Matcha Health Benefits

Matcha is a green tea in powdered form often used as a component in cooking and in the traditional tea ceremony of Japan. This tea is quite different from several other normal green teas due to its unique processing mechanism.  In addition, when black and green tea is boiled and drained, this matcha does not go through the same process. Its entire tea leaf is consumed. Matcha tea contains very less calories and sodium content. Apart from vitamins and protein, matcha is also rich in fiber and antioxidants compared to other steeped teas.

Matcha Health Benefits

There are several reasons to consider Matcha as one of the healthy green tea which is widely used across the globe. Some of the most prominent and talked about matcha health benefits include:

Great Antioxidant : Matcha is packed with high quantity of antioxidants along with amino acids which adds value to its nutritional characteristics. The overall quantity of antioxidant catechins is nearly 134 mg in every gram of matcha. It is also equipped with great amount of amino acids which counts to 44.7 mg in one gram. As per a medical research center the matcha health benefits can assist in warding off heart disease, some types of cancer, diabetes and high cholesterol levels.

Maintains Cholesterol Level : The antioxidant found in green tea leaves enhances the high-density lipoprotein and reduces low-density lipoprotein, as per a medical school. According to this school such type of cholesterol control can be beneficial for general cardiovascular health and diminishes the risk of any type of heart disorders.

Catapults Alertness : Caffeine is known as a natural stimulant, which helps green tea to become useful for maintaining mental sharpness and alertness as per a medical institute. The quantity of caffeine, found in matcha, may differ based on many factors i.e. how it was grown and the quantity of matcha being used, as per a medical university. This institute indicates that a standard quantity of tea can contain nearly 40 to 211 mg of caffeine.

Diminishes Damage of Cell : Matcha health benefits are mostly known for it being the best natural source of element – catechins, as per a study. This study reports that these components are packed with powerful antioxidants that help in stopping your cells from getting damaged. It also helps cutting down the probability of developing several types of cancer, like bladder and esophageal cancer, as indicated by the medical school.

Prevents Cavities : It has been discovered by an institute that green tea is equipped with fluoride content, helpful in warding off the risk of any type of teeth decay or cavities. The quantity of fluoride is not too much so that drinking too much of green tea can be dangerous and accumulate excessive of fluoride.

Promotes Overall Functioning of Body : It is believed that a normal body is slightly alkaline, and an unbalanced diet can trigger the situation and it can add more alkali to the body by consuming empty calories. Green tea can fight acidity because of the minerals in the tea leafs like manganese, calcium, cooper zinc nickel etc. which can help in the right functioning of body system.

Stimulates Digestive System : Matcha health benefits can trigger the stomach and catapult intestinal function thus promotes right functioning of digestive system.

Prevents Illness : As per a study, the huge concentrations of vitamins found in Matcha green tea simulates the immune system and promotes natural potential of body and fights with diseases and combats stress.

Tones Up Skin : The great amount of concentrated vitamin c, which is found in Matcha green tea can retain the radiance of skin by toning up the skin and offers a youthful elasticity. It is rich in vitamin c and an average of three cups of this tea offers sufficient quantity matcha benefitsof vitamin c which you can find in an apple.

Helps in Weight Loss : Matcha health benefits lies in its ‘no calorie content’. When this tea is taken after a lavish meal, its tannin components trigger the fat degrading enzymes and enhance their performance. A cup of Matcha green tea can diminish the appetite and feed you with minerals and vitamins, which are not found in several diet drinks.

Good for Expectant Mothers : Studies and surveys have manifested that deficiency of minerals, particularly copper and zinc, often result in low birth weight. These minerals are required during the phase of pregnancy, which is found in Matcha green tea in abundance.

Prevents Diabetes : The catechins found in green tea can reduce the blood sugar levels also by neutralizing the actions of amylase, an enzyme responsible for breaking down carbohydrates and converting them into glucose.

Helps Slowing Aging Process : These catechins can also ward off the oxidation of fat which is taken from the foods, and thus act as natural antioxidants component. In these natural antioxidants epiggallo catechins gallate (EGCG) manifests twenty times the antioxidants found in vitamin E.

How to Select and Store Matcha

Matcha tea should be stored in an air-tight, slight tight container and can be kept it in refrigerator.  When you want to make tea, take out some part of it using spoon and immediately replace the lid of the container and keep it back in the refrigerator.  After opening the container, it should be used within 15 to 30 days to enjoy maximum freshness and matcha health benefits.

Precautions while Using Matcha

When consuming matcha tea just ensure that it is made of good quality green tea leaves as inferior quality of leaves may contain high quantity of metals like lad, fluoride, and aluminium, which may result in generating dangerous elements like aluminium oxide, which are found in Alzheimer patients.

Safe Matcha Dosages Per Day
Albeit there is no specific recommended dosage prescribed for matcha tea, it is always safe to consume this tea in limited quantity. It contains caffeine, which may bring some damage if the dose exceeds 10 g.


This green tea is said to be quite safe and beneficial if taken in moderate quantity. You can enjoy its taste and advantaged but make sure you do not exceed the limited dose of it if you want to get the optimum matcha health benefits.