Health Benefits of Onions

Onion is one of the major ingredients found in our regular diet and it’s also equipped with various health benefits. The major onion health benefits may include considerable relief from various ailments like asthma, respiratory troubles, common cold, bacterial infections, angina and cough. The onions can work as an insect repellent.

It has been confirmed by the WHO that onions are ideal for people having poor appetite and to those too who are having atherosclerosis. Let’s have a better eye view, how onions can transform our life and what are major onions health benefits:

Onions Health Benefits

Cardiovascular Advantage : Research conducted on animals, it has been discovered that sulfur element found in onion can work as anti-clotting component and can inhibit the unwelcomed clumping of cells of blood platelet. It has also been found that this sulfur can reduce cholesterol blood levels and triglycerides and can help in stimulating the functioning of cell membrane in red blood cells. There is a fair chance of getting these onion health benefits in human research too.

Enhances Bone Strength and Connected Tissue : Human research have manifested that onion can catapult the density of our bones and can also help passing through the major stage of menopausal as during this phase bones loses its density. Onions can reduce the possibility of developing hip fracture to those women who have crossed the menopause stage. It can also directly impact on connected tissues as most of our connective tissue needs sulfur to strengthen their formation.

Anti-Inflammatory Advantage : Onion still require much more research and study on its inflammatory benefits i.e., airway inflammation or rheumatoid arthritis. The sulfur components found in onion has been discovered prohibiting the function of macrophages that is instrumental in boosting our immune system.

Antioxidant properties of onion can also help inhibit the oxidation of fatty acids found in our body. With having less oxidized fatty acids, the body generates lesser pro-inflammatory molecules, and it maintains the inflammation level in our body. 

Protects Against Cancer : Onion has been known for lowering the probabilities of several types of cancer, even if you consume it in limited quantity. Moderate quantity could be 1-2 times each week. Colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer and laryngeal cancer are the types of cancer which can be inhibited if onion is consumed in moderate quantity in our regular diet.

Boosts Oral Health : Onions are also instrumental in warding off oral infections and tooth decay. Eating raw onions kills all the germs of the mouth.

Boosts Sexual Life : Onions are also known to enhance the urge for great sexual life. If a table spoon of onion juice mixed with spoonful of ginger juice is consumed three times a day, it can boost the sexual benefits of onions

Treats Anemia : Onion can also improved your anemic condition if you are suffering from low blood level. Onion with jiggery and water can improve the anemic condition.

Eases Stomach Ache : Onions are equipped with anti-inflammatory along with anti-bacterial characteristics that can ease upset stomach and other connected gastro problems.

Treats Urinary Disorders : Persons suffering from kidney disorder, which may lead to burning sensation while urination, onion can improve the condition and provide relief from this disorder. The patients are advised to drink boiled water with 7 grams of onion in it.

Relieves Earache : Some drops of onion juice can be of great benefit to those people who are suffering from acute ear pain. The unusual ringing sound in the ear can be treated by administering onion juice into the ear using cotton wool.

Rich in Quercitin Content : The onion can be considered as a great source of quercitin, an antioxidant (found in shallots, red and yellow onions only not in white onions), which is associated with protecting against stomach cancer.

Quercitin, found in onions, dilutes the blood, reduces cholesterol level, increases good-type HDL cholesterol, protects from blood clotting, combats asthma, hay fever, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, infections and atherosclerosis.

Detoxifies Human Body : Onion is rich in number of organic sulphur elements that are beneficial for good health. Sulphur rich amino acids are available in the form of proteins in onions which detoxifies your body. These amino acids cease cadmium, mercury, and lead and drain them out of the body. Onion is also equipped with vitamin C which works as an excellent detoxifier of the body in getting rid of cadmium, lead and arsenic.

Reliefs from Sinus : For sinusitis or a clogged nose, onions can assist in loosening the concentrated mucous and make patient breathe easily. It is also coupled with some essential oils, calcium, antioxidants, magnesium, potassium, and sodium providing onion health benefits.

How to Select and Store

You should choose those onions that are well shaped, crisp, dry, clean and do not have any opening. You should avoid those that are molded or sprouted. Inferior quality onions would have soft spots, dark patches, moisture at neck, which are signs of decay.

You should store onions in a thoroughly ventilated place at normal temperature, but away from bright light and heat. Except green onions, don’t refrigerate any other onions. Don’t keep it with potatoes as onions will soak their moisture and ethylene gas and make them spoil easily.

Precautions while using Using Onions

Not much has been known if onions should be eaten during breast-feeding or pregnancy but to be in safer side it is advisable to stay away from using onion in large amount during this time. Onion can reduce the level of blood sugar hence it is suggested for the diabetic to use onion under the supervision of some medical consultant and keep a check of your blood sugar level.

Safe Onion Dosage Per Day

Onions can be consumed in moderate quantity without any side effects. The right dose of onion can be based on many factors like age, medical condition and server other condition of the person. Ensure to take a limited quantity of onion to be safe and yield optimum onion health benefits.


Onions are one of the most popular vegetable found across the globe and the health benefits of onion are known to most of the culture and countries. Limited consumption of anything will never bring any harm and excessive consumption of anything, howsoever safe and natural it could be, will cause harm. Just ensure you add onion into your diet but in a limited quantity and do consult your physician if you are suffering from any medical condition.