Health Benefits of Watermelon

No fruit is as friendly and embraced as the subtly thirty, quenching and crunchy watermelon. Although these seasonal fruit is available all year round but its natural harvesting season is the summer, in which they are most sweet and at their best natural values.

Watermelon belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family and associated with squash, pumpkin and cantaloupe. Scientifically watermelons are known as Citrullis lanatus. It can be found in multiple shapes like round, spherical or even in oblong with considerable green rinds that either could be stripped or spotted. Their sizes also vary which may lead to ninety pounds.

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Health benefits of watermelon lies in its richness in terms of nutrients that includes carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, vitamins, amino acids and host of others. Watermelon is termed as a great source of vitamin A and C, magnesium along with of potassium as well. It is very low in sodium, saturated fat and cholesterlo.

Watermelon and Green Tea Inhibits Prostate Cancer : If you eat regularly lycopene-rich diet like watermelon coupled with green tea it can substantially cut down the risk of developing prostate cancer in man – as suggested by a study stated by the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  

Regular intake of green tea along with diet which is good source of lycopene has been found to be a great synergistic positive influence on the health of man and protect them from prostate cancer.  So, be a bit proactive and don’t neglect this advice if you really want to take health benefits of watermelon.

Energy Production : Watermelon, being rich source of B vitamins, is a good way to energize your activities for the day long.  It has been accepted and established that watermelon is a qualified source of boosting energy in our body due to its richness in vitamin B6, vitamin B1, potassium and magnesium Otherwise also food rich in water content and low in fat is always suggested as good source of diet for physicians also which manifests the great health benefits of watermelon.

health benefits of watermelon

Rich in Vitamin C : The health benefits of watermelon include its richness in vitamin C content. This vitamin is important in triggering the immune system. Illnesses like flu cannot dare to trouble you! This watery fruit can also simmer down the aging menace by providing you with a great, radiant and healthy skin. Vitamin C is also instrumental in inhibiting cell damage and quick in healing wounds. It can also cease risk of cataracts and facilitate strong teeth and gums.

Helps in Weight Loss : People are worried about their health and obesity these days due to wrong eating habit and deteriorated life style. They go for diet to avoid putting on weight. For those people who tend to gain weight frequently, health benefits of watermelon can help and prove to be a remedy to their weight related troubles. Watermelon is not only a delicious and yummy treat but it can also maintain ideal weight without leaving anything extra on you. This is due to its fat free properties.

Kidney Disorders : Watermelon is pregnant with potassium, which helps in cleaning and draining out the toxic repositories in the kidney. In addition, it also plays a role in cutting down the level of uric acid found in blood, thus in turn reduces the risk of kidney damage and development of renal calculi. Due to its richness in water content, it triggers frequent urination, which helps in cleaning one of the most important part of your body – kidney. The anti oxidant properties of watermelon ensure a healthy kidney for a long time and is counted as one of the health benefits of watermelon.

Ward off Heat Stroke : It is instrumental in maintaining the right body temperature. Several people of tropical areas are regular eater of watermelon, specifically in the afternoon, in the summer days to get protection from heat stroke. In other parts of the world also this fruit is found mostly in summer season to relief people from summer and combat heat strokes.

High Blood Pressure : A considerable quantity of magnesium and potassium found in watermelons, are ideal to drop the blood pressure. The carotenoids found in watermelon are capable enough to inhibit the stiffing of artery walls and veins and thus normalized the blood pressure.

Good for Diabetics : Diabetic are advised to eat low energy and low sugar diet and they often find themselves starved due to lack of sugar free and low energy food. Such food regime often leaves them high and dry in terms of their staple food and insatiated. Health benefits of watermelon can rescue these people as in spite of sweet taste, a thick chunk can provide the diabetic with very few calories as it is filled with 99% water content and fiber. Apart from this, different minerals and vitamins like magnesium and potassium also catapults the proper insulin activities in the body, thus reducing the sugar level in the blood.  Arginine is yet another element available in water melons, which is a great reason that enables the right impact of insulin in our body.

Heart Care : Watermelon is rich in lypocene, which is a carotenoid, and it stimulates cardiac activities. Beta carotene, which is mostly liked for its anti oxidant and anti aging specialties, can also maintain heart health and inhibit the age related cardiac disorders. The fiber found in watermelon, due to its low energy content, vitamin-C, potassium and Carotenoids, can assist in maintaining the cholesterol level and allowing you lead a healthy and safe life.

Macular Degeneration : One more health benefits of watermelon is its positive effect on vision. Beta carotene, Zeaxanthin and Lutein are found in watermelon which are great for retaining the healthy eyes. They make sure that your eyes will not encounter any kind of macular degeneration. The anti-oxidants present in watermelon can maintain the eye sights and will also combat other age associated eye disorders like drying of eyes along with glaucoma and optical nerves.

Treat Impotency : A surprising health benefits of watermelon is that it is rich in arginine, which is a remedy to erectile dysfunctions. Thus it is also a great source of conjugal life. Relying on watermelon will keep couples happy and stress-free.

How to Select and Store

You should select a flavorful melon, which should be of deep color and less in white streaks. Look for those watermelons which is heavy compared to its size and a smooth rind. Select such a fruit which has one side distinct in color compare to rest of the parts. It should manifest a creamy or yellowish texture, if you want to get the best health benefits of watermelon.

Watermelon in your daily food

  • Add to other fruits and make great and tasty fruit salad.
  • Make watermelon juice using raw watermelon, you can always mix other fruits such ased on your taste
  • Watermelon can be added to yogurt to add taste and nutrition

But above all, watermelon is such a delicious fruit that it is great to eat raw anytime!

Precautions while using Watermelon

In a few cases, watermelon may lead to some allergic reactions if you are allergic to celery, latex, carrot or cucumber. It is suggested not to eat watermelon as a hypertension treatment. You should consult your physician before doing so. 

There is no scientific recommendation for the regular intake of watermelon but some suggests an acceptable intake of 2 to 30 mg per day.


Watermelon is such a delicious and heath fruit that it should be included in your diet. It is treat not only to your taste buds also to your health system! Highly recommended.