little amount of cinnamon power on your cereal during breakfast or can also add it with your fruit intake like apple, pear or some other fruit during any snack. It can also be used in yogurt or some tea coffee and drink. How you consume this magical spice actually does not matter much, if you are taking this spice in small quantity and regularly.

How to Select and Store Cinnamon

Cinnamon can be found in powered or raw (stick) form. Stick can be kept for longer time but the powdered form is stronger. Before buying, smell this spice for a sweet flavor which says it is fresh. Keep it in air tight glass container particularly in dark, dry and cool place. Powder form can be kept for six months, whereas cinnamon sticks can be fresh for nearly a year. 

Precautions while using Cinnamon

Not much is known about its influence on pregnant or nursing women hence it is advisable to avoid using it to be in the safe side. Diabetics should monitor their blood sugar level while using cinnamon so that it should not drop below average. It may also effect liver hence large quantity is not recommended. It can interfere with blood sugar controlling drugs in surgery hence stop taking cinnamon if you are scheduled for surgery.

Safe Cinnamon Dosage Per Day

The right dose depends upon the age, medical conditions and some other factors. No recommended dose is prescribed scientifically for this spice.


You can enjoy this spice in limited quantity to avail the best health benefits along with cinnamon weight loss benefits.