Health Benefits of Pumpkin and Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin hails from Cucurbita family and dons its name from pepon – a greek terminology which is used for big melon.  It is also known as Cucurbita moschata, which is its scientific name. Pumpkins are often flattened and its strips are dried to prepare mats also in some native tribes of America. Health benefits of pumpkin are also well known and popular almost in all continents.

Health Benefits of Pumpkin

Pumpkin is mostly popular for its special place in the Halloween parties wherein it’s used for decorations or for stuffing a pie. Health benefits of pumpkin are also numerous. It is stuffed with various nutritional values and provide a great span of vitamins and minerals. Pumpkins are just awesome in terms of its overall benefits, like its pulp or seeds are simply equipped with the punch of healthy nutritional values.

Protects Against Prostate Cancer : Pumpkin seeks are rich in a kind of protective ingredients called phytosterols, which can reduce the possibility of prostate cancer. This component reduces the prostate and triggers the chemical release, which work against the process of changing testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). High level of DHT may result in enlargement of expansion of prostate glands.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties : Pumpkin is also equipped with beta carotene which is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Daily intake of pumpkin can be helpful in arthritis and joint inflammation.

Pumpkin is Great for Skin : Pumpkin is coupled with high content of zinc, vitamin A, C, and E which plays an instrumental role in maintaining glowing and healthy skin. You can rely on a handful of pumpkin seeds every day to ward off wrinkles and maintain a supple and nourished glowing skin.

Prevents Kidney Stones : Relishing 5 to 10 gms of pumpkin seeds can trigger the functions of kidney and ward off the creation of stone – calcium oxalate. So be a great lover of pumpkin seeds and keep kidney stones at bay enjoying health benefits of pumpkin seeds.Pumpkin benefits

Pumpkin Keeps Depression Away : Pumpkin pulp is high in L-tryptophan, a component that stimulates feelings of satisfaction and happiness. If you want to be contented and happy there is no other remedy better than pumpkin! Make pumpkin a regular part of your diet regime and it will soar your spirits each day warding off any kind of somber mood.

Treats Parasite Bites : In several tradition and cultures particularly in Chinese culture, pumpkins are popular in treating infection and injuries caused due to tapeworms or any type of parasites.

Rich in Carotenoids Ingredients : Pumpkins get their shinny bright orange color from the great quantity of carotenoids, which are a part of their entity. These carotenoids helps in driving off the free radical found in our body and combat premature process of aging, cardiovascular ailments along with infections. Pumpkins are also rich in Zeaxanthin and Lutein, important in protecting our vision from getting damaged from free radicals. It wards off development of cataracts and devolution of tissues of our eyes.

Pumpkin rich sourec of Protein : Pumpkin seeds, popularly termed as Pepitas, are considered to be rich in protein content. One ounce pumpkin seeds carry 7 gms of protein content. Pumpkin oil is pregnant with high content of phytosterols and shares a similar chemical composition as that of cholesterol. Hence phytosterols can be used as a replacement of cholesterol and can assist in alleviating the level of blood cholesterol.

Source of Necessary Fatty Acids : Seeds of pumpkin are packed with richness of necessary fatty acids, which is equipped with many nutritional values. It helps in offering protective shield against an array of ailments like high blood pressure, cancer along with arthritis to endorse healthy skin and catapult brain power. In this way, necessary fatty acids found in the pumpkin oil are equipped with multiple health benefits.

Rich in Vitamin A : This pulpy vegetable is a great source of vitamin A as well. Regular ingestion of pumpkin (mix of seeds and pulp) can accelerate the well being of eyes and promotes our immunity power manifolds.

Rich in Vitamin C Content : Vitamin C is potent enough to combat free radicals, stimulates collagen production and triggers immune system. The great quantity of vitamin C content, found in pumpkins, can work as a protective cover against multiple types of cancers.

Magnesium Health Benefits of Pumpkin : Both seeds and pulps of pumpkin are packed with great punch of magnesium, which is a necessary ingredient necessary for several biological activities. Magnesium is necessary for the healthy bones and teeth.

Punch of Potassium & Zinc Content : Pumpkin is rich in zinc and potassium contents. Researches indicate that consuming diet rich in potassium combats development of cardiovascular ailment and hypertension. Density support offered to bones is one of the major functions of zinc content for those people who are susceptible to developing osteoporosis. It also promotes the immunity of our body and stimulates reproductive system.

Rich in Fiber Content : Pumpkin pulp is deplete of calories and is plentiful of great dietary fiber. This fiber is necessary for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, for instance, indigestion and constipation etc. Richness in fiber content also lowers the level of bad cholesterol and in turn it regulates the sugar level available in the blood.

Pumpkin Has Diuretics Properties : Pumpkins are considered to be natural diuretics. Pumpkins are helpful in draining out the toxic elements and waste substances from our body leaving you healthy and fresh.

Benefits to Bones : Older men are more in need of zinc rich food as it protects them from developing prostate disorders and it is good for maintain the right density of mineral in bones. Osteoporosis is mostly considered as a disorder which attachs postmenopausal women most but older men are also prone to developing osteoporosis. As pumpkin is zinc rich food, it should become a part and parcel of our regular diet to maintain a healthy and disease-free life and avail health benefits of pumpkin which it is replete with.

How to Select and Store Pumpkin

Pumpkin seeds can be found in packed containers as well as in the form of bulk bins. Just ensure that container, storing the pumpkin seeds, is covered and is regularly sold to retain freshness. The storage should be fresh. Pumpkin seeds should be moisture free and free from insect damage and are not shriveled.

Pumpkin seeds can be kept in airtight container and in a cool place like fridge. It can be kept for months but it may shed its freshness after 1-2 months. You should not buy those pumpkin seed which are manifesting cuts, wrinkled surface or bruises.

Precautions Using Pumpkin SeedsNutrition facts Pumpkin

Pumpkin is mostly considered to be safe and healthy food if consumed regularly with regular food in limited quantity but in very rare case it may often lead to ejaculation disorders in some people. There is not much proof about the side effects of pumpkin seed on nursing mother or pregnant women but it is advisable to stay away from consuming large amount of it unless you are otherwise advised to do so by your physician.

Safe Pumpkin Dosage Per Day

According to the scientific research for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) it is recommended that 480 milligram of pumpkin seed oil can be consumed by mouth everyday split into three doses along with palmetto and some other types of herbs.


Health Benefits of Pumpkin and Pumpkin seeds are great. Pumpkin seeds are known to be rich in medicinal values which can improve the overall health of human being. It is suggested to add this fabulous vegetable in your regular meal if you want to maintain a healthy and stress-free life.