Health Benefits of Sorghum

Sorghum is a variety of grain generally grown in warm regions. Sorghum is eaten in various ways, such as bread, cakes or even porridge. It is more nutritious compare to any other ordinary white flour. Some sweeter forms of sorghum are also facilitated to prepare syrups like molasses etc.

Health Benefits of Sorghum

It’s a great source of vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamin, along with minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron and manganese. It has been reported that one ounce serving is packed with eight-one calories offering you a punch of calorie rich diet that too with several other beneficial minerals and vitamins. The most prominent and widely acclaimed health benefits of sorghum are discussed below:

Combats Constipation : Various studies have shown that a fiber free diet can lead to digestive disorders like diverticulitis and constipation. Consuming sufficient quantity of foods rich in dietary fiber can enable the process of digestion more smooth and thoroughly and can travel through the digestive tract more consistently. Hence, it is a great source of diet that is beneficial for bowel movement and it should be added in regular diet.

Rich in Protein : It is recommended that the regular diet should contain 43% of protein. Protein is required to build each segment of your body, which includes different organs, skin, and muscles. Sorghum is equipped with great punch of protein content hence it can be a part of regular meal to stay healthy and fit.

Gluten-free Diet : Sorghum is gluten free and turns out to be helpful for those who are suffering from wheat allergies and celiac disease.  It is also instrumental in offering strength to bones and keep teeth healthy by giving them energy.

Inhibits Cancer Tumor Growth : Elements found in sorghum called 3-Deoxyanthoxyanins (3-DXA) are discovered to have strong anti proliferative properties and can act against colon cancer cells as per the study and research conducted by scientists at the University of Missouri.

Combats Diabetes  : If the study conducted by the University of Georgia Neutraceutical Research Libraries is to be relied upon, sorghum brans are rich in phenolic manifests high anti-oxidant components that can cease protein glycation, which is instrumental in developing diabetes. These researches suggest that some varieties of sorghum bran can be quite influential in some biological functioning which is important in insulin resistance and diabetes.

Controls Cholesterol : If the research and observation of scientists at the University of Nebraska is to be considered, sorghum is high in phytochemicals and has been studied for managing cholesterol. Different quantities of sorghum lipids were fed to hamsters for nearly a month and it was discovered that the healthy fats found in sorghum drastically cut down bad (non-HDL) cholesterol.  Good (HDL) cholesterol was left unaffected. It was concluded that sorghum grains can be used as a staple grain or dietary supplements to control cholesterol levels in human beings.

Rich in High Levels of Antioxidants than other Grains and Fruits : A research and study conducted by Texas A&M University came out with a conclusion that sorghum is equipped with high potential to prominently influence human health.  Especially, they discovered that it can cut down the chances of a few types of cancers and simulates cardiovascular health as well due to its high level of antioxidants.Sorghum

Helps Treating Human Melanoma : Madrid scientists discovered the influence of sorghum on the development of human melanoma cells. Finally it was found that it is potent enough and can act as therapeutic agents to cure human melanoma.

Some Other Health Benefits of Sorghum : Sorghum grains are coupled with a wax coating that manifests a compound called policosanols that can assist in reducing the level of cholesterol and promote healthy heart health by keeping platelets away from each other and thus inhibiting the process of clotting of blood. It is also a great source of thiamin, vitamin B6, riboflavin, minerals i.e., potassium, iron, magnesium, and manganese.

How to Select and Store Sorghum

If you are planning to buy sorghum grains, you should go for well rounded and bigger grains than smaller ones. It should not be moist so that it can be stored for long. You should store it in a dark and covered container to retain it for long time.
If you wish to store syrup of sorghum you should seal the opening of the syrup container tightly before storing it.  Store the syrup bottle in a dark area of your house at room temperature. You can retain and enjoy the sweet sorghum syrup for nearly one year if it is kept in a dark cupboard sealed.

Warnings Using Sorghum

Sorghum grain is mostly free from any type of reported side effects but if you are using its syrup the possibility of health drawbacks of sugar cannot be ignored. Excessive of sorghum may lead to pilling up of weight and it is not a safe sugar replacement for diabetics. It should only be used occasionally and other healthy foods must be consumed to round out the suggested regular intake of calcium, iron, potassium and other necessary nutrients.

Sweet sorghum cannot mold or spoil but it can change into crystals. If it crystallizes bring it out in a saucepan and leave it under sun or warm it gently using burner.  Now stir the syrup when it is warmed up, the crystals will disappear. Now, turn off the burner and pour the syrup back into the same container and keep it back to the cupboard in a dark place for further storage.

Safe Sorghum Dosage Per Day

There is not recommended safe quantity of sorghum that can be ingested on regular basis. But it is suggested that it should only be consumed in limited quantity to yield its health benefits as excess consumption of anything is harmful. There is no reported side effect of this syrup but it is not free from back draws that a sugar based eatable can bring if you are consuming its syrup.


Sorghum cereal is rich in many mineral, vitamins and other necessary nutrients and it is recommended to incorporate this beneficial cereal in all forms including syrup. Make sure that you consume it in a limited quantity to gain maximum health benefits as the draw backs of excessive use of anything cannot be ignored.