Guava Health Benefits

Guava is a fruit, found and cultivated mostly in Asian regions.  This fruit is identical to pear in appearance and manifests a green ring which changes to yellow in its mature stage. Within the ring, which is eaten with the fruit, there is pulp that could be either white or pink in color. Guava is great source of Vitamin C and even better compared to several other fruits that are rich in vitamin C.

Guava Health Benefits

The health benefits of guava include its potential to treat diarrhea, constipation, cold, cough, dysentery, high blood pressure, scurvy, skin care etc. Under mentioned are the most popular guava health benefits for which it is popular:

Treats Diarrhea and Dysentery : Guava is equipped with astringents, elements that help tightening your gums and keep them fresh, which consolidate loose bowels in the condition of diarrhea. The astringents are rich in alkaline and exhibits anti-bacterial and disinfectant characteristics, thus assist in treating dysentery by eliminating microbial development and excess mucus from the system. The other beneficial nutrients in guava, like vitamin-C, potassium, and Carotenoids, consolidate the digestive system and leave it infection free. It is also good in gastroenteritis condition.

Combats Constipation : This fruit is packed with dietary fiber. The seeds of guava can act as great laxatives. This characteristic of guava keeps the bowels in right condition, retains water and clears your intestines thoroughly. Constipation can lead to many diseases, because your health depends on your proper digestive system and right excretion. Guava ensures these conditions.

Protects Against Cough & Cold : If the juice of raw guavas or decoction of guava-leaves can be consumed it can offer immense relief from cold and cough by diluting and loosening cough, cutting down mucus, clearing the respiratory tract, lung and throat and inhibiting microbial activities. Guava health benefits also include its richness in iron and vitamin-C which are most effective in inhibiting cold and viral problems.

Triggers Skin Care : Guava fruits help in improving the texture of your skin and protect from skin problems. It is more effective than the most expensive beauty creams or skin astringents. It is all due to the presence of astringents, in abundance, in the leaves of guava. Eating guava can tone up and tighten the otherwise loose skin. In addition, it is also a rich source of natural astringents as it is rich in vitamin-A, B, C along with potassium, which are considered to be potential antioxidants and keep your skin young and delay wrinkles and aging process.

Reduces High Blood Pressure : Guava helps cutting down the level of cholesterol in your blood and stops it from thickening thus maintaining the right thickness of blood and the pressure. During studies, it has been manifested that foods, which are not replete of fiber, can increase blood pressure, as the food is quickly converted to sugar. Guava is quite rich in fiber that can reduce the risk of guavahigh blood pressure.

Helps Weight Loss : Guava is also useful for obese people who are planning to shed a few pounds of excess fat. Guava is rich in vitamins and roughage and vitamins, proteins and minerals, free of cholesterol and low in digestible carbohydrates. It is filling and has the potential to satisfy your appetite easily. This will lead you eat less food, which in turn, cannot add fat to your body.

Scurvy : Guava is better in terms of citrus fruits like orange and some other. It is having concentrated level of vitamin-C, lack of which can lead to scurvy and guava can prevent this from happening. It is rich in vitamin C; five times more than oranges.

Reduces Cancer Risk : Guava is coupled with the highest level of vitamin C content which is known as one of the most prominent antioxidants that stops the cells from getting damaged from free radicals. High content of oxidants available in the body can harm cell membranes and may often lead to cancer and heart disorders.

Reduces Possibility of Diabetes : The richness of fiber content in guava is miraculous and can subside and ward off several diseases which include diabetes as well. The fiber prevents the development of diabetes by reducing the process of the absorption of sugar within the body and hence it is good for diabetics. Diet high in fiber content is also associated with reducing the risk of promoting type-2 diabetes.

Promotes Vision : Guavas are great sources of vitamin A, which is one of the most important nutrients known for promoting, improving and maintaining eyesight.

Stimulates Fertility : Eating guava can also provide you with a great amount of folate, which is a necessary mineral better known for its fertility enhancing characteristics.

Triggers Glands of Healthy Thyroid : Guavas are not packed with iodine; they are equipped with great sources of copper, which is a great mineral and plays a great role in thyroid metabolism particularly in the production of hormone and its absorption.

Helps Produce Key Nutrients : Manganese is important in the body. It plays a prominent role in activating enzyme and these enzymes are responsible for the using some core nutrients like thiamine, biotin, and ascorbic acid. This fruit is a good source of manganese as well.

Relaxes Muscles and Nerves : Magnesium is an important mineral that is taken from the food we eat as our body system is not programmed to produce it on its own. Consuming guavas can promote relaxation and keep our nerves and muscles calm and relaxed as it is equipped with ample quantity of magnesium content.

Other Guava Health Benefits  
Guava is also helpful in several other health conditions. These may include healing of wounds, treating bleeding nose, minor internal hemorrhage or gum bleeding. It can also be helpful in treating acidosis, bacterial infections, catarrh, convulsions, prolonged menstruation, epilepsy, and toothache.

How to Select and Store Guava

Just give gentle pressure on the guavas surface it should be slightly soft and unblemished. Ripened guavas can be kept at room temperature and can be safe for a few days. You should keep ripe guavas immediately into the refrigerator, which should be used within 4 days.

Precautions Using Guava : Guava fruit is considered to be quite safe if consumed as a food. There is no prominent record available to get idea if guava is safe if used in the form of medicine. It is not advisable for the pregnant and nursing women to eat guava more than food quantity.

Safe Guava Dosage Per Day :  The right dose of guava fruit can be decided on many factors like user's age, medical condition, health, and many other situations. There is no appropriate scientific record available to determine any recommended doses.

You should eat guava every day without any risk of developing any side effects but make sure you are physically fit and not suffering from any health condition or else it is suggested to take advice of your physician before eating guava. Keep the taken quantity limited, to get maximum guava health benefits.