Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are flat, small oval shaped seeds that are available in different shades, based on variety like black, yellow, white and red. Health benefits of sesame seeds are popular for its oil, which is resistant to repugnancy. Sesame seeds are also known as Sesamun indicum-its scientific identification. These are found all through the year. It can be accepted that sesame seeds are oldest known condiment to human kind.

Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

‚ÄčHealth benefits of sesame seeds are due to richness in minerals, manganese and copper.  Other minerals that are counted as the health benefits of sesame seeds include calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, fiber, iron, magnesium, and vitamin B1. Most importantly, sesame seeds are rich in two major ingredients – sesamolin and sesamin. These ingredients hail from the family of beneficial fibers -lignans, which is known for its lowering the cholesterol level in human body. Sesamin has been proved to be quite protective for liver against oxidative damage.

Beneficial for Rheumatoid Arthritis : The swelling and pain of rheumatoid arthritis is said to get relieved by copper. Copper is beneficial for number of anti-inflammatory along with antioxidant enzyme related conditions. It is also instrumental in the proper functioning of lysyl oxidase, an enzyme necessary for the fusion of elastin and collagen- that plays a role in creating strength, structure and elasticity in joints, bones and blood vessels. Hence, health benefit of sesame seeds includes high content of copper, which is protective in arthritis condition.

Great for Vascular and Respiratory Health : Studies have indicated that magnesium is beneficial in preventing the airway cramp in asthma condition. Magnesium is also helpful in reducing high blood pressure, warding off the trigeminal blood vessel cramp that leads to migraine episodes. It is also instrumental in promoting normal sleep pattern, specifically in women undergoing menopause phase. Given these benefits, it can be considered that health benefits of sesame seeds are also popular due to its high content of magnesium which is necessary ingredient for human body.

Prevents Colon Cancer, PMS, Migraine and Osteoporosis : In studies, it has been indicated that calcium helps prevent colon cells Nutrition Facts Sesame seedsfrom chemicals that may lead to cancer. It also helps in warding off the bone loss due to menopause or some other medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. Calcium is also helpful in preventing migraine headaches. It can reduce PMS signs in the later half of the menstrual cycle. In this way, being a rich source of calcium, health benefits of sesame seeds become even more prominent.

Good for Healthy Bones :  Zinc rich food, like sesame seeds, is most important for older people as it retains the mineral density of bone which otherwise gets feeble at this stage. In addition, osteoporosis is a type of ailment that attacks postmenopausal women most along with the elder people. According to a study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it is discovered that there is an association between low fat food comprising of zinc and low blood pressures along with osteoporosis at the spine and hip. Hence it can be said that health benefits of sesame seeds are apparent due to its high content of zinc which combats many, as above said, medical conditions.

Phytosterols of Sesame Seeds' Reduces Cholesterol : Phytosterols are substances, found aplenty in plants, contain a chemical structure quite identical to cholesterol, and when available in the diet in right quantity, can cut down cholesterol level in blood, thus catapults the immunity strength of body and cuts down the possibility of certain types of cancers. Health benefits of sesame seeds are amazing due to its high quantity of phytosterol content (400-413 mg each 100 grams).

Some other Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

  • An Antioxidant – Sesame seeds are rich in "sesame-lignin" which is helpful in inhibiting free radicals that may result in aging, several types of cancers and fatty acid generation.
  • Prevents from Hangover – Sesamin, which is one of the important ingredients of sesame seed, can assist in proper functioning of the liver by reducing the adverse effect of alcohol and harmful substances. It is recommended to eat some quantity of sesame seeds in salad or sesame tofu it your drink.
  • Beauty Ingredient – Sesame seed and oil are generally accepted and used in beauty treatments as well. Latest science has discovered that health benefits of sesame seeds can also be used in traditional beauty. Scientific studies indicate that sesame seed and its oil can be facilitated to retain a great and supple skin and it can also be used to maintain strong hair.
  • Stress Relief – Scientific research discovered that stress can lead to several diseases. The chemical structure of sesame seeds makes it a great tonic with a unique capability to cut down tension if used on regular basis. It also rejuvenates the nervous system, which leads to alleviation of fatigue along with insomnia. In a nut shell, it offers maximum strength and vitality to our body.
  • Relief in Constipation – Health benefits of sesame seeds also includes its fiber content that wards off any condition of constipation which is the base of several disorders in our body.

How to Select and Store

Did you know?

100 gms of Sesame seeds can provide following (as % of daily req.):

  • 179% of thiamin
  • 90% of magnesium
  • 84% of iron
  • 81% of phosphorous
  • 76% of copper
  • 74% of manganese
  • 71% of zinc
  • 67% of niacin
  • 62% of protein

Sesame seeds are usually found in packed containers and also in bulk quantity. You should see that tins containing these seeds must be covered and the store should have a right turnover so that the freshness of seeds is retained. The sesame seeds should not be moist as it become smelly and rancid after some time. You should keep these seeds in airtight tins in a dark, cool and dry place.

Precautions Using Sesame Seeds

Researchers believe that to some people it can show some allergic reaction. In fact, if you are allergic to peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews, or walnuts, chances are high that you will be allergic to sesame seed too.

Safe Sesame Seeds Dosage Per Day

Nonetheless, there is no recommended dose of this seeds and its oil. It is advisable to consume this oil through food sources only. Furthermore, as per the American Heart Association, the regular caloric consumption should not exceed 35 percent of the overall diet.


Sesame seeds are rich in number of nutrients necessary for our overall health hence there is no harm in adding it into your regular diet in limited quantity to yield optimum health benefits of sesame seeds. Enjoy its nutty taste and keep fit!