Okra Health Benefits

Okra, also popular as ladies fingers, Bendi or Gumbo, seems to be first found and used in the West Africa and it is one of the most popular and pervasively used for medicinal benefits. It has earned scientific names like "abelmoschus esculentus" and "hibiscus esculentus".  It is rich source of several nutrients like iron, Vitamins A, C, B6, K, folate and calcium.

Okra seeds are great source of oil equipped with unsaturated fats including oleic acid. It is also pregnant with glutathione, a protein produced in human body naturally and it inhibits germs along with bacteria from our body which would otherwise, may lead to cancers and some other ailments. Okra health benefits improve heat, liver, and lung health and stimulate immune system. 

Did you know?

Single serving of Okra (100 gms) provides 66% of daily Vitamin K requirements, 50% of manganese requirements, 35% of Vitamin C and 22% of Folate requirements.

This is just amazing!

Okra Health Benefits

Triggers Colon Health : Colon is a necessary part of our body and it is instrumental in the proper functioning of our gastrointestinal system. If the colon does not work properly, the body is exposed to several health disorders. In case any harm is done to the colon membranes or the any part of the digestive tract, it can jeopardize the whole gastrointestinal system which may slow down inviting multiple medical casualties. To uplift and bring back to track the efficiency of colon, okra is considered to be the ideal remedy.

Okra is a great source of natural vitamins – A, C, E, K, iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, sodium, selenium and phyto-nutrients which are required to maintain the functional properties of colon and retain the right health of human body.

Elevates Cholesterol Level : Okra health benefits are numerous which include its role in maintaining the right level of cholesterol in human body. It is also good to reduce the cholesterol level if it has enhanced comprehensively.

health benefits of Okra Dieters’ Favorite : Okra (lady fingers) can also be helpful if you are planning to reduce few pounds of extra fats accumulated in your body. Due to its richness in dietary fiber, it is often accepted as one of the best dietary options suggested to people planning to draw their diet chart.

Protects from Cancer : In addition, okra has plentiful of antioxidant properties which combat cancer. Consumption of okra can cut down the risk of any cancer condition in future.

Okra health benefits are also popular for working against lung cancer. The flavonoids present in okra, combat lung cancer and are also good for teeth. These favonoids protects teeth from cavities and make it strong and long lasting. 

Maintains Healthy Skin : Okra is abundant in vitamin A which is good for healthy, radiant, clear and glowing skin. Okra health benefit can enhance your skin texture and allow them look vibrant and young.

Accelerate Healing Process : In addition, the vitamin C content that okra is rich in, helps in alleviating the quantity of free radicals found in the body which in turn cuts down the time taken in healing process. The vitamin K found in okra assists in blood clotting and consolidates the bones of the body.
By incorporating okra in your regular diet it can increase vitamin A intake and at the same time it will enhance healing process.  Hence, okra health benefits can be incorporated in your regular intake of food if you are looking to strengthen the colon health. 

Stimulates Nerve Function : Okra is rich in potassium nutrient which retains the right quantity of fluids required for effective functioning of nervous system. Right balance is of utmost importance because it triggers metabolism along with transferring nerve impulses for right nerve functioning.

Checks High Blood Cholesterol : Okra is equipped with high level of pectin that assists in cutting down the high blood cholesterol by changing the generation of bile found in the intestines.

Aids Digestion : Okra health benefits are also in smooth functioning of the digestion process, which is important for the overall functioning of the body. Okra is rich in soluble fiber, which helps ease digestive system and wards off any type of irregular movement of bowel or condition of constipation. The fiber present in okra absorbs water and thus protects against any constipation situation.

Improves Hair Health : Okra helps in getting rid of dandruffs and can offer you a dandruff-free healthy hair. Just cut okra in small pieces and heat it till it becomes slimy. Now let the water cool and then add some drops of lemon in this solution. You can rinse your hair using this resultant solution evenly when you wash your hair.

Other Okra Health Benefits
Okra health benefits also include its role in the treatment for asthma. The high vitamin C content found in okra works as a treatment for inflammations, and it is a great recommendation to asthma sufferers. As per basic research conducted on children, who were sufferers of asthma, the stertor rate was reported less in those children who ate fruits containing high vitamin C content. Half cup of cooked okra can offer 13 mg of vitamin.

You can also facilitate okra help benefits in combating atherosclerosis. Foods rich in fiber are recommended to ward off cholesterol collection in the blood vessels which can develop heart conditions.

It is also instrumental in protecting against cataract and easing the process of treatment. Okra health benefits are highly recommended for triggering the nervous system which in turn can alleviate anxiety, depressions, and weakness.

How to Select and store Okra

How to avoid Okra getting slimy?

While choosing okra, you should go for fresh looking dark green and long okras. Avoid selecting okras with blemishes, cuts or bruises or some kind of stickiness. Always select okra of medium diameter that is not too long or too short.

Okra can remain in edible condition (fresh) only for days if kept at normal temperature. To avail the optimum okra health benefits it should be stored in refrigerator. Under this condition it can last for 4-5 days.

Precautions while using Okra

There has not been established any side effects or cautions for okra vegetables, hence it can be assumed that it can be used safely and okra health benefits can be availed by all.

Safe Okra Dosage Per Day
Similar to side effects, not much research has been conducted to conclude at any right quantity of dosage for okra till now, but it is always suggested to eat anything in moderate quantity.


As we saw, okra is rich in different nutrients, you should add it in your regular diet and enjoy safely and deliciously.