Health Benefits of Oatmeal

The modern oat is the native of Asia continent. Oatmeal has been grown for nearly two thousand years across the world. Prior to using as a food, oatmeal was facilitated for medicinal use. Oats, scientifically known as Avena sativa, are able to survive in poor soil where other crops cannot. The distinctive flavor of oatmeal is the contribution of roasting process that is necessary after haying and cleaning.

Health Benefits of Oatmeal

Oatmeal has been accepted medically as an ideal food for every age group, as it assists in keeping you healthy and fit. There are several health benefits of oatmeal to make it a part and parcel of your daily meal. It is rich in fibrous substances to offer ample digestion promoting components and it also controls cholesterol and oil in your body. It is considered as a natural scrubber, helping your body retaining a natural glow and fitness. It is a great source of natural fibers and nutrients to add to the well being of your body.

Reduces Cholesterol Levels : Since 1963, there have been myriads of studies conducted to establish the health benefit of oatmeal, specially its fiber content on the level of cholesterol. Higher level of cholesterol interacts with the plaques, found in the walls of blood vessel. In case these plaques get damaged or overgrow, they can burst and may lead to heart stroke by congesting blood vessels. Hence, it is necessary to maintain the right level of cholesterol to ward off any cardiovascular stroke.  Those people, who eat the diet containing water-soluble fiber, are less prone to heart ailment compared to other people and oatmeal is one of the best source of water-soluble dietary fiber.

 Rich in Antioxidant Properties : Oats, due to richness in terms of fiber, are popular for assisting in maintaining cholesterol level in your body. Antioxidant elements, found in oats are called avenanthramides, which inhibit free radicals from spoiling LDL cholesterol, thus wards off the probability of cardiovascular ailment, indicated a study published in “The Journal of Nutrition” which was contributed by Tufts University.

Oatmeal Thwarts Heart Failure : Heart failure, one of the prominent causes of death, is mostly witnessed amongst the elder people in US. Treatment through drugs has received partial success, and the recuperation rate is also poor.

During research, it has been discovered that ingestion of whole grain foods and dietary fiber exhibited significant alleviation in the development of high blood pressure along with heart stroke. Hence eating oatmeal, which is rich source of dietary fiber, can be beneficial for those who are at risk of developing heart ailment of high blood pressure.

Oatmeal Offers Cardiovascular Benefit to Postmenopausal Women : Consuming whole grains, like oats, minimum six servings per week is particularly recommended for postmenopausal women suffering from high cholesterol and blood pressure or any other type of cardiovascular disease (CVD).

According to a 3-year study, which got place, in the American Heart Journal, indicates this fact. According to this study it has been observed that the abovesaid dose of oatmeal exhibited slow development of atherosclerosis (plaque formation that congest the blood vessels), and least progression in stenosis (the shrinking of arterial passages).oatmeal benefits

Catapults Immunity Against Infection : As per research beta-glucan prominently accentuate the immunity strength against bacterial infection. This rapid response to bacterial infection leads to quick healing and microbial clearance. Make sure to start your day relishing a bowl of oatmeal which will bolster your immune power apart from improving morning energy punch.

Maintains Blood Sugar : Studies has also manifested that beta-glucan has medicinal effects on those who are suffering from diabetes. Type 2 diabetic should add oat fiber in their regular diet to experience their level of blood sugar under control. Kick starting your day with a healthy and fiber rich bowl of oatmeal will stabilize your sugar level in blood and keep your fresh and healthy all day.

Combats Breast Cancer : As per study and researches, it has been found that diet packed with whole grain fiber, like oats along with fruit, have the potential to fight against breast cancer, especially in pre-menopausal women. Pre-menopausal women, if eat the most fiber, can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer compared to those women who do not add fiber in their diets.

Protects Against Childhood Asthma : Eating more quantity of whole grains can cut down the risk of asthma in children by almost fifty percen, indicated the International Study on Allergy and Asthma in Childhood. The chances of developing asthma with bronchial hyperresponsiveness (BHR), was found decreased by almost 88% when children were offered diet with higher level of whole grains. You should avoid wheat as whole grain as it is diet allergen linked with asthma.

How to Select and Store oatmeal

It is advisable to buy and store small amount of oats as this grain is equipped with higher level of fat component compared to other grains hence may become rancid faster. You can find oats mostly in packed jars or in bulk bins. If you opt for bin oats ensure that the bin is properly covered and maintain a good turnover of the product to retain its optimum freshness. Avoid purchasing oats which are moist.

Airtight container is the right place for oatmeal to be kept that too in a dark and cool place. In this situation oatmeal can survive for almost two months.

Precautions Using Oatmeal

Oat bran is generally safe for all including nursing and pregnant women. It may often lead to intestinal gas or bloating. It is advisable to take low dose of oat to start with to avoid any kind of side effects. If you have any problem in chewing or swallowing, it is suggested to avoid eating oatmeal as it may block the intestine if not properly chewed or swallowed.

Safe Oatmeal Dosage Per Day
To maintain right cholesterol, 50-150 gms of oatmeal is best to consume, which will offer 3.6-10 gms of soluble fiber on regular basis. If you wish to lower your blood glucose 25 grams of oatmeal is ideal to consume on regular basis.


There has been number of research and study conducted on this nutritionally packed food and it has been found that oatmeal is having almost a complete punch of nutrients required to retain the best health of our body. It is advisable to incorporate it into your regular food and witness the miraculous health benefits of oatmeal.