Health Benefits of Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil unlike the essential oil is extracted from the fruit. The oil is extracted from the seeds of varieties of Vitis vinifera grapes. The seeds are pressed to release the oil, it is found in abundance as a by-product of winemaking. Owing to the medicinal and health benefits of grapeseed oil, it has been in use for ages now by Greeks, Europeans and Egyptians.

Why is Grapeseed oil unique?

The oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs) are majorly responsible for therapeutic properties of grapeseed oil apart from flavonoids, Vitamin E and linoleic acid,

Health Benefits of Grapeseed Oil

Beneficial in promoting cardio vascular health

Heart diseases and several other age related ailments can be avoided by the use of Grapeseed Oil. As a powerful antioxidant, Grapeseed oil renders good amount of Omega-6 to the body. In doing so, the good cholesterol percentage in the body is raised, while lowering high cholesterol levels. Good cholesterol level reduces the risk of heart attacks and stroke significantly. Moreover, by enhancing your cardiovascular health, Grapeseed Oil also helps in improving damaged blood vessels, and thus in regulating high blood pressure. In fact, several animal studies suggest Grapeseed extracts in lowering blood pressure.

Beneficial as antiseptic

The antiseptic properties inherent in Grapeseed Oil helps in reducing the swelling either caused by undergoing of a surgery, or caused by an injury. Research studies have shown that those who took grapeseed extract rather than placebo had lesser Edema (swelling)  and combated with the effects of swelling much more efficiently.

Beneficial in rendering protection against cancer

Damaged cells in the human body play an integral part in the development of cancer. Grapeseed Oil is said to trigger the eradication of damaged cells in the body, thereby inducing apoptosis. Apoptosis helps to eliminate unwanted toxins that are harmful to the body, and which can induce the causing of cancerous cells.

Free radicals also play an essential role in developing and promoting of cancer. Antioxidant compounds of grapeseed oil –proanthocyanidin, helps avoid damage to cells owing to free radicals in the body.

Beneficial in giving protection to liver cells

Chemotherapy medications can have ill-effects on the human liver, damaging it to a certain extent. Studies have shown Grapeseed Oil to eliminate the risk of damage being done to human liver cells by any chemotherapy drug reactions. However, it is optimal for you to ask your physician the best method to use Grapeseed Oil for the same, so as to ensure that the administration of Grapeseed Oil does not interfere with any of the chemotherapy medications.

Beneficial in prevention of Diabetes

Grapeseed Oil which is rich in Omega-6 can be used to prevent diabetes. It works well with Insulin resistance, a condition prevalent in diabetes. Grapeseed Oil helps convert fatty acid into gamma-linolenic acid which helps in reducing the pain inherent in the diabetic neuropathy patient. Grapeseed Oil has the ability to stabilize the blood sugar level in one's body, thereby help prevent formation of Diabetes.Grapeseed Oil

Beneficial for Skin

Curbing acne and other ailments which makes skin dry and itchy: The antioxidant radicals inherent in Grapeseed Oil can prevent skin problems such as excessive drying and premature wrinkling of skin. Studies have shown that the linoleic acid contained in the Grapeseed Oil can render several benefits to skin health. As such, Grapeseed Oil can infuse the skin with its moisture retentive attributes , and also reduce the acne to a great extent. With its anti-allergen and anti-inflammatory properties, Grapeseed Oil can be beneficial to curb allergic reactions, dermatitis, atopic eczema and certain other skin ailments which make the skin dry and itchy.

Sun burn and age spots : Ultraviolet rays of the sun which induce problems of skin pigmentation and occurrence of age spots can be corrected by the use of Grapeseed Oil. The extracts of Grapeseed Oil has been found to render lightening effects on the skin, which would help in reducing age spots and the harmful effects of sun burn.

Stretch marks, wrinkles and sagging of the skin: Research has suggested that Grapeseed Oil helps production of collagen and elastin, which is a significant requirement to make the skin look healthy. The antioxidant activity in the Grapeseed Oil can render anti-ageing properties to the skin, by reducing wrinkles and stretch marks. One or two drops of Grapeseed Oil application on your skin daily at night would also provide the skin with adequate elasticity and tightness.

For soft and supple skin : Rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants grapeseed oil also possesses emollient properties. Owing to aforementioned factors it is used in several cosmetics, lip blams and bath oils. Its application on face makes the face soft and supple but in a non greasy way, also it helps lock in moisture lending the skin a smooth texture.

Beneficial in prevention of Joint Pains and issues related to Arthritis

Studies have suggested that Grapeseed Oil improves the production of collagen which is significant for maintenance of healthy connective tissues in the human joints. Likewise, the antioxidant activity inherent in Grapeseed Oil can help fight against the symptoms causing Arthritis and joint pains. Grapeseed Oil removes the toxins that contribute towards inflammation and stiffness of joints.

Beneficial in improving blood circulation in the body

Grapeseed Oil improves the body's blood circulation, due to which the overall circulatory system stays corrected. When body's blood circulation functions efficiently, the waste matter from cellular tissues get cleaned and replaced by healthy nutrients.  By enhancing the body's blood circulation, ailments such as varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and spider veins can be corrected. Improvement in the blood circulation also ensures better managed blood flow in the veins, thus improving the ability of the capillaries to pool the blood flow inside the veins.

The composition of oligomeric flavonoids and proanthocyanidin in Grapeseed Oil is integral for the performance of capillaries in the human body, so as to eradicate the risks involved in vascular related ailments. Oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs) contained in Grapeseed Oil can help combat chronic venous insufficiency causing blood pools in the veins. Likewise, improper blood circulation in the body which causes fatigue and visible veins can be corrected with the help of using Grapeseed Oil.

Beneficial in curing Impotency

Grapeseed Oil can cure Impotency caused in men. The composition of essential antioxidants in Grapeseed Oil can help in rendering healthy cholesterol levels to a body. Healthy cholesterol levels play a significant role in curing or protecting one from impotency.

Other Benefits of Grapeseed oil

Beneficial for Alopecia : Few drops of grapeseed oil when massaged with thyme, lavender or cedarwood helps prevent baldness and receding hairline.

Beneficial for culinary purpose : Rich in omega 6 essential fatty acid, grape seed oil is very beneficial when taken internally, and is ideal for cooking purpose as well, since its fat is stable and can withstand heat without releasing free radicals. This is because it has a higher flash point than most oils available in the market.

It also helps add flavor to the food, and thus is preferred as salad dressing option.

Precautions while using Grapeseed Oil

Common side effects of grapeseed oil can include nausea, itching, dizziness, stomach upset, sore throat, cough, and rashes. It is advised that pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take grapeseed oil.