Health Benefits of Vinegar

For centuries, vinegar has been in the regular use in almost every continent and country. A few of the uses that vinegar has been put to include preparing pickles, eliminating  weeds, polishing armor, cleaning coffee containers, dressing salads etc. In modern times, apple cider vinegar is considered to be a health tonic. Some research has been conducted to discover vinegar health benefits.  These small researches indicated that vinegar health benefits can assist in some medical conditions like obesity and diabetes. Acetic acid is the scientific name of vinegar.

Vinegar is formed from fermentation. In this process the sugar ingredients of a food is fermented by yeast and bacteria. During this process the sugar is transformed into alcohol. On further fermentation of alcohol vinegar is produced. The main component of vinegar is acetic acid. Vinegars also contain some other acids, mineral salts, vitamins, and amino acids.

Vinegar Health Benefits

Because of lack of proper scientific research some of Vinegar health benefits are confusing and sometimes even contradictory.
Let’s have a closer look on those vinegar health benefits which have been discovered and accepted by population at large till now. Vinegar appears to be capable enough to pay plethora of assisting roles in our lives that can help us combat some of the serious health conditions like heart ailment, osteoporosis and diabetes.

Enhance Calcium Absorption : It has been accepted and scientifically proved that vinegar contains high quantity of acetic acid. This acetic acid, similar to other acids, can catapult the capacity of absorption of many necessary minerals that food offers by our body. Hence, adding vinegar in our food or possibly in our drinks in the form of mild tonic comprising of vinegar and water prior to or even in meal can enhance our body’s capacity to ingest necessary minerals locked in our regular foods. Vinegar could be particularly helpful for women, who are not able to extract calcium from their daily foods required by their bodies necessary to retain the strength and stiffness of bones.

Controlling Blood Sugar Levels : Vinegar has of late attracted attention of the world due to its potential to allow the diabetic people, with type 2 diabetes, to have a better life and manage their disease. Controlling diabetes means delay or prevention from other associated ailments like blindness, kidney and lung disorder, impotence etc.Nutrition Facts Vinegar

In type 2 diabetes, the cells of body become resistant to the activities of the hormone insulin. The body in normal condition secretes insulin into the blood whenever food is taken. Insulin's function is to assist in taking glucose or sugar from the food and absorb it into the body for using it as energy. In diabetes when body becomes resistant to insulin, the sugar taken from food starts assimilating in the blood and the cells keep starving for the sugar and thereby energy.

It appears that vinegar can inactivate a few of the digestive enzymes that change the carbohydrates from meal into glucose, thus elevating the absorption of glucose from food into the blood. Slow absorption of sugar allow the body enough time of take sugar from the blood and in this way helps cutting down the level of sugar in the blood vessels.

Further more studies are required to be conducted to ascertain vinegar health benefits for type 2 diabetic patients and also those people who are at the verge of developing this disease.

Replacing Unhealthy Sodium and Fats : The diversity and concentration level of flavor in different types of vinegar are important for their healing roles in different health conditions. Saturated fats have been indicated to have adverse effect on the cholesterol level of blood. Physician advice those people who are suffering from high blood pressure or are at risk to develop high blood pressure should cut down the quantity of sodium intake. Hence using vinegar is a substitute for less healthy components.  It can control the blood cholesterol along with blood pressure levels and assist in avoiding heart ailment and stroke.

Making a Healthy Diet Easier to Consume : Some of the natural weapons that combat cancer and aging process are fruits and vegetables. The phytochemicals and antioxidants, they are rich in, can cut down the susceptibility of several types of cancer. These antioxidants also inhibit cells from getting damage due to free-radical process which may lead to many aging related diseases.

Hence consuming these fruits and vegetables is necessary for the right functioning of our body and retain a healthy body. By increasing the taste and flavor of vegetables using vinegar, you can be inclined to consume more of this storage of antioxidants. Hence one of the vinegar health benefits could include the process of making the healthy food easier and flavorful to consume it easily and thus enabling you fight dreaded diseases proficiently.

Removing Harmful Components from Produce : Some people are worried about consuming large quantity of vegetables and fruits because they think that they may end up consuming pesticide and other chemical residues in a large quantity as these are used to grow vegetables and fruits. In this case also vinegar can extend a helping hand. Washing vegetables and fruits in a water and vinegar mixture can remove some quantity of pesticides as per some research. It can also eliminate harmful bacteria form fruits and vegetables.

Get Flavor, Not Calories : Vinegar is low in calories. So if you are out to lose weight it can be a great help. Vinegar can cut calories in your desserts too. A splash of balsamic vinegar can add flavor to your favorite dessert but not calories. 

How to Select and Store Vinegar

Homemade Rosemary Flavored Vinegar !

The vinegar can be kept at room temperature if not opened. After opening it close the bottle tightly and keep it in cool and dark place to avail vinegar health benefits.  Don’t expose the bottle to sun rays or heat. It should also be kept away from strong aromas. Refrigerator can be a great place to store vinegar.

Precautions while using Vinegar

Vinegar may lead to some stomach troubles because of its high acid content. Eating large quantity of vinegar can result in nausea or heartburn and often make ingestion worse. Some other warning using vinegar may include severe throat pain or trouble in swallowing, low level of potassium in the blood, signals of some kind of allergic reaction, like hives, rashes, itching, wheezing, or trouble in breathing. 

Safe Vinegar Dosage Per Day

A safe dose for vinegar is yet to be established as not much study has been done in this arena. However, it is recommended to follow the directions provided in the label of the product when you use vinegar. For conventional use, commonly recommended doses may range from one to three spoons before or after meals.


Although vinegar offers some great health benefits, due to lack of extensive scientific studies, to start with, it is best if you incorporate it into your diet in a limited quantity. It will not only add health to your life but a lot of flavor too!