Health Benefits of Cardamom

Cardamom is a collection of plants under the Elettaria and amomum genera and belong to the family of Zingiberaceae. It is primarily found in Bhutan, Nepal and India. One can recognize them from their papery outer cover as well as a triangular cross section with spindle shape. The amomum are larger in size and dark in their shade whereas the Elettaria are smaller and light green in color. It is counted as a spice and is the third most expensive one after saffron and vanilla. Apart from that cardamom health benefits are of great importance to the human race.

The spice is sometimes referred to as the queen of spices and is popularly known as elaichi in India. They belong to the same family as clove and ginger and are usually handpicked. The warmth in the spice adds up the flavors to the food in which it is used. The cardamom health benefits are something that interests people more .

Cardamom Health Benefits

The spice has a long list favors that it provides the humans with. The following is a list of cardamom health benefits, surprisongly many of these benefits are not known to a lot of us!

Digestion Wonders : Cardamom works wonders for the digestive system, enhancing its working. It stimulates the digestive system whereas countering excessive of acids in the stomach. Cardamom contains essential oils that enhance the production of bile and reduction of other stomach acids. It has carminative properties that help with indigestion and flatulence.

Respiratory Benefits : Cardamom health benefits are specificly helpful as far respiratory problems are concerned. It relaxes the mucus membrane and helps with lungs circulation. There have been many studies which prove the fact that cardamom is instrumental in treatment of cough, cold and bronchitis. The expectorant properties that cardamom has help them to reduce the mucus generation.

Prevention In Growth Of Pathogens : A lot of research and studies done on the properties of cardamom reveals that it inhibits the growth of several fungi and bacteria. So for all those people who have a lower immunity, cardamom can prove to be very useful. The spice has good disease fighting properties. It usage also ensures there is no bad breath.Cardamom Nutrition Facts

Antispasmodic : Only recently the antispasmodic properties of cardamom have came into light. The spice is said to cure hiccups, cramps in intestines, relieving the stomach, reduction in nausea and vomiting. Cardamom is also capable of getting rid of morning sickness and convulsions.

Helps in body Detoxification : The spice is known for providing warmth when used with foods. For the same reason they are used in several medicines as they help in cleaning up or detoxifying the body. The spice takes care of disorders in urinary tract, kidney and bladder. It is also found out to be a cure for cystitis and nephritis.

Great Antioxidant : Cardamom is a great antioxidant. Including it in regular diet ensures that body gets antioxidants to fight various free radicals present.

Used in Aroma Therapy : As mentioned earlier it is a good source of essential oils which the aroma therapists use for their therapy. A cardamom massage remarkably brings down the stress and strain of the brain. Thus they bring in an air of freshness and activeness. The essential oils even have the powers of curing few joint pains and muscle cramps. This happens to be one of the most essential cardamom health benefits.

Aphrodisiac Properties : The spice is also known to have aphrodisiac properties. It is found to useful for patients suffering from impotency and erectile dysfunction.

Amazing Appetizer : By now we know that cardamom has an important role to play in the digestion of the food and improving the digestive system. It is thus a great appetizer especially for the ones who have lower appetites and need little push to have their meals.

Rich in essential minerals : When close analysis of the spice is conducted under laboratory conditions it was found that cardamom is full of essential minerals. Minerals which are found in significant percentages include calcium, magnesium and potassium. Calcium and their bone strengthening properties are not something new. The human cells also contain decent amount of potassium, thereby helping to improve the blood pressure and heart beating rate.

The spice is also rich in iron and manganese. Manganese is very powerful as free radical scavenger and plays an instrumental role in the activation of the enzyme superoxide dismutase. Iron in the body enhances the blood development and thereby making the cells stronger. Thus these minerals help in overall well being of the body!

Miscellaneous health benefits of Cardamom

Preparing Healthy Ginger Cardamom Tea!

Many a times the spice in different forms is used for serious issues such as anesthetics. Cardamom health benefits also push in into being an ingredient in several antiseptics. It is also used a lot for prevention of a few diseases .

Storage And Usage of Cardamom

You can get cardamom in both the pod form as well as powdered form. The fresh ones are those which are tad heavier and radiate sweet smell. They must be stored in cool and dry places and remain even longer if kept in refrigerators .


Cardamom health benefits range from even the smallest remedies to some sophisticated solutions. It is rich in minerals and helps our body combat various diseases. One can use cardamom for both its taste and health benefits. There is little or no restriction on its usage as well. However it must not be consumed during the pregnancy period.