Health Benefits of Seaweeds

Seaweed or sea vegetables are loved by many. It is used in the form of soup, side dishes, condiment salads and often sushi wrapper as well. It has a distinct taste for some people. The most popular and widely relished seaweeds include red dulse, spirulina, kombu, black hijiki, emerald wakame, sea lettuce, and often dark and toasted nori. Besides being unique in its tastes and color, seaweed health benefits are highly rich source of nutrients almost similar to vegetables found in land.

Seaweeds Health Benefits

Majority of seaweeds are rich in amino acids and this is the reason that makes this nutritious plant great source of protein in vegetable form which is similar to the protein found in meat. It can be considered as rich source of protein found in meatless diet.
Seaweed health benefits are found in the form of vitamin A and vitamin C, iodine, calcium, potassium along with magnesium. These minerals are found in abundance in oceanic water.

Seaweeds Health Benefits include Weight Control : Seaweed is considered to be a great way to maintain a right weight as it is fat free diet and can be incorporated as a part of your regular meal. Each serving of seaweed is equipped with 5-20 calories and surprisingly without any fat as well. Seaweed is rich in fiber content which provides a satisfaction level in terms of crave for meal, hence it makes you feel full and happy.

As per a Japanese researcher conducted at Hokkaido University, it has been found that an element found in seaweeds – fucoxanthin can assists in cutting down the amalgamation of fat cells in animals. There is a possibility that the same conclusion would be found in human bodies although it is yet to be done.

Seaweed Can Work as Salt Substitute : Seaweed granules can be used as substitute to sodium salt used in regular meal. In this way seaweed health benefits can enhance flavor as well as reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure, which is mostly witnessed due to intake of sodium found in processed food and other snacks eaten in UK and other westerns countries. It can also cut down the probability of heart stork or attack.Nutrition Facts Seaweeds

Seaweed Health Benefits can Track Blood Sugar : If seaweed can be consumed regularly with meal, it can track the sugar level found in the blood as it is rich source of soluble fiber, which can alleviate the rate of digestion of meal and its ingestion by the bloodstream. Thus it can work as a catalyst in regulating the blood sugar.

Improves Digestive Mechanism : Agar, a type of gel content, found in seaweed is rich source of soluble fiber. When this agar is facilitated in the form of laxative it absorbs moisture and swells in the intestine and promotes regular bowel movement warding off any possibility of constipation or any other abdomen related disorder.

Seaweed Health Benefits Encompasses Sulfated Polysaccharides : Various studies suggest that ingestion of sulfated polysaccharides, which are found in seaweed, acts as anti-inflammatory agent. The major component that triggers inflammatory sense is selectins. Sulfated polysaccharides blocks the functions of selectins along with an enzyme termed as phospholipase A2, which plays an important role in stimulating inflammatory effect.

Sulfated polysaccharides, found in seaweed are also popular for its anti-viral properties. Seaweeds are also termed as "heparin extracts" as they manifest almost similar properties as used in anticoagulant drugs. Seaweed Health benefits are also known for their activities in lowering the cholesterol along with LDL cholesterol. It also improves cardiovascular wellbeing of the body.

Seaweed Combats Cancer : Researchers are still studying the seaweed health benefits in terms of its anti-cancer properties. This research is emphasized on colon cancer. Inflammation and prolonged oxidative stress both are the major fact for the stimulation of cancer. Seaweeds are rich in several anti-inflammatory compounds. The seaweed health benefits are popular for its risk lowering properties in terms of colon cancer and several different types of other cancers as well.

Particularly seaweed health benefits are mostly known for its association with breast cancer. Regular consumption of seaweed seems to improve the menstrual cycle of women in a way that simultaneously estrogen secretion is reduced that is witnessed in the follicular phase of this cycle. This over production of estrogen can give birth to breast cancer.

Seaweed is Rich Source of Iron : Seaweed contains high level of iron contents. This iron is also equipped with a great amount of C vitamin. As vitamin C is good to enhance the bioavailability of iron thus this nutritious combination found in seaweed catapults the seaweed health benefits in multiple ways.

Seaweed is Great Antioxidant : The antioxidant properties of seaweed have also earned a great popularity in the form of seaweed health benefits. It is rich in polyphenols, for instance flavonoids along with carotenoids. Seaweed is also equipped with rich source of various other antioxidants that include different types of alkaloids which are highly rich in antioxidant characteristics. Coupled with rich source of antioxidant vitamins i.e. vitamins C, E, zinc and manganese, seaweed has the potential to enable us fight oxidative stress and several other cardiovascular disorders linked with inadequate quantity of antioxidant intake.

How to Select and Store

Spicy Seaweed Salad !

You should opt for solid seaweeds available in sealed packages. Don’t go for those seaweeds, manifesting excess moisture. You should store seaweeds in airtight containers but at room temperature not in refrigerator. In this way it can remain fresh for months.

Precautions while using Seaweed

Arsenic seaweed has been found to be the reason behind anemia and toxicity in liver. Arsenic is used as insecticides and also herbicides. Some specific seaweeds are rich in iodine content, which may trigger hormone levels of thyroid causing unusual thyroid function.

Safe Seaweed Dosage Per Day
There is no recommended dosage of seaweed, moreover different seaweed are  having different nutritional values, hence it is suggested to take advise of medical practitioner if you are planning to consume seaweed for it medicinal benefits.


Seaweed health benefits are numerous. You must incorporate seaweed in your regular diet in moderate amount and enjoy its health benefit. Get yourself associated with this oceanic plant and yield the nutritious benefits and feel the difference.