Health Benefits of Emu Oil

Emu, also known as Dromaius novaehollandiae is a bird native to Australia. Oil derived from the fat of emu bird is referred to as emu oil and is brought to use owing to the various therapeutic ailments it lends. 70% of the oil comprises of unsaturated fatty acids which are responsible for various health benefits of emu oil, and thus the wide reach- from households to cosmetic industries.

Why is emu oil unique?

Emu oil has linoleic acid, oleic acid, is enriched with Vitamins A and E and also are rich sources of sapogens. All the aforementioned constituents play an active role in therapeutic effects of emu oil

Health Benefits of Emu Oil

Benefits of Emu Oil For Skin

Emu oil due to its high percolating power helps treats skin ailments effectively.

For Dry/Scaly Skin : Individuals, who suffer from itchy skin, can feel instant relief on oil’s application at the significant area. Its moisturizing contents allow it to gently meld the skin, and since it has similar chemical composition as the human dermis, it does not cause any unnatural effect on the skin either.

For Rashes : Emu oil is considered useful for treating rashes, which generally is a cause of inflammations and heat. Since the oil contains anti-inflammatory constituents, it reduces the burning intensity of the rash.

For Acne: One of the major health benefits of Emu essential oil has been its curative properties with respect to treating acne which consists of blackheads, cysts, pimples etc. Skin irritations are relieved, eruptions are healed and texture is maintained under its application. This is due to the presence of Vitamin E which neutralizes the effects of free radicals.

For Psoriasis: one of the chief health benefits of EMU essential oil is the oil’s role in treatment of psoriasis.  The presence of antioxidants within its constitution helps treat this skin disorder effectively. Considering the oil easily blends with water, is compatible with skin and trans-dermal, it will have an immediate effect upon the disorder hence decreasing the intensity of the disease.

For Eczema : Another skin disorder where the oil benefits the user by moisturizing the skin without clogging the skin pores. It reduces the skin from peeling off due to its highly penetrating power thus treats the pores which are infected through its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action.

For Wrinkles: This oil has been proved to be a product in demand due to its ability of redefining the face structure by reducing fine lines and stretch marks. Being penetrable gives it an anti-aging property since it thickens the insides of the dermis  and decreases wrinkles.

For Burns : A majorly efficient health benefit is the oil’s capacity to treat burns. Because it contains Vitamin A, skin regeneration is a constant process for the case of burnt skin. Since it blends with water easily, it reduces the content within blisters and treats the wound instantly.

For Scars : As mentioned above, its composition which contains fatty acids similar to the ones found in the human skin. This allows it to easily blend within the pores without accumulation of oil. Its healing properties therefore increase to a tenth fold where it may be used as a scar remover which not only treats the scar, but also lightens it immediately.

For Cracked Feet: The skin, which might crack and is found generally on our heels, can be treated by applying the oil, hence its skin generative properties, softens the cuticle and keeps it benefits of Emu Oil

For Sun Burns: Already known for treating burns, it may also behave as a sunscreen which shields the skin from getting affected by the strong heat of the sun. In case you already have sun burns, apply this oil highly efficient for reducing scarring.

For Bruises: Antiseptic properties of this oil have rendered it an alternative since it heals abrasions and insect bites, not only because it has anti-inflammatory properties but also Vitamin A which repairs skin.

Health Benefits of Emu Oil for Hair

Decreases Hair Loss : It contains fatty acids which otherwise are absent within the hair follicles. Once it nourishes the pores with such nutritional constituents, and also being highly penetrating, it carries active compounds to ensure hair growth is progressive .

Decreases Dandruff : Since the oil, provides basic nutrition within the hair follicles i.e. fatty acids like Oleic acid, it reduces the probability of dandruff and other hair irritations including control of hair fall.

Other Benefits of Emu oil

Beneficial as an effective anti inflammatory : Also it contains ‘linoleic’ and ‘oleic’ acids within the composition and maintains Omega 9 which is the fatty acid responsible for the anti-inflammatory effect. Thus is majorly useful for the case of treating muscle and joint inflictions. Moreover, it lends no significant side-effect as in case of traditionally prescribed drugs or corticosteroid-based medications.

Benefits for Heart: Cholesterol levels in the blood undergo rapid decrease due to the application or rather intake of this oil in some medical form, may they be as tablets or simply as tonic. The health benefits of EMU essential oil also persist for the case of preventing strokes as it reduces LDL and helps maintain better levels of HDL . Omega 3 and Omega 6, fatty acids as components in emu oil are responsible for the therapeutic effects of the oil.

Beneficial as carrier of Antibiotics : In diabetic patients wounds take a lot of time to heal. When emu oil is used in the treatment of decubitus ulcers as a carrier for antibiotics to wounds, it helps heal faster and more effectively.

Benefits for arthritis : It has analgesic constituents that lead to a rapid decrease in pain and swelling in the case of wounds and injuries. The oil is also useful for treating Arthritis since it contains ‘linoleic’ and ‘oleic’ acids within the composition. Its penetration into the skin allows it to gently heal the affliction and decrease the level of pain within aching joints as well as muscles.

Benefits when used in Massage oil : Because of inherent properties of emu oil as hypoallergic, non-comedogenic and percolative it is used along with other oils for massages. Also the oil blends in well as it is a natural emulsifier, thus lending a non-greasy feel to the skin. Owing to its health benefits when used as alternative medicine for muscles, skin and hair, results are long lasting. Thus all the aforementioned factors make it a perfect reason for being used in massages.