Health Benefits of Sage

This soft and sweet, savory taste of sage coupled with its miraculous health-promoting characteristics is considered to be one of the most valuable and health-encouraging herbs. Sage can be consumed fresh in the form of leaves or it can also be eaten in dried or in powdered form. This medical herb is found all through the year.

It has earned a name in the category of medicinal herbs and its scientific term – Salvia officinalis manifests its panacea like properties, which suggests that it is meant to save lives if the scientific name of sage is understood in local parlance.

Health Benefits of Sage

Sage is loaded with multiple varieties of volatile oils, phenolic acids, and flavonoids. It is considered to be a great source of vitamin K.

Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant Properties : Rosmarinic acid is easily imbibed from the gastrointestinal tract and functions to simmer down the inflammatory reactions by changing the aggregations of inflammatory cells. It is also an antioxidant. Antioxidant enzymes are found in the stems and leaves of the sage along with peroxidase. When fused, these three substances of sage—phenolic acids, flavonoids, and antioxidant enzymes, become capable enough to stabilize oxygen-based metabolism and ward off oxygen-based harm done to any of the cells. Regular consumption of sage is suggested for those people who are suffering from inflammatory conditions, atherosclerosis, along with bronchial asthma.

Better Brain Function : Health benefits of sage are equipped with the potential to trigger your wisdom power if you can incorporate it into your diet i.e. in favorite stews, soups and casserole recipes etc. According to a research that went online in June 2003 issue of Pharmacological Biochemical Behavior, indicates that sage is a great memory booster also.
Health Benefits of Sage are Anti Fungal: The fusion of Camphor and Camphene in the oil of sage is armed with anti fungal characteristics. This sage oil is strong enough to inhibit fungal infections and offers relief from this fungal infection, for instance dysentery, athlete’s foot, skin diseases and dermatitis. This is one of the health benefits of sage due to which it is used in skin care products.

Anti Microbial : Sage can be utilized to combat microbes also. The substances found in sage offer a protective shield against fungal infection along with inhibit any kind of microbial infections as well.

Anti Bacterial : Oil of sage is just beneficial in countering bacterial infections as well. It eliminates bacteria and ceases their growth. This health benefit of sage can be facilitated to heal diseases, for instance bacterial infections in nose, ears, throat, genitals, eyes, colon, urethra, intestines along with the skin and in cuts and injuries as well.

Anti Septic : As sage is equipped with anti microbial, anti fungal and anti bacterial characteristics, it can also work as an effective antiseptic for wounds, post natal wounds, surgical incisions, sores, ulcers etc.

Anti Spasmodic : Sage is used in the treatment of all disorders caused due to spasm, like abdominal pain in stomach, intestines, chest; coughs; cramps or even convulsions.

Cholagogue & Choleretic : Both these element are almost similar. These are the properties which boosts bile discharge. It assists in right digestion, stomach soothing and protects the entire digestive system against burning sensation caused due to excessive acids, neutralizing acids found in the stomach and also in the blood stream. It provides relief from acidosis, acidity, which protects us from peptic ulcers which may result in acidity. It also protects us from boils, development of skin problems which are often the result of raised acid level in the blood stream.

Cicatrisant : This is also one of the health benefits of sage which has placed sage in a strong position in the world of cosmetics and it act as the most prominent ingredient of anti-spots and anti-marks lotion or creams. This health benefit of sage assist in eliminating scars, fat cracks, after spots, post natal stomach stretch marks and spots left by sores, poxes and boils.
Depurative: It expedites draining of toxins from the blood via excretion or in the form of sweating and thus cleans and purifies our blood, working as a depurative.

Emenagogue : It has potential to regularize menstrual cycles and assist in resuming obstructed menses. This sage oil promotes a few specific hormones like estrogen which is instrumental in regulating clear menstruations and offers relief from troubles like nausea, headache, weakness and tiredness, along with depression too, which is mostly witnessed during periods.

Expectorant : Sage offers soothing effect during cough and cold along with infections in respiratory tracts and chest. It also work as great soothing agent from congestion due to cold and cough.

Febrifuge : Sage reduces fever as it combats infections and offers relief from fever inflammation.

Stimulant : In a nut shell, the most prominent health benefit of sage is it being a stimulant. It triggers brain, liver, nervous system, spleen, excretion and circulation and thus activates them.

Sage in your diet

Make sure to add sage at the end of your cooking preparation so it retains its essence. It can be used while preparing omelets and fresh salads . It can be added as seasoning in sauces too. It is popularly known with chicken and pork dishes too.

Some Other Health Benefits of Sage : It heals dermatitis, sinusitis, herpes, bronchitis, psoriasis, asthma, and collection of phlegm, lumbago, cerebral palsy, and stimulates mental alertness, stability, and relieves depression.

How to Select and Store

Opt for fresh sage compared to dried ones as its health benefits are superb in its green form. The leaves should be fresh and bright green gray in shade and free from bruises and spots. If you are going to purchase dried sage, opt for organically grown sage which ensures that it has not been irradiated.

To store sage leaves, wrap it carefully in a muggy paper towel and keep it inside a loosely packed plastic bag. Now place it in the refrigerator where it can be kept fresh for many days. Dried sage can be kept in an air tight glass container in cool, dark and dry place and you can enjoy the health benefits of sage for almost six months.

Precautions while Using Sage

Delicious Mashed Sage Butternut Squash !

Consuming sage during pregnancy may be unsafe as there is susceptibility of eating thujone, which is a chemical found in some type of sages. It can resume menstrual period, which may lead to a miscarriage. Hence it is advisable to avoid sage during pregnancy and breast feeding as thujone can cut down the milk supply of nursing women also.

Sage can lower sugar level of blood and increase blood pressure hence it is suggested to avoid sage if you are a diabetic and high blood pressure patient.

Safe Sage Dosage Per Day
1 gram of sage each day should be the average quantity to be consumed. It can be increased if you want to treat some ailment but take advice of physician before doing so.


Sage has already been accepted as one of the most pious and healthy herbs if used in prescribed quantity. You should freely include this miraculous herb in your regular diet in the form of sprinkle or topping to enjoy optimum health benefits of sage!