Figs Health Benefits

There are several fig varieties available in the nature with shades and colors spanning from white to dark indigo, as per the variety. One of the most common feature and specialty that a fig manifests is its acceptance worldwide as a healthy fruit. The nutritional benefits of the figs vary depending on the way they are served and consumed.

Fig health benefits are many which may include treatment of sexual dysfunction, indigestion, piles, constipation, cough, diabetes, asthma and bronchitis. It is also helpful in gaining weight post some kind of disease or illness.

Fig Health Benefits

Some of the mostly acclaimed and widely popular fig health benefits may include:

Prevents Constipation : Figs are considered to be excellent laxatives. Several studies established that use of dried or fresh figs can relief from constipation and clear the bowels providing them ease. The seeds of fig triggers peristalsis, which in turn eases defecation.

Helps Weight Loss : The fig is rich in fiber and help cut down weight hence it is one of the best diets for overweight peoples trying to shed few pounds. Be cautious because fig can also help gain weight if taken with milk.

Lowers Cholesterol : Figs are packed with Pectin, which is a soluble fiber. This fiber, when travel through the digestive system, pulls out globes of cholesterol and drag it out of the body.

Combats Coronary Heart Disorder : Dried figs are great source of Omega-3, phenol, and Omega-6. These fatty acids are said to play a great role in reducing the probability of developing any type of heart disease.

Prevent Colon Cancer : As the fig is packed with fiber, which helps washing away all unwanted substances thus it also throws out cancer developing substances.

Prevents from Hypertension : People are prone to consume extra quantity of sodium found in the salt.  High sodium and potassium level often results in hypertension. Figs have rich source of potassium but low sodium which can help combat hypertension.

Helps in cases of Low Libido : Figs health benefits are mostly popular for its ability to enhance libido. To eat fig for this purpose soak 3-4 pieces of figs overnight in milk and consume it in the morning to have a great libido. It is also said to add extra pounds if you are too thin.

Consolidates Bones : This miracle fruit is packed with calcium content which is known as one of the major ingredients which strengthens bones and necessary for bone development.

Inhibits Macular Degeneration : Macular degeneration is associated with vision loss, which is often witnessed by older people. Other fruits along with figs are basically known to inhibit this condition and delay the process of vision loss.

Relief for Sore Throat : Fig is rich in mucilage content which is helpful in healing and combating the condition of sore throat. Fig health benefits are also known for its potential to protect against sore throat which is very common during weather change.

Beneficial in Diabetics : Some cuisines in the world facilitate leaves of fig in the food prepared for people suffering from diabetics. In the clinical tests and during research, this fact has been supported and accepted that leaves of figs are equipped with anti-diabetic ingredients. It has been discovered that diabetics who eat fig leaves have lowered the level of insulin intake.

Catapults Overall Wellness : Figs are great source of dietary fiber, which is mostly referred as a great snack for people trying to lose weight. This fruit is advised by trainers and physicians for speedy recuperation after a rigorous workout or long illness. Fig is pregnant with vitamins A, E, and C and carotenoids, which combats macular degeneration.

Keeps Blood Pressure Under Check : Potassium, which is a primary component of figs, is instrumental in maintaining the level of blood pressure and reducing high blood pressure. As many people do not eat enough fruits instead eat high quantity of sodium in the form of salt and processed foods, they are mostly deficient of potassium. Eating good amount of fruits, including fig, can combat this condition.

Inhibits Postmenopausal Breast Cancer : As per a study, which involved 51,823 postmenopausal female, it was discovered that those women who were fed with most fruit fiber for 8 years manifested 34% reduction in the chances of breast cancer compared to those who did not eat any fruit. Fruits packed with fiber include dates, apples, pears, figs, and prunes. These fruits inhibit postmenopausal breast cancer.

How to Select and Store Figs

As fresh figs are quite perishable fruits, utmost care should be practiced while selecting and storing them. You should look for such figs which are rounded, deep color and tender, but not too soft. They should not have any bruises and should have sweet mild smell.

Ripe figs can be refrigerated, where they should be kept in a paper towel-lined plate or flat container. Dried figs can stay fresh for a few months and can be kept in dry and cool place or even in refrigerator.

Precautions while using  Figs

Dried or fresh figs are safe for most human being when consumed in limited quantity. You should avoid sun exposure for longer time if you are eating leaves of fig as it may turn your skin sensitive to sun. Figs may lower the level of blood sugar hence keep a check on your level of blood sugar if you are eating figs and a diabetic. Don’t eat figs for minimum 2 week if you are due for a scheduled surgery.

Safe Fig Dosage Per Day

There is no recommended right dose of fig for everyone. It depends on many factors like the individual’s age, medical condition, health, and several other situations. There is no scientific detail available to ascertain the appropriate doses for this fruit to abstract figs health benefits.


Fig health benefits are numerous and it should be consumed on regular basis but just ensure that you eat this fruit in limited quantity and don’t forget to consult your physician if you are suffering from any medical condition to ward off any unwanted situation.