Health Benefits of Dates

The health benefits of dates are numerous, as it has natural fibers in abundance. This fruit is also packed with several minerals and vitamins like calcium, iron, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, manganese, sulphur and host of others which are beneficial for our health. Eating one date on regular basis is necessary for a balanced diet. Dates combat constipation, excessive weight, intestinal troubles, heart disorders, sexual disorders, abdominal cancer sand diarrhea as well.

Health Benefits of Dates

Dates are rich in multiple minerals that can be mixed with some other foods. Health benefits of dates have brought lot of popularity and earned a name as nourishing fruit. It is also known as crown of sweets and best fruit to digest food.
Some of the most prominent and popular health benefits of dates include:

Prevents Constipation : Date is a laxative fruit hence these are great for those people who have irregular bowel movement and constipation. To extract this laxative effect, you should soak these dates overnight in water and eat it in the morning in the form of syrup to get the optimum results.

Combats Intestinal Troubles : The nicotinic elements found in dates are good to treat any form of intestinal trouble. Regular consumption of dates can balance the development of pathological organisms, which assist in promoting friendly bacteria found in the intestines.

Weight Gain : Dates are rich in proteins, fats and sugar which are considered to be essential vitamins.  It is said that if the dates are eaten with cucumber it can work as a great remedy to reduce weight. The calorie contents alone are enough to fulfill the regular requirement of calorie in our body.

Healthy Heart : Dates can maintain the right functioning and proper health of your heart. Dates should be soaked overnight in water and in the morning it should be consumed in crushed form to enhance the strength of weak hearts. It fortifies the heart if consumed twice a week.

Sexual Malfunction : Health benefits of dates are also popular for increasing sexual performance and any malfunction. For this you should soak a handful of dates in milk (goat’s milk) over night and in the morning grind it using the same mild adding cardamom and honey into it.  It becomes a tasty and great remedy for all kind of sex related disorders and enhances sterility, often witnessed due to sexual disorders.

Diarrhea : Ripe dates are equipped with potassium, which is useful in controlling the condition of diarrhea. Dates are easy to digest, which deals with the condition of diarrhea.

Intoxication : Dates are a great treatment for intoxication caused due to alcohol. It offers fast relief if dates are soaked overnight and consumed in the morning.

Stomach Cancer : Dates are a natural and conventional remedy for treating abdominal cancer. Health benefits of dates work as great tonic to every age group. These are as good as medicine, that too without any side effects if consumed in right quantity.Health Benefits of Dates

Energy Booster : Dates are rich source of those components and minerals which boosts energy in our body like glucose, fructose, and sucrose. The best way to yield better results is to consume dates along with milk. This nutritious fruit is quite low in terms of calories and are best for health conscious individuals.

Maintains Healthy Nervous System : Health benefits of dates regulate a balanced and healthy nervous system as it is great source of potassium and less in sodium. Researchers have discovered the truth that intake of potassium, in a limited quantity, can cut down the risk of heart stroke. It also reduces the LDL cholesterol.

Treats Anemia : Dates are high in iron content which can treat anemia. It is advisable for anemic patient to consume good quantity of dates for better results. Dates are also rich in fluorine content that reduces the tooth decay process.

Maintains Blood Sugar : It is myth that dates increases blood sugar levels, but researches have established that this belief is untrue. As per a report published in the May 28, 2011 – dates were fed to diabetics, in a limited quantity, and it was found that even after containing high quantity of natural sugars, it proved to be a low-glycemic index diet and did not increase the blood sugar drastically. If you are diabetic take suggestion of your doctor if you want to incorporate dates to your meal to monitor your sugar levels in blood and analyze how dates can affect your sugar level.

Rich in Fiber Content : Fiber is the major ingredient that dates are packed with, which is well known for combating high cholesterol, obesity, heart disorder and colorectal cancer.

Lower Triglycerides
As per the researchers in Israel at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology – dates manifest better results when it comes to reducing triglyceride levels, which is a kind of fat available in the blood. Cutting down of triglyceride levels reduces the risk of stiffening of the arteries, thus it reduces stroke and heart attack as per the National Institutes of Health.

How to Select and Store Dates

You should opt for those dates that are plump, wrinkle free and lustrous. Broken, shriveled up and crinkled dates should be avoided. Always store dates in the cold place like refrigerator, in an airtight container. Fresh dates can be stored and enjoyed for almost two weeks when kept in refrigerator, whereas preserved dates may last for longer period of time, which depends on the way they have been preserved.

Precautions while using Dates

Dates are highly nutritious and can be added as a part of regular diet but excessive consumption of dates may lead to some side effects also. The most prominent and known side effect may include:

Weight Gain : A cup of dates are packed with 415 calories which should be counted whether you require this much of calories onDiabetes regular basis. Visit your medical consultant for the quantity of calorie intake and accordingly eat suitable quantity of dates.

Diabetes : Excessive eating of dates may catapult the probability of developing type 2 diabetes as they are rich in glycemic index. Eating high-glycemic meal can often lead to increased blood sugar level.

Intolerance : If you are sensitive to fructose content, dates can stimulate a reaction as every cup of date gives 29 g fructose. So be careful if you have this condition.

Tooth Decay : Your teeth can also be affected if you consume dates, as each cup of date offers almost 100 g carbohydrate. It may lead to tooth decay due to the acid out of fermentation of date particles in your mouth. Food rich in carbohydrates often leads to decay as it stays in your mouth for longer time. Rinse or brush your mouth after every meal.

Safe Dates Dosage Per Day

It is quite uncertain about the right quantity of dates that should be consumed. It all depends on your physical, medical and biological condition which your physician can recommend.


Health benefits of dates are many which can push you to a better and healthier life. It is recommended to consume dates but in right proportion to get optimum results and without any side effects which may be the result of inadequate consumption of dates.