Health Benefits of Shrimps

While shrimps are small but health benefits of shrimp are not! Shrimps can be served cold or hot and it is considered to be one of the most relished and famous seafood in US, just second to tuna. Shrimp is available all over the world. Dissimilar to other relative species, like crayfish and lobsters, shrimps are swimmers not crawlers.  The scientific name keeps varying but it comes from penaeus, which is a genus of prawns. Shrimp are wonderfully nutritious and can be used as substitute for meat proteins.

Health Benefits of Shrimp

Shrimp is rich in protein along with selenium. It is coupled with high content of vitamin B12, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, phosphorus, zinc, copper, magnesium and niacin.

Shrimp Offers Cardiovascular Benefits : Shrimp is quite low in fat content, but high in cholesterol content which hikes good cholesterol level in human body. Consumption of merely four-ounce of shrimp serving, can equip you with daily valuable dose of vitamin B12. This vitamin is one of the necessary nutrients required to regulate homocysteine, which can harm blood vessel walls and lead to cardiovascular ailment.

Protects against Fatal Heart Arrhythmia : A study conducted in Greece suggests that 10 ounces of weekly dose of omega-3-rich fish catapults the electrical contents of heart cells, inhibiting fatal unusual heart rhythms.

Prevents and Controls High Blood Pressure : People, on diet of high quantity of omega-3 fatty polyunsaturated fatty acids, are in a better position to combat high blood pressure. The researchers discovered that omega-3s sourced from seeds, nuts, and vegetable oils are as influential on blood pressure as the source that comes from shrimp fish.

Protects against Cancer : Shrimp provides selenium, which has been indicated to induce DNA repair in the damaged cells, to ward off the development of cancer cells, and it also stimulates their apoptosis, the self-elimination process the body undergoes to destroy worn out or unwanted cells. In addition, this selenium is also associated with glutathione peroxidase, which is specifically necessary to protect against cancerous condition.

Protects against Alzheimer and Age driven Cognitive Decline : Eating diet rich in the omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA can Nutrition facts Shrimpsattenuate the cognitive decline and Alzheimer's ailment which keeps increasing in the aging population. Eating two to three meals, coupled with fish, in a week are pregnant with nearly 380 mg EPA+DHA dose of every day. It has been established in several studies that fish consumption and thereby increase in blood levels can prominently belittle mental alertness and decline over time.

Keeps Skin, Hair and Nails Nourished : Protein is the great source of nourishment to skin and hair which is also incorporated in expensive shampoos. Health benefits of shrimp include its richness in protein which ultimately leads to revitalized skin and hair along with nails in the long run.

Helps Prevent Anemia : Shrimps are great and prominent source of vitamin B12 also, which is a necessary nutrient that helps in producing the red blood cells and leads to inhibit pernicious anemia.

Health Benefits of Shrimp Boosts Energy : Fatigue and laziness are the indicators of low iron levels in our body, which is an important necessary to boost vitality and energy in our body. Shrimps are high in iron content and hence can become a great source of iron intake to maintain an energetic life leaving behind lethargic approach towards life.

Helps Build Strong Bones : These crustaceans (shrimps) are packed with phosphorus ingredients! Calcium along with phosphorus are two major substances that combine and work together to consolidate the teeth and bones of our body. Shrimps can be taken for granted if you are looking for solid stony bones and teeth!

Helps Process Fats : Health benefits of shrimp are coupled with Niacin (vitamin B3) that assists in processing fats, protein and carbohydrates and transforms it into energy used by our body for regular activities. Shrimps can offer a rich quantity of required vitamin.

Helps Combat Depression : Similar to fish, shrimps are also a great repository of omega-3 fatty acids. In a study it has been indicated that omega-3’s can deliver powerful shield against depression and can assist in improving mood of those people who are not very happy with their lives and resort to depression. Just rely on the shrimp effect, and enjoy ecstasy in life!

Helps Promote Prostate Health : Preliminary studies have proven that zinc can lessen growth of prostate cells.  Health benefits of shrimp can provide with the required quantity of zinc in your regular intake of nutrients and can help trigger the prostate health simultaneously.

Keeps Thyroid Gland Healthy : Shrimps can also contribute to the health of thyroid via right supply of copper into the body. To maintain a great thyroid health, there is no harm in relishing shrimps which are counted as one of the most popular seafood packed with multiple nutrients.

How to Select and Store Shrimps

It is advisable to buy shrimp from stores having great reputation of supplying fresh stock of food and other supplies. Frozen shrimp is known for having the longest shelf life, as it can be stored for many weeks, compared to fresh shrimp, which can be stored only for one or two days.

If you are going for fresh shrimp, ensure it is firm and their shells are also attached. It should not have any black spots on the shell and it should not look yellow or gritty. Wrap it in plastic bag and store it in the coldest section of the freezer where you can relish it for nearly a month.

Precautions while Using Shrimp

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It is suggested to avoid consuming this seafood in pure, isolated condition to ward off any type of allergic reaction. Shrimp provide purines which can be intolerant for some people. Excessive consumption of shrimp can lead to several purine-related troubles, like generation of high level of uric acid in the body resulting in gout.

Safe Shrimp Dosage Per Day

Nonetheless, there is no recommended regular does of Omega 3 dosage (Shrimp) but is mostly agreed to take 1 to 2 grams of it per day. Just don’t exceed this quantity of regular intake.


Health benefits of shrimp are fabulous which speak volumes about its richness and usefulness in our regular diet. Enjoy it in your diet in optimum quantity and experience the difference!