Health Benefits of Musk oil

Musk oil is a rare and expensive commodity, especially if the has been originally obtained from the glands of Musk deer. The species is found in forests of south Asian countries like India, China, Siberia, Mongolia, Machuria etc.  Hunting of these animals for musk oil has led to an ecological imbalance with the species nearing extinction. Later musk oil was synthetically derived in laboratories to be used in perfumes and otherwise. It was first chemically synthesized in 1888 and was named Musk Baur. This high fragrance oil is also derived from plant sources. Foliage such as Angelica archangelica, Mimulus moschatus, seeds of Abelmoschus moschatus and Olearia argophylla produce musky aromatic compounds such as macrocyclic lactone, which are responsible for the scent similar to that of Musk oil.

Why is Musk Oil unique?

Health Benefits of Musk oil are due to its several properties like antioxidant, antifungal, antiseptic and antimicrobial. Also the oil is famous for its astringent properties, aromatic and anti-toxic/purifying/hydrating assets which have increased its demands in the market tremendously.

Health Benefits of Musk oil

Beneficial for Skin

To Treat Skin Disorders : Skin disorders like Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, Leucoderma  etc instill infections, cystic formations and itches upon the skin can be treated using Rose Musk  oil. Thus one of the major health benefits of musk oil is due to the simple reason that it contains Vitamin A, also known as ‘Retinol’ it be applied on the blotches where cell regeneration takes place and treats Acne.

musk essential oil

Prevent Dehydration of skin : Essential fatty acids, like ‘Omega-6’ is responsible for maintain the water retention capacity in the dermis, hence Rose Musk oil keeps the skin hydrated, nourished and firm.

Skin Texture : Pollutants clog the skin pore due to which the quality of your skin becomes dull and absence of nutrients keeps it undernourished. However using Rose Musk oil, your skin cells receive elements otherwise indispensable for the skin. The richness of your skin, the supple texture returns upon using the oil which protects it from contaminants and nurtures it.

To Treat Wrinkles : Health benefits of musk oil include its ability to formulate new tissues since it contains ‘Linoleic and Alpha Linoleic’ acids as its basic components. Basically the oil which is used is Rose Musk oil  that contains such fibers which increase elasticity of the tissues. It contains antioxidants that have made it into an anti-aging product which eliminates fine lines  and wrinkles.

To Treat Stretch Marks/Acne Scars: It is difficult to completely remove post delivery marks, as well as distinct lines which are left behind due to uneven weight loss/gain. Now using the Rose Musk oil you decrease the severity of scars and stretch marks. Apart from being an incredible skin rejuvenating substance it contains EFA’S and Vitamin A which repair the damaged cells.

To Treat Burns: Internally it repairs the tissues,  since it contains Vitamin A hence reducing chances of scarring.

Other benefits of musk essential oil

Benefits for Liver: Another one of chief health benefits of musk oil is its ability to filter the blood from toxic substances hence improving liver functions. Since Rose Musk oil contains essential fatty acids, Vitamin E and C therefore its ability to hydrate the body are some of its highlighted features. It increases frequency of urinal discharge which contains toxic compounds, excess fats sugars and dead cells from the body. Hence ensures that the liver and spleen function properly without getting poisoned.

Beneficial for Common Cold : Rose Musk oil has been known to possess around 1800mg of Vitamin C, which is an essential constituent that treats diseases which are similar to Influenza.

Beneficial for Digestive System : A major benefit of using Musk oil is its ability to cure gastronomic afflictions which affect the stomach. Dyspepsia can be treated as well as intestinal pains, which can retard digestion can be treated using Musk oil.

Benefits as Antispasmodic : Musk oil is known for treating spasms which can occur in any parts of the organ system. It revives individuals from unconsciousness and can diagnose seizures effectively.

Beneficial for Rheumatism : Musk Rheumatic Oil is used extensively to treat Rheumatism and promote steady blood circulation.

Benefits as Analgesic: Musk oil is  also used as a pain killer, since it maintains such nutrients that relieve the body from ache especially in the joints. Is known for decreasing swellings, which could be a result of traumatic wounds and in case of worst case scenario tumors.

Benefits as Antiseptic : Contagious bites, for example of a snake, severe cuts and itches can be treated using Musk oil.

Beneficial to Immune System :Musk oil is may improve the functioning of immune system  as it contains large amount of Magnesium. This mineral is the second most abundant nutrient which balances the homeostasis of the body .

Health Benefits of Musk Oil for Psychological Results: Used as an important ingredient in Aromatherapy, musk oil has made it prominent in the market. And a major health benefit is its ability to soothe nerve inflammations . It stimulates the medulla thus prevents sudden collapses.  Presence of magnesium ensures that the central nervous system is maintained.

Spiritual effect of Musk oil : It is also said to have meditative effects on us, thus reducing anxiety and emotions, inducing pleasant dreams and increasing inner strength. Mostly white musk oil is use for this purpose. It is also used to purify a sacred place to enhance the spiritual feel of the place. It is often used in increasing awareness of a particular chakra and is said to activate seven chakras of our spine when sniffed through inhaling scents in a diffuser or by incense sticks. Massage with the Arabian musk oil is known to relieve body tension, clear mind and thus help you focus better and at peace .

Precautions while using Musk essential oil

Intake of musk oil is not advised if you are allergy prone. Also it is advised not to consume musk oil when pregnant or for lactating mothers.