Kefir Health Benefits

Kefir is a famous fermented drink, equipped with great punch of probiotics and yeast, which are healthy bacteria that help in promoting good digestion. Kefir is prepared by mixing grains to milk and kept in an open container. This is allowed to rest at room temperature for nearly one day. This concentrated yogurt like substance can be consumed and the grains are facilitated to create more kefir.

Some other names that kefir own, includes fermented dairy product, kefir cheese, kefir yogurt but it is not scientifically adopted.  Kefir health benefits have made it popular as miracle drink. Kefir grains play a role in making this milk drink, which is rich in yeasts, microorganisms, polysaccharides, lipids and proteins.

Kefir Health Benefits

Kefir is packed with various nutrients and vitamin. It is a great source of vitamin A, B2, K, B12, along with D. In addition, it is also equipped with some other essential minerals for instance calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Kefir health benefits are many. Kefir offers a shield against many medical disorders that may arise in the lack of right nutrition and proteins, which kefir is packed with. It is prepared with milk and kefir grain hence there is no complexity in its production as well. The only thing that is required is the awareness and willingness to incorporate it into your regular diet and feel the difference.

The most important of it all are microorganisms available in kefir grains. Kefir health benefits improved the overall health of human being and more importantly it stimulates and improves the digestive system of our body.

Antibiotic and Antifungal : Kefir is considered to be antifungal along with antibiotic food and it can work against candidiasis, HIV/AIDs and heart ailments. The micro organisms, found in kefir, stimulates digestive system and thus wards off abdomen related disorders like, bloating, gas along with indigestion etc. Kefir is enriched with enzymes, which is helpful for those people who are suffering from lactose intolerance. Health benefits of Kefir also encompasses its ability to wash the colon and combat any type of intestinal ailment. It can alleviate the inflammatory bowel disorder also.

Kefir Improves Immune Function : Immune system is the major function of our body that retains and maintains the wellbeing of our overall health by combating all types of abnormality or health disorder. Kefir Health benefits triggers the impact the immunity of our body manifold that can catapult the efficiency of combating diseases and keep us healthy and disease free.

Attenuates Certain Cancers : It has been scientifically proved that kefir can cut down the probability of some kinds of cancers including colon cancer by ceasing the development of cells responsible for leading to cancer.Health benefits of Kefir

Kefir for healthy Nervous System : It is considered that kefir is potent enough to provide a soothing affect on the nervous system and stop us from getting excited and anxious. It calms the nerves and thus retains and regulates the functioning of our nervous system. This specialty of kefir is exhibited due to a kind of amino acid, which is called tryptophan’.

Kefir has Anti-aging Components : Kefir is equipped with high content of antioxidants along with anti-aging substances. It has the capacity to simmer down the adverse effect of free radicals that cause harm to our body cells due to their oxidizing process. By cutting down the influence of free radical harm, kefir helps in slowing down process of aging thus help us look younger and fresh for longer time.

Kefir Combats Teeth Diseases and Strengthen Bones : Majority of the kefir health benefits are due to the content of calcium available in the kefir milk. The nutritious mild of kefir accelerates the already prominent influence of kefir. Consuming milk mixed with kefir can feed hair, cure gum disorders, and consolidate our bones and teeth. Kefir is also instrumental in warding off osteoporosis.

Kefir Promotes Brain Health : Yet another kefir health benefits include the amazing effects of kefir on our brains. Kefir catapults the proper functioning of our brain and often accelerates the capacity. In addition, kefir also relaxes brain and it retains a sharp memory and allows us to focus.

Kefir Helps Shed Weight : If you’re looking out for some diet regime to reduce your weight, kefir can help you shedding your weight. Being rich in probiotics, kefir stimulates the metabolism our body and churn out calories even when you have finished your workout session. So rely on kefir and just relax you would be able to lose weight without much stress and popping up differnt pills. Kefir is quickly digestible and can be consumed by kids also. It is equipped with rich source of complete food packed with many necessary amino acids. In a nutshell, kefir can improve your overall health, body system and enthusiasm. 

Some other Kefir Health Benefits : In addition, there are many other kefir health benefits. These include treatment and controlling of acne, treating depression, sleep disorders, bronchitis, asthma, diabetes hypertension, acute chronic fatigue disorder, diarrhea, allergies, colitis, etc.

How to Select and Store

You should keep the milk and kefir grains in a clean and dry glass jar and don’t forget to seal the jar cap. Before sealing fill enough milk to dip the kefir grains completely. Keep the jar in cool place like fridge. If you want to keep the kefir grains for long time keep changing the mild in 15 days. Always make a backup supply of kefir grains before storing.

Precautions while Using Kefir

Kefir is considered to be safe for adults if used for six months without break.  Not much evidence is available if it is safe for pregnant and nursing women. So avoid it during this phase of your lives to be in safe side. People having week immune system can often develop some kind of infection from these yeast and bacteria.

Safe Kefir Dosage Per Day

The right medically tested dose of kefir has not been recommended as yet. It all depends on the age, medical condition and may other factors of the person who is going to consume kefir. Ensure that you follow the direction provided on the product and don’t forget to visit your physician before taking kefir.


Kefir is rich in multiple vitamins, minerals and other nutritious substance necessary to protect our body from many diseases and keep it healthy. You can add this healthy food in your regular diet in a limited quantity and experience its sweet and soothing effect on your daily life.