Raspberry Health Benefits

Raspberries are nutritious and delicious treat. These berries can be of many colors ranging from deep purple to bright red to pale yellow, but every kind of raspberries have a sweet and tart taster. Apart from their welcoming aesthetic properties, these raspberries are packed with several essential nutrients, transforming the berries a great healthy addition to your regular diet.

Raspberry Health Benefits

Raspberries are nutrient rich berries and are packed with various health benefits to human being due to which it has become one of the most recommended and widely used and consumed fruit across the globe. Some of the widely popular raspberry health benefits are explained as under:

Controls Obesity : Raspberry is rich in rheosmin, which is instrumental in enhancing metabolism of our fat cells by dint of catapulting enzyme activity, heat production and oxygen consumption in some types of fat cells. All these activities discourage the deposition of fat cells, and process of using fat increases. By simulating fat cell metabolism, pro-inflammatory messaging molecules are decreased which produce by fat cells. Rheosmin also cut down the functioning of fat-digesting enzyme – pancreatic lipase, formed by our pancreas. By alleviating the functions of this enzyme, our body absorbs and digests less fat which result in controlled fat in our body. 

Anti-Cancer Properties : Due to rich anti-inflammatory and antioxidant phytonutrient fusion found in raspberries, it's quite normal that studies discovered raspberry health benefits in warding off cancer. Raspberries help reducing the possibility of oxidative stress, and offering a rich source of anti-inflammatory nutrients, leading to cutting down the risk of excessive inflammation.

Repairs and Develops Healthy Blood Vessels and Other Tissues : It is rich in vitamin C content that is required for the development of body cells. In addition, it also repairs the damaged cells. It assists in repairing the bone, skin, ligaments along with blood vessels. Vitamin C is instrumental in proper functioning of our immune-system.

Anti-viral, Anticarcinogen and Anti-bacterial Properties : It is found that black raspberries are good source of ellagic acid, which is a phenolic substance considered as efficient anticarcinogen, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. University studies are still on to ascertain black raspberries' potential to reduce the growth of certain cancers.raspberries

Reduces High Blood Cholesterol : Raspberries are a rich source of soluble fibers and it helps in lowering the high blood cholesterol levels and at the same time it also slows down the process of releasing carbohydrates into the blood vessels of patients suffering from diabetes.

Antihistamine Properties : Pure and fresh raspberry juice can cut down the production of histamines, thus reduces allergic reactions. As per a study conducted by Arizona State University, it was discovered that the antioxidant, found in raspberries, can reduce the levels of histamine, which is not good for healthy body.

Protects Vision : Raspberries can also protect our eyesight which is one of the most vital organs of our body. Eating a handful of raspberries (red) can protect your eyes from all types of damages. As per a research, it is found that retina of our eye is one of the most damage prone tissue in our body. When the researchers analyzed the effects of anthocyanin on our vision, they realized that they have a direct relation with rhodopsin, which plays a great role in enabling us see in improper light.

Controls Blood Pressure Level : Red raspberries are instrumental in maintaining the right pressure of blood in our body, which contributes to the stroke and heart disease. Researchers of China, reported that only one week of treatment using raspberry juice, hypertensive rats witnessed a drastic decrease in systolic blood pressure. This study also indicated that raspberry polyphenols catapults the ability of nitrous oxide found in blood vessels, which is significant in controlling blood pressure.

Reduces Arthritis : Raspberries are also great in combating inflammatory conditions, like arthritis or gout. It fights back these medical conditions in the same manner as ibuprofen or aspirin by neutralizing the signals released by COX-1s and COX-2s, the enzymes that respond to body's inflammation. Researchers said that anthocyanins, the water based plant pigments that provide the berry with its vibrant color, are liable for its anti-inflammatory characteristic.

Other Possible Raspberry Health Benefits

Raspberries are rich in manganese, which is coupled with superoxide dismutase – the most vital mineral in combating free radicals. As per the University Of Maryland Medical Center, this mineral can alleviate premenstrual syndrome symptoms, decrease arthritis pain, develop healthy bone and protect from low-density lipoprotein cholesterol to those people who are suffering from diabetes.

How to Select and Store Raspberries

You should select dry, firm and plump raspberries and avoid selecting moldy or wet raspberries. Such raspberries will spoil fast and have least nutritional properties.  You must not wash raspberries until you are going to eat it. You can refrigerate these juicy fruits and it can be used and stored for 1-2 days.

Precautions Using Raspberries

There could be some allergic reactions to some people on eating raspberry. The leaf of raspberry may result in mild loosening of stools along with nausea. It is not recommended to eat raspberry leaf preparations in the early phase of pregnancy. It may manifest a slight enhancement or decrease in blood pressure. Stop eating raspberry if you witness signs of throat blocking, swelling of face, lips, hives, tongue, severe allergic reaction and breathing trouble.

Safe Raspberry Dosage Per Day 

If you are using it in the form or tea, 1-2 teaspoons of red raspberry leaves can do.  In case you are using it in the form of tincture, 3/4-1 teaspoons of regular intake 3 times is fine. In the form of liquid extract 10-60 drops 1-4 times daily can be healthy.


Raspberries are often considered to be a great source of various nutrients hence adding it in your regular diet can be a health decision. Enjoy this juicy fruit but make sure you do not overeat if you want to get the optimum raspberry health benefits.